Katy Perry Wants to Make You Happy

August 24th, 2009 // 375 Comments


UPDATE: All the eligible entries are in. Winners will be notified by a winged Valkyrie which will alight upon your window with free tickets tucked in her ample bosom.

Or we’ll just e-mail you.


Here’s the deal: I’ve got (8) tickets for Katy Perry’s Los Angeles show on August 29 at the Hollywood Palladium presented by SoundsOfBuzz.com and Coca-Cola. These tickets are available for LA fans only, but Katy is giving you a front row seat to the show when it streams in its entirety on August 30 at http://soundsofbuzz.com/coca-cola/.

To enter, simply include the words “Katy Perry Tickets” in your comment along with your city/town in LA. Also, be sure to use a valid e-mail address so we can contact the winners. Comments will be chosen at random with the following prize breakdown:

1st Place – 4 tickets.
2nd Place – 2 tickets.
3rd Place – 2 tickets.

You have until 9 PM PST today to enter, so go nuts.

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  1. rah! rah!

    you’re all retarded,

  2. Katy Perry Tickets west hollywood baby!

  3. Shamoo

    Katy Perry, Commodore Perry, Refrigerator Perry, fuck sakes. Gimme the freakin stubs so I can let the Komodo Dragon bee bop to the don’t stop so my hip hop can get some major prop from the titty bop. Yo…

    Besides, I’m the only one replying here that can afford her.

  4. Chris Black

    Katy Perry Tickets-Pasadena

  5. pikachu

    what’s she doing on pic 14??

  6. woohoo! katy perry tickets – los angeles, CA 90007

  7. Frank

    Frank – West Hollywood, 90046

    …I never thought I would say this, but my Mom was right… I should remember to eat my fruits and vegetables…

    …the most compelling case for a balanced diet I have ever seen…

    …I think Katy might have misinterpreted the Beatles song, its “strawberry fields forever” not “feel my strawberries forever…”

    …I always thought Katy had melons… who knew…

    …in other news, Katy Perry’s breasts are in season… only 3.99 a pound…

    …fondue anyone?

  8. JP

    Katy Perry tickets: Her outfit makes me desire her breastisicles “berry” much.

  9. Kat

    Katy Perry Tickets!
    Santa Monica, CA!

  10. Jessie

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Canyon Country, CA

  11. Galtacticus

    Damn! Normally these Katy Perry tickets cost $20 bucks! Here you have a change to get them for free!

  12. Darth

    Front row seat means Katy Perry cooter and nip view.

  13. Nero

    Is Katy Perry going to throw her panties in the audience!?

  14. Czarcasm

    Best skin in Hollywood.

  15. Diana

    Katy Perry Tickets

    Pasadena, Ca

  16. lolwut

    lol Who’s Katy Perry?

  17. Papahotnuts

    I don’t want the tickets. I would like to stick my thumb in her butt though.

    Just sayin’.

  18. Angelica Garibay

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Westwood , 90024

  19. M3Essential

    Hey, I never got my email. ):

  20. cracka

    Wonder if she’s going to cover Phish, like they just covered her song…

  21. Geronimo

    This bitch is HOT but she’s beginning to age. What will she do when she loses her looks?

  22. Courtney T.

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Los Angeles, CA

  23. Katy Perry, Commodore Perry, Perry refrigerator, crap sakes. Give it to me so I can freakin Komodo Dragon basis so do not stop hip hop I can get some titty bop major props to bee bop. Yo …

    Also, here is the only answer that he can afford a am.

  24. Commented on this photo:

    She should have pulled that part of the dress down!

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