Katy Perry Wants to Make You Happy

August 24th, 2009 // 375 Comments


UPDATE: All the eligible entries are in. Winners will be notified by a winged Valkyrie which will alight upon your window with free tickets tucked in her ample bosom.

Or we’ll just e-mail you.


Here’s the deal: I’ve got (8) tickets for Katy Perry’s Los Angeles show on August 29 at the Hollywood Palladium presented by SoundsOfBuzz.com and Coca-Cola. These tickets are available for LA fans only, but Katy is giving you a front row seat to the show when it streams in its entirety on August 30 at http://soundsofbuzz.com/coca-cola/.

To enter, simply include the words “Katy Perry Tickets” in your comment along with your city/town in LA. Also, be sure to use a valid e-mail address so we can contact the winners. Comments will be chosen at random with the following prize breakdown:

1st Place – 4 tickets.
2nd Place – 2 tickets.
3rd Place – 2 tickets.

You have until 9 PM PST today to enter, so go nuts.

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  1. strawberries and cream

    Nice strawberry shortcake outfit. Dang.

  2. Viv

    I can only imagine the comments on her outfit.

  3. Vincent Vega

    “My wifes rack is an identical clone to katy perry’s rack” my claim.
    I need those tickets to compare. will post proof after show.
    Katy Perry Tickets in Silverlake, 90027

  4. andrew polsky

    katy perry tickets – Los Angeles 90035…hook it up, she’s a hottie!

  5. strawberries and cream

    What a great contest. Too bad I live thousands of miles away from LA. Oh, and frist!!11!

  6. Randy Watson

    Katy Perry Tickets Valley Village, CA 91607

  7. Julie

    Not First!!

    Katy Perry tickets, Lakewood, CA 97213

    Mmmmm…. strawberries….

  8. Rose Rossi

    Katy Perry Tickets – Mt Washington, 90065

  9. The Gorgeous One

    It’s way too easy to make a tart comment. :
    Katy Perry Tickets

  10. Kam Y

    Katy Perry Tickets – 91776 San Gabriel, CA

  11. lizzy

    fucking hate this loser. she is such a desperate wannabe.

  12. The Scotty

    I didn’t know that strawberries could be lesbians after a night of hard drinking…

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Orange, CA 92869

  13. it’s a good thing i dont live in L.A. cause if i did i would enter, sit in the front row, and try to rush the stage. i want to motor boat those titties so mad that i salivate milk!

  14. Taylor

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Marina Del Rey, CA

  15. Rosebud

    What’s with this obvious paid advertisement? Don’t go all Perez on us now.

  16. photographer_jay

    Katy Perry Tickets
    San Pedro, ca

  17. Truth

    Fuck this product placement bullshit! I hope Katy and everyone at the concert dies in a fire.

  18. monster :D

    Katy Perry Tickets

    Westwood, CA 90024

  19. KatyPerryTickets

    She sure looks a lot like Wonder Woman.

  20. hangmansjoke

    Wow on the outfit….the strawberries confuse me, are they necessary? Stupid question, I know.

    Katy Perry Tickets, Placentia, CA

  21. Randal

    I think Katy Perry tickets would be wonderful. I live in Hollwwood at:

    1 I save My Butt for Spencer’s Dirty Ways
    Hollwood, CA 90022


  22. B

    Yeah, pass. Don’t get me wrong, I like the pictures of her and all, but even if I did live in LA…no. Unless the tickets included special Happy-Time with Ms. Perry, in which case I’d hand over my social security number, if that’s what it took.

  23. Rachel Stuht

    Katy Parry tickets, Long Beach, CA

  24. Andre

    Yea Yea Glendale, CA 91206

  25. camille

    Katy Perry Tickets

    i kissed the strawberries and i KNOW i liked.

    Newport Beach

  26. Victor Golf

    Shouldn’t it be;

    1st Place – 2 tickets.
    2nd Place – 2 tickets.
    3rd Place – 4 tickets.

  27. scott worden

    I’d rather do blow with Lindsay Lohan, and catch whatever STD Paris Hilton has than win Katy Perry tickets!!!!

  28. ROUGH daddy

    Superfish didn’t read the fine print it says; Their will be free buttplugs for all ticket male winners…

  29. Tart

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Los Angeles, CA 90035

    AAAAAAAh simpenya! Ababisibaba! sotoooom wenyamway, wenyamway.

    (in case you didn’t catch that it’s a lion king reference, ya know, ’cause she’s all majestic and shit.)

  30. lol

    When did Perez Hilton start writing for The Superficial and injecting advertisements in the articles?

  31. Tart

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Los Angeles, CA 90035

    AAAAAAAh simpenya! Ababisibaba! sotoooom wenyamway, wenyamway.

    (in case you didn’t catch that it’s a lion king reference, ya know, ’cause she’s all majestic and shit.)

  32. me

    I FINALLY figured out who she looks like- a brunette Jenny McCarthy w/ a slightly rounder face. The resemblance is uncanny.

  33. Fribble

    Fuck the tickets, I want the damn guitar!
    What the hell is this pop bimbo doing with a Les Paul? That’s criminal!
    Give me that sucker and let some tweeny go to the damn concert!

  34. Matt

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Westwood, CA 90024

    This is going to be a problem if I win. I don’t have any friends. Uh oh.

  35. Larry

    My wife’s birthday would be complete if I could buy her a strawberry bra – however Katy Perry Tickets to see her in a strawberry bra would suffice.

  36. Jav

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Los Angeles, CA 90014

  37. E-dogg

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Altadena, CA, 91001

    I do love me some Katy Perry. How can you not?

  38. Drewy

    I think Katy Perry is superficially delicious!!!
    Loma Linda, CA 92354

  39. Curt Sandvig

    Burbank,ca 91506

    strawberry milkshake, Katy?

  40. haig kazandjian

    katy perry tickets – holllaaaaaaaaaaa :))

  41. SC

    Katy Perry Tickets – Venice CA 90291

  42. Jaye

    Katy Perry tickets
    San Jose, CA 96127

  43. Maggie

    Katy Perry Tickets, culver city

  44. Darren

    Katy Perry Tickets – Corona, CA

  45. Rachel

    Katy Perry Tickets =)

    Hawthorne, Ca 90278

  46. Matty D

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Pasadena, CA 91104

  47. looseseal

    Katy Perry Tickets – Hollywood, CA 90068

  48. Rachel x2

    Woop. Zip Code Fail.

    90250! WOOO!

  49. vicken

    Katy Perry Tickets
    Glendale, CA

  50. shan-dizzle

    Looks like this gal is getting her daily recommended serving of fruit!


    Sherman Oaks 91423

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