Katy Perry prayed for giant breasts as a child

August 17th, 2009 // 63 Comments

Realizing Christianity could be used for a higher purpose than telling people Jesus’ best friend was a dinosaur, Katy Perry used to pray as a little girl that God would give her insanely ridiculous breasts. I’m talking freaking huge ones, according to The Sun:

She said: “I remember really vividly kneeling by my bed as a nine-year-old, saying my prayers and asking God to give me boobs that were so big that if I laid on my back I wouldn’t be able to see my feet.
“Eventually that request was granted.”

Just when I find myself not wanting to believe in a God who lets so many terrible things happen, he does something like this and totally redeems himself. Now about that giant penis I prayed for. It still can’t reach the fridge. Next door. (I hate grocery shopping.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. Vandal


    Get in.

    BTW I’d fuck it.

  2. Logie


  3. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Is she playing the Les Paul in Fb/E# with the capo or is it tuned downed to Eb and Capo’d up to E…. uh O, boobies boobies, what am I thinking.

  4. cherry


  5. Rupert

    I’d beat ‘em like speed bags for the greater glory of us all.

  6. dude

    She has no excuse now not to show them off. They are her greatest asset.

  7. gil

    I hate how women think she has implants. THOSE ARE STRAIGHT FROM GOD. 100% REAL MILK JUGS

  8. Assbestos

    So what you’re saying is you prayed to God that I would love you…and I do. Miracle! Anyone?

  9. Lux

    total butterface

  10. Mark Dascascos

    NASTY!!! Her face looks like the surface of the moon

  11. Can you she knock herself out doing jumping jacks? I think God was multi tasking that day…although lovely…

  12. Taz

    id slap my cock on those great jugs

  13. genderless

    What’s with the ugly granny panties? I guess it draws attention away from her utter lack of talent

  14. Elvis Presidentobama

    That’s right baby hold my cock like you’re singing on stage. Yes sing to my cock like a gold microphone. Yes run your fingers down my mic to disco balls. Hit those high notes on my chode you tavern singing whench. And yes Katy you have gorgeous jugs.

  15. I love Katy Perry and happen to think she’s beautiful…and has AWESOME boobies! I wouldn’t consider her breasts huge though. Jessica Simpson’s boobs are tipping on the level of huge…Katy’s seem to be a full C or small D.

  16. Pat

    Kate Perry is definitely hott. I heard that http://www.pumpsmag.com is doing a story on her but don’t know for sure. Would love to check that out.

  17. @16
    I heard http://www.eatadick.com was doing a story on fuckers that post stupid links like yours.
    I’d still nut on her face, legs, chest, back and feet….

  18. rob

    She should’ve prayed for a prettier face and some talent to go along with those boobs. Katy your 15 minutes are almost up……

  19. irony

    Hmmm, that’s funny. I remember praying that there would be some chick with huge boobs I could stare at all day when I was bored.

  20. Katy Perry's acne

    Hi everyone

  21. gendarmie

    Cover her fugly face up with a bag and no talent bimbo would be fuckable

  22. AteIsEnough

    Wow, doesn’t she know Jessica Simpson…”Proactive” baby!

  23. Moe

    I think she also prayed not to be a gay man in Iran…

  24. KatyCanSingBadly

    Katy was singing a song to the melody of the star spangled banner in these pictures. It goes like this:

    Oh say could you see…me holding your cock
    like it were this mike…yes you could, yes you could, yes you could

    I’d be licking the tip…as I danced up and down
    You’d be smiling so hard…you’d be Bozo the clown

    And your rocket would flare…in my dim bedroom light
    where so many want to be…but only you have the right

    Oh so my big boobies make you want to cry
    As I swallow your load…in my dim bedroom light

  25. HotShot

    Forget about that breast.. Go straight for the Camel Toe.. aka.. Pussy :)

  26. shane

    Evidently she also prayed for giant zits and cankles.

  27. dude_on

    Katy is now ready to join the “below the neck only” list of talent headed by lady freakshow.

    If Jesus’ dad actually did pull through with the big tits, I would be major impressed.

  28. Mama Pinkus


  29. It looks like she might have prayed for big thighs too!

  30. katyperryishot

    mmmm, i loves me some katy perry. i also love the fact that this babe loves to wear nylons. i mean in almost every appearance she does whether it is a perfomance or a publicity gig whatever- the girl likes to wear them. now i know they are only fishnet style in this case (which isn’t prefered) but i will still take it.
    love ya katy and keep wearing those nylons!!!

  31. Should have asked not to be spotty instead.

  32. 1moreidiotintheworld

    The only way you got big tits is because they went along with the rest of your fat ass……..now pray to God for a face that doesn’t induce random vomiting out of everyone who sees it…… lets see you pull that one off you worthless cunt.

  33. Jeff



  34. Shamus O'Hara

    From 50′ she looks great .
    Katie has serious complexion issues and needs to tighten up those Thunder Thighs !

  35. Insatiable Peter

    She makes me feel like going Old Faithful in my pants. I need a bucket.

  36. lisa

    she’s got pretty bad skin, I feel bad for her. I had that when I was younger too. :(

  37. zippythewonderslug

    I also pray for Katy Perrys breasts. Well, I pray that she would let me play with them, suck on them and fuck them. I also pray that I be her official breast handeler. So far, my prayers aren’t being answered. Maybe if I leave a glass of milk for him…oh yeah, that’s the other guy.

  38. clpierced

    I think her boobs are frickin awesome. I wish i could have a C/D. i cant really tell how big they are, but i can pray for it. Im 23 highly doubt my prayers will be answered now..but mine are more perky :) ps katy perry use some proactive, it worked sooo well for lindsay lohan!

    Are big boobs better than a toned tight ass?

    • Lisa

      ASS is way sexier, men!!!!! Big boobs are NOT everything!!!!! Small tits are JUST AS GOOD AS BIG ONES!!!!! Hey, we want to have a man blank all over ours, but guys are too freakin’ stupid and ignorant, because they ARE men, after all.

      No, clpierced, big boobs are NOT better than a toned ass…black men at least know this…goes to show you how ignorant white men are…why can’t they realize this fact??? Oh, that’s right, they are STUPID!!!!

  39. B

    I actually like Katy quite a bit, but it needs to be pointed out that, while very nice, they’re not big enough to obscure her view if she laid on her back. Guess the big man didn’t quite come through.

  40. Yikes

    I wonder if her giant chest contributes in any way to the horrible sounds that are produced by her vocal chords, which I understand to be commonly referred to as “singing”, but mostly just sounds like a dying cat.

  41. Alex

    I think she has a nice body. I don’t see big thighs at all, you guys are retards.

  42. die

    #30: you like her because she likes to wear nylons?!

    I’d like her for that same idiotic reason only if she’s going to use those nylons to cover her ugly, acne-ridden face,

  43. Cash

    “The Lord giveth, and he just kept on givin’!”


  44. @2:

    What’s a Frist?

  45. The article was funny!
    Katy Rocks!

  46. hard.lesson

    38: Big boobs are nice to play with, but there is nothing better than a nice tight butt. Hmm, licking a juicy tasty butt from behind before going doggy style is sooo goood. Yummy! Is your ass in the tasty category??

    Kate is quite alright, just make sure light stays off…

    • Lisa

      Oh, good freakin’ LORD, aren’t small, perky one s just as good to freakin’ play with, hard.lesson??? Well, MY boyfriend thinks so, and NO, he is NOT gay or pedophile!!!! Why the f**k do all men think that just because a man does NOT prefer ridiculously sized boobs, that he is NOT a real man?????

  47. rachel

    should’ve prayed for less acne.

  48. Gando

    Could this be the proof that God is a male??

  49. Darth

    I prayed for handsomeness when i was a kid!

  50. OO

    LOL @#40.

    God giveth and god taketh away. He took talent, nice legs, a pretty face, good skin, nice hair and a rocking ass to pay for those tits you love so much. Guess every chick pays for her big boobs one way or another wether they are natural or not. Poor bitch, god seriously over charged for those cans, they are definitely not of the feet obscuring size , which you would want why? So that you can mop the floor with them in ten years after they’ve broken your back? And did you pray for them to look like wet socks when your old, or did god just throw that in for free as comeupance for your greediness?

    Bottom line, this further proves that god is a gay man.

    P.S. Katherine Heigl already told the exact same story to maxim about ten years ago whe she looked good and wasn’t a whiny old bitch, so try being a little more original when you’re telling lies to prolong your 15 mins and hoaring yourself so fucking obviously for attention. Better yet just shut your mouth and pose for playboy, your funbags are your only quality so quit torturing us with the rest of yourself already

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