Katy Perry on Benji Madden: ‘Helllll no.’

February 17th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Despite publicly proclaiming she prefers vagina over Benji Madden, Katy Perry took to her blog yesterday to set the record straight about their alleged hook-up:

oh kittens! It’s two pseudo famous people sitting next to each other… doesn’t mean we were bumping uglies! You know I don’t just do that with anyone! That’s just how the media works, as you can tell. I was there celebrating a really fun show and a boozy valentines with all my good friends. We were like a group of 25! Benji is a nice young fellow, but my heart really belongs to kitty purry/markus molinari. Hope your vagina day was as FUN as mine.

In Katy Perry’s defense, that’s just smart marketing. She can’t have male fans losing interest because they assume her lady parts have been turned into a Paris Hilton-esque bayou complete with crocodiles and Swamp Thing.

Always use a condom, kids.

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  1. Sheva

    Big fat fake breasts equals yuch.

  2. g-unit

    at least third? or first?

  3. lizzy



    FORGET THIS LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That BRO got shot down. Sorry BROSKY, go hop in your raised truck and go ride dirt bikes or something.

  5. Jeezy

    Isn’t Benji the gay one?

  6. havoc

    Shot down in flames…..lol.


  7. angeleyes

    I’d suck his cock. Just sayin’ been a long dry stretch for (again). And by long stretch I mean pulling open my elongate labia to accomadate my enormous dildo.

  8. Randal

    Katy Perry is so way above this guy that she can’t even see him when she looks down from the top. As a new rising talent in the music industry, Katy needs to focus on her next album instead of a guy that looks like he fell into a barrel of ink.

    It’s no surprise that Katy won Best New Act award or for her nomination at the Grammy awards. She’s the unique type of sound the industry has needed in a long time.


  9. Giovanni Mallucci

    Katy Perry is trying hard to break away from her Contemporary Christian roots. Perhaps some of you do not know this, but before Katy broke into the POP world, she was a bible beating, Jesus-singing, Jessica Simpson wanna-be. Let me also tell you this, Katy Perry is the furthest thing from a Lesbian.

    She is so obsessed with trying to become a pop idol, that she will lie to the media, poor ole Benji Loser, and most importantly herself. Does anyone remember the last female singer who boasted about kissing a girl??? Where is she now?

    Will the next real rock star please stand up?

  10. Youre a moron

    Sheva – her boobs aren’t fake. She’s the hottest girl ever. Die.

  11. Richard McBeef

    Male fans? Please.

  12. Racer X

    Katy Perry is a goddess while that Benji dude is a major Douchebag.

    /I love you Katy Perry

  13. wtf

    She’s cute, but what the fuck is she wearing? She looks like a sex doll from the 70s.

  14. xanadujulie

    Katy Perry looks like a drag queen from RuPauls Drag race, please see “Tammie Brown”

    I swear they are the same person. Make a note of this.

  15. le fag

    #9, remember Jill Sobule? yeah… she’s nowhere. Katy is trying too hard and her stupid attempt at tapping the gays… lame lame lame. She’s no Cher. Awwwwwwwwsnap!

  16. jimmy

    #15 awwwwwsnap what? katy and jill are in two different situations. jill never made it anywhere because her music stunk. no one would know who she was if her music was not picked up to be played in the movie clueless.

    katy on the other hand has done what she has done on her own, with no help from movies or soundtracks.

    jill sobule awwwwwsnap nothing. you’re as clueless as the name of the movie.

  17. Andie

    She’s a fake lesbo, just like she’s a fake singer/dancer. Dogs farts are more pleasing to the ears than her shitty, scream-y singing.

  18. blp

    Jealous much #3?

  19. Male fans??? What self respecting male listens to this bitches music? Her music is terrible, her personality is annoying as fuck and her only redeeming assets are her T&A.

  20. Keb

    Wow, her legs are terrible. Look at pic 4.

  21. Bitch’s*

    sorry. i hate when I misspell things.

  22. Crusty

    #20 – you have standards.. and are reading THIS web page??

  23. 10pound

    Her ‘look’ is as atrociously bad as her ‘music’

    (meaning: it sucks ass)

  24. Alec Baldwin

    She doesn’t want to get a bad case of Paris Hilton.

  25. sin

    She’s cute,nice, has real breast and her music isn’t that bad. BUT, she sure as hell gets retarded when it comes to dressing herself.

  26. argntina

    i can not belive she’s wearing FUR.-
    that makes me hate herrr so bad


  27. Mike

    ‘In Katy Perry’s defense, that’s just smart marketing. She can’t have male fans losing interest because they assume her lady parts have been turned into a Paris Hilton-esque bayou complete with crocodiles and Swamp Thing.’

    Which would imply that they had interest in the first place. Sadly, only those resembling Benji Madden did, so it’d be more like pulling a train or whatever it is they call it today, with your brother.

  28. Well, Benji did hook up with Paris Hilton, so Katy is just being safe!

  29. kate

    Seems that celebrities all like to join ***sugarmingle. c om***. Really funning. I do not think that site is so safe. I find many secret things about them.

  30. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Nigga at a time

    That orange outfit looks stupid as shit. They should only use that picture to reference her and embarrass her for the rest of her “career”

  31. she seems like a real dumbass. nice tits, though.
    he looks like a dr. evil rip-off.

  32. Nixie

    What’s up with the floating ghost hand on Benji’s chest in pic #4 ?!? Whose hand is that ?!?

  33. A new pathetic couple in hollywood?
    LET’S FEEL “SORRY”, folks!!

  34. ayawawa

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  35. lucy

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  36. zsa

    I think she’s gorgeous. Anybody see her at the Grammy’s? Yowza!

    Looks like he got her digits…



  37. SnAp

    She didn’t say yes because shes three inches taller.

    A 5’8″ woman does not belong with a 5’5″ man

  38. DoodleCheez

    Benji Madden is the biggest fucking dork that the lower level mafia has ever been able to spit out. He and his fucking brother are the lowest forms of dirt, covering for child molesters and thieves. Benji’s clothing line is pathetic, using English letters and biker ghetto style over and over again in the same repetitive cursing manner, because this asshole has no style. He was lucky enough to be favored by the blood thirsty, childmolesting thieves of Charles County, MD, enough to be able to make a dollar off of. He has gone through stages where his uneducated, lame ass has copied off of the personalities of the people he went to high school with, because he and his stupid black and white brother have no personalities to draw from- just the black magic curses of the motorcycle driving, false bible thumping, child molesting, wife beating rednecks of dishonor from which he hails.

    Go FUCK YOURSELF, Madden.

  39. i think that would be awesome then if i ever meet katy perry then i could also meet benji madden double bonas yeah now that would be awesome

  40. He is cute, funny, real breasts, and her music is not so bad. But certainly not retarded when it comes to dressing themselves.

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