Katy Perry, no one likes your stupid outfits

June 8th, 2009 // 61 Comments

Katy Perry attended the Capital Radio Summertime Ball in London last night wearing one of her trademark vintage outfits. has big breasts.

That should cover it.

Photos: Flynet, Getty

  1. Jeezy

    Big breasts? Are you fucking kidding me? Have you ever actually seen big breasts?

  2. lizzy

    fucking HAAATE this girl!

    talentless, unattractive, boring, TRYING WAY TOO HARD.

  3. Valerie

    I’ve always detested polka dots, and this confirms that they are the stupidest fucking pattern ever invented. However, Katy obviously doesn’t give two shits since she looks like THAT, so good for her for making me and other polka dot haters sick. Glad fish is on MY side, though : )

  4. Katie

    I think she looks cute.

  5. Joe Mahma

    Oh wow mannnnn, how retro.

  6. Less weird clothes, less clothes in general. Clingy microskirts and stuff.

    @ 42 – Amen.

    @ 51 – Like pleasant big. Not motorcycle magazine freak show udders dragging the floor big.

  7. Steve Borman

    One hit wonder (and a horrible one at that) – your 15 minutes are up now go away please

  8. jahunyia

    OK look.Her outfits look really nice as you can see she picks different outfits from different points of time!Which makes her look unique.As for the people who say she would be nothing with out her breast your jealous because your flat chested. For people who says her look is dumb that because you shop in thrift stores and clothes bins!

  9. Cosmic Kitty

    Big breasts? Whoever said that is retarded. I’m not trying to brag but I’m a 34D and my boobs are considered ‘big’… what is she, like a B cup or something? That’s tiny. Also she’s talentless, average looking, boring, crap at playing guitar, annoying, vain, stupid and unoriginal – yes that’s right, UNoriginal! Do you people actually think it takes some unique talent to pick a cute ’50s style outfit out and then WEAR IT? Um… no. Or even to tell someone what you’d like ‘your’ style to be and then have them get an outfit ready for you every day? Yeah… it’s real hard to do that isn’t it? Um… no. Do you think she dressed like this before she got famous? No. Do you think she would dress like this if the cameras weren’t on her? No. Her and Lady Gaga make me sick. There is nothing unique about these people… they have to wear insane outfits to get people’s attention because they can’t do it any other way and that my friends is just sad…

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  11. Cary

    Big breasts? Are you fucking kidding me? Have you ever actually seen big breasts?


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