Katy Perry, no one likes your stupid outfits

June 8th, 2009 // 61 Comments

Katy Perry attended the Capital Radio Summertime Ball in London last night wearing one of her trademark vintage outfits. has big breasts.

That should cover it.

Photos: Flynet, Getty

  1. Without her breasts, she would be unknown.

  2. Lipster

    This is why i LOVE the Fish!

  3. Megan

    Not another wonk-eyed retard. Do people actually think she’s hot? She’s dressed like a 50s wife. Which is an indication of where she should be – in the kitchen and shutting the fuck up.

  4. Derek Rodriguez

    Her breasts were made for motorboating.

  5. ashley

    her makeup always looks so “MAC”

    I like her style. But maybe she wouldn’t have monster zits like those if she didn’t wear 3 layers of full coverage foundation.

    Just maybe..

  6. Zee Brat

    Us gay guys love this kind of stuff. She looks great lol.

  7. MikeOck

    I think she looks highly fuckable.

  8. Katie

    Nice outfit Holly Hobby.

  9. cindy

    is she cross-eyed?

  10. celebritiesarefunny

    picture 4 scares me.

  11. cindy

    is she cross-eyed?

  12. dubba

    gwen stefani called… she wants her mid 90′s persona back

  13. Rasputins Liver

    What the fuck, Fish?!

    You don’t like the Daisy Duke gone Minnie Mouse look?


    You don’t know what hot sex is until you’ve had hot cartoon mouse sex, man!!

    Cartoon vuh-jay-jay be da bomb!

    Just ask Roger Rabbit if ya don’t believe me!

    Mmmm…..cartoon cranny…..


  14. p0nk

    Barbara Billingsley (aka June Cleaver) had a pretty nice rack too. Don’t know why that came to mind…

  15. sokka


    yes… it does look like she shopped at gwen stefanis girage sale from a decade and a half ago

    …except katy perry actually has boobs

  16. somewhere Mickey has a hard on

    She looks like a trampy Minnie Mouse.

  17. anon

    it’d be cute if she were going swimming… it looks like a retro bathing suit to me, not something one would wear to a ball.

  18. somewhere Mickey has a hard on

    @ #13 – sorry dude, I should have read the comments before posting so hastily.

    @ #3 Megan – what the f^ck is wrong with you, girl?? Your “going back to the kitchen and shutting the fuck up” comment gives women a bad name. I assume that as a woman who makes such suggestions, you are also a wonk eyed retard who practices what she preaches.

  19. i’m the assman. i would hit it.

  20. Shes been hanging out with that Dita porn tease a little 2much…still looks lovely though…

  21. What??

    does her necklace seriously read: KITTY PURRY ??!!

  22. Racer X

    Katy Perry > all

    /The Fish loves skanky Paris Hilton

  23. Disgruntlord


  24. Funeral Guy

    I’d bang her, but I’d get sick of that kooky persona shit real fast.

  25. Ryan the Canadian

    Nice one Fish. One of the best.

  26. Bawney

    Wilma from Bedrock? I want to show you my terradactal?

  27. I may be hot and cold, but she’s yes and she’s no.

  28. dirk

    I’d shag that into a stinky froth.

  29. Jeff H

    @ 25:

    Exactly what I was going to say. Fish, hilarious work with the caption, my friend. Bravo.

  30. JohnStark

    i wanna see those warlocks in all there glory!! any topless pics of this chick??

  31. farty mcshitface

    i think she looks nice. i’d definitely fuck her silly!
    the fish called this one wrong- dead wrong.
    ms. perry, farty mcshitface has the womb-broom waiting for you and if you are really nice and sweet, he will give you the tush-push too!

  32. Katty’s fashion seem to always be stuck in the pasr. But, I do like her little outfits. Hot!

  33. Lain

    It must take her FOREVER to wipe off all the concealer and whatever the fuck she puts on.

  34. Darth

    Good balance on one leg and promising mouthshots.Good job!

  35. jenny

    Um, she looks like Minnie freaking mouse. What a stylish ensemble. She reminds me so much of Lady GAG, I mean GAGA they both are apparently famous for their Horrible fashion sense and nothing else. Their music is annoying and so are they. Argh. Where did the REAL celebrities go?? Are there any left anymore??

  36. friendlyfires

    You know what? Next time I hope Kate Perry licks a eight hundred pound razorback hog’s asshole for two straight minutes and then tongue frenches Heidi Montag for a good three minutes while holding her nostrils and pinching her vagus nerve repeatedly.

    Afterwards she can taze Spencer Pratt repeatedly, chainsaw off his head, throw the body in a lime pit and run around South Beach topless in a Maserati with Spence’s decapitated head as an antenna ball.

    Then, and only then, will I consider her proposal for marriage.

    A man has to have high standards.

  37. I’ll have her all to myself.

  38. asdf

    she looks delicious

  39. CJ

    I, for one, love the pinup look. But if she wants to look like shes from the 50s, i hope she keeps her mouth shut like women did back then too.

  40. Alli Watermelon

    Dude, she’s HOT and is weird. She has her own style, whether it’s cool or not..i don’t always know. But the girl has a bad ass body and a gorgeous face. Some of you are nuts =)

  41. Gary

    I like her outfits just fine.

    How can I send e-mail to The Superficial webmaster?

  42. Fred Flintstone

    At least this broad aint got a bunch of nasty tattoos

  43. charlie brown

    #12–The ladies from the B-52′s called both Gwen and Katie and they want their idea for 50′s retro in the 1980′s back!

  44. charlie brown

    #12–The ladies from the B-52′s called both Gwen and Katie and they want their idea for 50′s retro in the 1980′s back!

  45. L

    She is too cute for words :)

  46. mafme

    Meh, I like this stupid outfit. It seems like an allusion to a more innocent time while still screaming “whore.” It’s a self-contained contradiction.

  47. but be sure, folks.

  48. kay

    Minnie Mouse, is that you?

  49. sexy


  50. fraz

    she looks so stupid and corny in that close up of her face. like a robot or something.

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