Katy Perry looks wet

September 22nd, 2009 // 96 Comments

Here’s a soaking wet Katy Perry filming the video for “Starstrukk” by 3OH!3, and it’s nice to see a band who grasps the concept that, unless there’s a large-breasted woman drenched in water, you’re basically wasting film and the lives of anyone who watches it. Now that I’ve educated musicians everywhere, how do I apply for the job of Katy Perry Tit Adjuster? Do you have to join a union or just pretend to be gay? Because I’m willing to do both. In fact, I’m typing with my pinky in the air right now, so when can I start?

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    blue shirt guy – im coming for you, bitch

    related note.. why oh why a fucking wet suit? this calls for nothing more than bikini coverage – AT MOST

  2. name it for christ sake

    what a fucking lucky guy putting in right place that KATITS. XD

  3. Stephanie

    Are you sure it’s for Starstrukk? There’s already a video made…

  4. See Alice

    She dresses like a hottie but did you ever listen to her music ?Babbling insanity .

  5. GM

    Fuck that guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Her tits looks so ripe here.
    Cold wet Katy nipples!

  6. Whorehouse

    I see some fat on this bitches legs lol

  7. clpierced

    If i had huge boobs like her i would want guys to jizz on my chest all the time, instead of my face (like now) :)

  8. MDH

    hahaha @ #57. literally laughed out loud at your comment.

  9. MDH

    haha @ #57 – literally laughed out loud at your comment.


  10. Milkman

    This might be the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  11. nicefrenchgurk

    i totally agree

  12. I like this women!)

  13. sid

    She’s a stocky one. Good for field work, not so much for modeling.

  14. SuGarDadKiss

    Seeking your sexy partner ON ===SuGarsMinGle.CoM==

  15. Wet my ass, in the first picture it looks like she’s pissing herself!

  16. wow… very sexy…

  17. She looks like she used to eat paste and fart in class… that face just screams clueless.

  18. SO this was for a music video, right? Anyone got a link to the video?

  19. cc

    Kind of cute, and yes, those are nice boobs…but she still strikes me as being a moderately talented, none-to-bright, manufactured starlet who should REALLY just go away.

  20. Biggie

    She can’t sing and she’s quite dumb… but she can definitely act in any porn movie. Look the tits and the way she feels herself. Plus she hangs out with every guy in front of her (Brand, Mayer, the tit-holder, the two uglies from this terrible band she’s videoing there). She’s a brainless, untalented slut. Raised up as a Christian. Can you find anything better?
    I just came. And she likes that I did.

  21. Rhialto

    I don’t know what she’s doing there all dressed up in latex and wet.But i guess she’s trying to help out this struggling boys’s gospel band in these difficult times?

  22. Darth

    We’d just witness how she’s giving these guys a willing and ‘helping hand’.Where’s the rest of this photo shoot?!

  23. PsyKo

    I want his job!

  24. Gando

    Good hearted as she’s,you can tell that she’s just aching to help out multiple guys at once.

  25. heho

    yessir du québec dans place!!!!

  26. Iujuu

    she’s gorgeous

  27. Rick Fox

    The Guy in pic #8 laughs at the saying, “a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.”

    Katy Perry boob wrangler is right up there with, Vida Guerra’s ass prepper, and J-Lo’s nipple fluffer.

  28. Vicki Gizzle

    is it just me or does it look like in the first couple of pics she is squirting out a fountain of vaginal fluid?

  29. Mike

    Whats great about this chic? She has no waist, no hips, knobby, awkward legs, zero muscle tone, blah face and hair and there is nothing special about her tits. I would not look twice at her on the street….moving on.

  30. Mia

    Ewww. She looks like a man in the second pic on the last row. I never noticed that before:(

  31. Anon

    I fist a girl and I liked it.

  32. lewis

    Katy Perry bikini video

    She is really hot!

  33. PostmortemG

    This girl is hotter than Kim ‘Diaper Butt’ Kardashian, for sure. Katy’s lacking a bit in the ass department, but that aside, she’s much more attractive.

  34. hmm

    Big boobs make women look old because they’re always saggy and grandma-ish.

  35. Katy Perry is such a crapshoot. I like her voice, but as far as her morals and character go.. I think they were thrown out the window.

  36. I want Katy very match!

  37. She’s so hot. I kiss that girl and like it a lot. Great girl with an awesome atitude. May be the perfect Pop star for this generation.

  38. Even I’M jealous of that man’s job and i’m straight! I LOVE Katy Perry! I love everything about her, face, figure, dress sense, personality, music! LOVE her! (Oh and those purple shoes!!!!)

  39. Guy
    Commented on this photo:

    Lucky ass guy.

  40. Guy2
    Commented on this photo:

    I want that job!

  41. Commented on this photo:


  42. Commented on this photo:

    How the hell do you get that kind of job?!?!?!?!?I wanna be named as THE GUY WHO’S JOB IS TO FIX AND FEEL UP KATY PERRY’S BOOBS!

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