Katy Perry learns a valuable lesson about cake

October 17th, 2008 // 49 Comments

Pop singer Katy Perry performed at the MTV Latin America Awards last night and learned an important lesson about cake: That shit is slippery. This is why I always make strippers wear skid-resistant clear heels before jumping out of one. I don’t want to have to wrap anyone up in a shower curtain, you know what I mean? Ha ha! But, in all seriousness, I’ve gone through three shower curtains this week, and I’m pretty sure my neighbor is starting to notice the bodies in his pool. I told him they were just really big leaves, but I think he’s figured out there’s no such thing as Star Wars foliage. Should’ve gone with Batman.


  1. veggi

    Absolutely perfect for that audience. Those microcephalic spics will laugh for hours at a man wearing a bee costume.

  2. This fagot ass writer wouldn’t know what a strip club looked like if he parked his yugo in one….

  3. combustion8

    thats was spic-arific!!!

  4. Totally dig it! That’s a very Katy thing to do. She never takes herself too seriously, which I totally love about her.

    I would bet that she wasn’t supposed to jump into that cake, and she just did it on a whim. Very Katy.

  5. i read my moms playboy


  6. Nexera

    Ha Ha. What a stupid cunt. Hope this bruised her ego a lot more than her knees.

  7. will

    #2 hit the nail on the head.

  8. will

    #2 hit the nail on the head.

  9. Slippin on cake

    God really does have a sense of humor.

  10. Cate

    #4 – shouldn’t you be logged in as “OC Dee” and writing that tripe about John Mayer?

  11. INS

    If only we had enough cake to cover the entire U.S.-Mexico border…

  12. Our economy is in the dumps, Bervely hills chi wua wua is #1 at the box office, and this annoying out dated song topped the charts for weeks…no wonder this country is so paralyzed…

  13. 36yoMale

    I’d hit it.

  14. AndresV

    @ # 1: You think latino humor is lame, that’s fine. Just keep in mind humor is cultural-specific and that the rest of the world probably considers American humor equally moronic. Oh, and #11, that joke would only make sense if the singer was Hispanic (ha, ha, look at the spics tripping and slipping on cake they can’t get into our country to do the jobs we’re too lazy and spoiled to do ourselves) but the singer, the idiot slipping on cake is American as, hum, apple pie? I don’t mind you being a bigot, it’s your idiocy that gets to me….

  15. mamadough

    i saw a church sign that read:

    I kissed a girl
    and I liked it
    and then I went to hell

    those churchies have a great sense of humor!

  16. AndresV Dipshit cheese dip

    @ 14
    Shes from England dumbass mexican f u c t a r d…..

  17. AndresV

    @ #16: She’s from Santa Barbara, CA you moron, can’t you even google it before you take the time to correct me?


    Oh, and I am not Mexican, though I don’t consider that an insult, unlike ignorant scum like yourself…. Mexicans are proud noble people.

  18. James Phillip Winthrop, IV

    Yes, Mexicans are indeed proud, noble people. Especially when crawling through mud to cross the border to clean my toilets. I try to leave an extra pungent monument to Moctezuma each morning, so that my undocumented help can hold their heads high while they work.

  19. mandi

    How did these comments turn into making fun of Mexicans when they should be making fun of Katy Perry? She tried to be all sexy and then bit it on stage. It’s hilarious.

  20. Fuck You Bitches

    I Can’t Wait To See All You White Assholes Struggling To Survive In The Future. Hopefully It Comes Down To A Murder-Suicide With All Of You, Then We’d Live In A Perfect World!! Minorities Rise Up To Kill Whitey!!

  21. Geoff

    Hey let’s smear some cake on the border fence! That way stupid and talentless people like her can’t get in to America any more.

  22. santiago

    oh guys your stupid comments about us, the mexican, are sooo lame, thanks to celebrities and politics you have a worst image than us

  23. CaptainMorgan

    I thought the look on her face was classic when she jumped on the cake – it was the “that looked more retarded than it should have” look. Great idea to be all ‘cool (whip)’ but failed.

    I’d like to lick her off in the dressing room, tho. My services are at the ready, available, affordable and I will throw in other ‘benefits’.

  24. sup homie

    whats up with #2? jealous of superficial writer’s success?

  25. rolacWAHHHH

    That made me actually LOL. Awesome.

  26. intermission

    FIRST…SHE HITS THE CAKE SO HARD HER HEAD MAKES A BOUNCE! (looks around to see if people niticed…no ok)


    THEN SHE SLIPS LIKE 15TIMES! SHE TRYS TO CRAWL……then lights go out and 19 people come to drag her off stage…nicee

  27. NastyBedazzler

    Wow, there are a lot of ignorant white people on this board.

    That video was funny as fuck. I laughed long after the clip was done playing. Sadly, after reading this board I was still laughing but a little less proud of being white. Thanks a lot you ignorant assholes.

  28. Dirk Diggler

    Katy Perry is a female version of The Killers.
    That isn’t a complement.

  29. vhw

    @1: nowadays only the equivalent of your southerns watch mtv latinamerica… or any mtv for that matter. You fail at knowing audiences. what a fag.

  30. Erica

    I saw Katy Perry at the Vans Warped Tour on July 16, 2008. She was not good..at all. I like her music, album versions. Well, a few songs but her live music is shit. She’s a fun performer, but that’s all.

  31. Go to dutch “coffee shops” and order some CAKE, will ya?

  32. real pain

    she could fired that guitar moron because he don´t bring help her in this shame.

  33. Angeles

    Gringos son muy weones ! que onda como critican a mexico y uds con suerte saben donde esta !
    en verdad me dan pena, sienten que son mejores que el resto del mundo y son personas sin futuro y lo único que hacen en invadir otros países buscando sus riquezas como siempre lo han hecho.
    aun no entiendo como pueden ser una potencia mundial si ni su presidente tiene cerebro para comandar un país. son una verdadera LASTIMA ,
    (obviamente no hay que generalizar porque hay gente que vale la pena, poca pero la hay.)

    y en cuanto a lo que hizo katy perry por lo menos no le avergüenza reirse de ella y decir las cosas sin tapujos.

  34. Diana Elle.

    #1 , #18 etc
    you are true assholes.

    I can´t believe people still associate the lame old cliches as part of our mexican heritage or worse: they think it is true. no men dressed as bees, no chihuaha´s, jalapeño amigous or speedy gonzales. no men with big hats and cactus
    and especially, mexican immigrants are just a percentage, just like you guys have rednecks. not your finest people. but they don´t define us as a country
    we do have middle and high social classes-

    ignorance is everywhere and you prove that theory.

  35. Chelle

    That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. OMG, that flop on the cake was hilarious, what with the perplexed look on her face – “I thought this would be squooshier, somehow….”

    And then the flailing and slipping all the hell over the stage…what a moment.

    It’s always funny to see show-offy celebutards getting holes pricked in their monumental egos.

  36. Katherine

    Okay, some of the white people in this post are embarrassing all of us. This article was about K Perry’s ridiculous antics, not about a white v. Mexican deal. This is the freaking Superficial.com, not the homepage to the KKK. Here, we make fun of ugly people, regardless of race, learn your shit. Mexicans are hot, look at Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Eduardo Verastegui. Pure hotness. As Beyonce once said “I wish I was Latino” lol

  37. didin

    what a fool..

    she surely gets the time of her life..of course, in a not so good way…LOL



  39. Adonis

    #19, you are so right. I played this video four times just enjoying the sight of this no-talent, annoying, unattractive girl who will soon be a nobody falling on her ass in a lame attempt to look cute. Her music sucks and it’s good to see people laughing at her, not with her.

  40. Carolina

    @ #34 You are so right!! no, we don’t walk around wearing sombreros, mariachis are not just 3 guys with a guitar ….. no, we don’t add lime to our coronas … and there’s more than cancun in our country, and just because america is doing us the favor of taking our ugly people doesn’t mean we all are like that … bloody rednecks!! Joe six pack! and keep eating mc donalds :) fat bastards.

    And by the way the Katy Perry thing is not as entertaining as your country going down

  41. julie

    hahah.. i laughed at the part where the cake didn’t break away when she jumped on it, doh.

  42. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love it when shit like that happens to people. I could watch a million videos like this. Well, maybe not like this. Like the Kelsey Grammer one. That one was fucking classic. That bitch REALLY ate it. :)

  43. singha

    Well I don’t care what you all say, I love the whole world, ya silly humans!

  44. jackie

    hey, you talk about Latin America like Mexico was the only country in it

  45. TOTO

    why da fuck bring race comments in dis, seriously grow da fuck up dick faces

  46. Bob Bastard

    Katy Perry still sucks, cake or no cake.

  47. superstar

    You nasty comments people are a bunch of fucking jealous cunts. She’s famous, made lots of money and got a big hit song, something you shitheads don’t have.

  48. Paul

    #45 You are correct about the racial comments. What do da and dis mean?
    Are they part of some new language?
    #47 “nasty comments people” Truly fantastic grammar there my friend. Still, it’s heartening to see you kept the moral high ground by not resorting to offensive or nasty comments yourself.
    Incidentally, fame is overrated; money does not equate to happiness; and a hit song is meaningless when it has almost certainly been written by someone else and only become popular through cynical marketing techniques. (ie. faux lesbianism, exploitative video & saturation airplay)

  49. Eman

    What’s with all the hatred when this should be seen as just a light, candidly humorous video? I really don’t get the “I hate that bitch, she deserved it” kinda comments. NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED ! She was just trying to put up a show as an ENTERTAINER, on the contrary to just being “all sexy” and she ultimately did even by slipping. It’s just a goofy moment that makes the show even fuller!

    My guess is that she was simply curious how it would be and thoght it would make a big, spectacular splatter and feel comfy :) She instead got a pretty thick, uncomfortable cake (I think it was somehow sustained, those layers are just to heavy to stay that way) – hence the face she’s making at the end.

    She’s just lovely to take chances like that and rest assured, she’s being ridiculous on purpose, because, unlike most of you here, she actually has a sense of humour.

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