Katy Perry keeps a well-lit cleavage

May 4th, 2010 // 48 Comments

Katy Perry wore a light-up dress to the MET Gala last night and I’m assuming it had something to do with Christina Hendricks also being there with her enormous cleave shelf. At this point, I’d say insecurity is never an attractive feature but that’d be lie considering it’s the only way I’ve ever touched a vagina. Unless you count alcohol poisoning getting married after a swell date at the malt shop.

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. Que

    Que like tractor beems.

  2. Truth

    Ugh and if I were to rape this piece of cunt now I’D be the one to go to jail, what a shitty system

  3. Taz

    your load goes here

  4. Why is this tub of shit famous? Seriously, she is the modern dolly parton but with droopy boobs and less talent.

  5. Randal


    you are effervescent! An effervescent, vapid girl!


  6. havoc

    Damn, those legs would look so good sticking straight up in the air…..


  7. pimp

    i bet her pussy stinks…

  8. blah

    how is katy perry still relevant?

  9. Mr. Nice Guy

    Katy is Great looking, has a good voice and entertains!
    Great Body, Tits, Legs and a good face.
    Not crazy about the Dress, love what is in it!

  10. I honestly thought that Katy Perry was going to be this bad ass rocker chick that keeps putting out awesome records. Instead she’s just like a pop star super celeb.

    In either case I’ll pose the question: who isHotr? Katy Perry or lily Allen?

  11. Katy Perry has awesome breasts and a damn fine body to boot… not the skinny disgusting broads like Ambrosio. Cute little face, decent voice and makes catchy tunes…

    Bottom line she keeps pumping up the sweater mittens she will be relevant!

  12. crazybell

    kinda looks like a bioluminescent jelly fish…

  13. Confuciused

    Who is that guy she’s holding hands with? What happened to Russell Brand?

  14. Tiger Woods

    I would bang her doggie and then punch her in back of the head for good luck

  15. boring

    This bitch is annoying. Way to sell out to pop bullshit..or should I say way to act like one thing early on and turn out to be just another money machine for some stupid ass music label.

    She is not ugly…unless you count fake as ugly!!! Which I happen to………

  16. gueibor

    That looks like one relevant leg to me.

  17. i would like to insert my penis into several of her crevices…

  18. i would like to insert my penis into several of her crevices…

  19. i would like to insert my penis into several of her crevices…

  20. i would like to insert my penis into several of her crevices…

  21. GeorgeWBush

    A nice undie shot on pic 15,…we almost got BUSH

  22. Tek

    @10 Katy is actually a pretty girl, whereas Lily Allen is like a 6 at most and she’s irrelevant outside of the UK. Granted, the only thing carrying Katy’s relevancy is her looks because it sure as hell isn’t her music… but hey, at least it’s something.

  23. bar room hero

    Who is this slag again??

  24. Genesis

    As much as i hate katy perry, the girl is stunning.

  25. Elena

    the concept is cool, but the execution makes her look so frumpy.
    She’s gorgeous though.

  26. Anonnie Muss

    Why does she wear so much makeup! No matter what she wears, she has her face done up like a tasteless nouveau riche matron. It makes her look so old and so frumpy, I will agree that she’s pretty but when it comes to makeup she has terrible, terrible, irredeemable taste. All the money and all the stylists in the world are apparently never going to shake her terrible and wildly unsophisticated taste.

  27. Aussie Mama

    Dummies…..illuminated. Symbolism, symbolism. No one gets famous if the illuminati don’t allow it. She like every one else is just showing she is owned.

  28. danny

    Yeah, the painted face thing scares me too. I wonder what it is she’s trying to hide. I think she looks fine, otherwise. She’s no raving beauty, but she’ll do.

  29. Katy perry had a fine legs and nice breast she is not so skinny and she looks very cute in this wardrobe she is very pretty girl.

  30. Katy Perry had a nice legs and beautiful breasts, she is not so thin and she looks really cute in this dress, she is very beautiful girl

  31. katie

    she looks great!

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  33. She is looks amazing And beautiful. She is really great star of Hollywood andI m great fan of her. She looks very hot and sexy in the above Photos.


  34. Tony

    She has an ugly face overrated skank.

  35. whoa.. she’s hot. that dress is awesome.

  36. wrecked 'em

    She’s engaged to that walking hair bag, that looks like some disease ridden stray cat shit farted out, which draws attention to her. But when she leaves it at home, she has to wear a dress with flashing lights? What an idiot.

  37. captain america

    sorry, I HAVE TO SHIT & PUKE AGAIN……..

  38. Grace

    What the hell is that girl wearing in pic #11? A Lady Gaga shirt with moon boots? And taking a picture with Katy Perry? WTF?

  39. Darth

    My deep knowledge of the human psyche says that this is a thoroughly seasoned woman..

  40. starmaker

    Marshmallow colored dress…

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  42. Wow, I have never seen anything like that! This dress isn’t maybe vvery beautiful but it will sure be remembered.

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  44. m65

    she is sexy

  45. she looks really good

  46. ps3fanatic
    Commented on this photo:

    i see pussy!

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