Katy Perry just became single

January 2nd, 2009 // 83 Comments

Katy Perry and her boyfriend Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes have broken up, according to Celebuzz:

The reported two-year relationship between the musicians came to an end this week despite the pair spending Christmas downtime on the beach, reading and drinking on the sand.
“It’s a hardship, but she’s regrouping,” a source tells Celebuzz. The split likely came to a head just before 2009′s arrival.

On New Year’s Eve, Travis also wrote the following “rap” on his blog about Katy which really needs to be read in it’s entirety. Mostly so you can realize why I equate Gym Class Heroes with face cancer. Here’s a snippet:

My friends always tell me how I’m lucky to possess
The best looking girl in the whole U.S.
But every time you scream, you blow your finesse
Tryin’ to dis the Profess-
Or twenty-four hours of acting sore
Sometimes I wish you’d come down with lockjaw
So I don’t have to take in the breakin’
You treat me like a burnt piece of bacon
It seems like just two years
Back when we were bonded and not pierced
But now I keep itchin’ to jet
Sitting’ in the chair just to stare, set to sprint
Yo, sweetheart, you better take a hint
I say it now like I said it before
I’m lookin’ at the front door

Wait. This guy rap-blogs and calls himself “The Profess?” Amazing. For a second there, I thought I’d really have to work hard to impress Katy by wearing pants or something. Not anymore! Thanks, Travis McCoy.

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  1. Matt

    Since when is Katy Perry the “best looking girl in the whole U.S.”?

  2. BigSteamyOne

    she’s hot

  3. Cash

    Maybe he just got tired of her kissing girls.

  4. KissAnotherGirl

    Sounds like she should drown her sorrow in Lilo’s firecrotch while samantha plays tunes. Katy is pretty but not the best in the U.S. The things guys will say to themselves to get a boner in the company of a woman. Jeez

  5. Z

    I am really enjoying her tits.
    She’s a lucky girl to have those naturally.
    Most women would kill for those.

  6. “You treat me like a burnt piece of bacon”

    Seriously? Wow… Just, fuckin… wow…

  7. Z

    His rap is hella horrible

  8. Danklin24

    Somewhere in the world Vanilla Ice just shot himself in the face with a nine.

  9. Ed Lover

    Check your Yo! MTV Raps history book, that’s not his rhyme!

    That’s Main Source’s Looking at the front door: http://www.cduniverse.com/lyrics.asp?id=1558670

    Search any lyrics site. Sad to say, he couldn’t even bite good lyrics, but granted they are from 1991.

  10. Anna

    Dumbasses, that’s a Main Source track from way back called Looking at the Front Door and it’s fucking great.

  11. Binky

    Well. My sources are saying the girl this woman was singing about was a little more into the ‘dental hygiene thing’ than this professor fellow – and she liked it.
    (Personally there’s a little too much ‘Morticia Addams’ going on here – and there was always something about that “Uncle Fester’ I found a bit creepy)

  12. This is Truth

    She is hot.

    This is a really smokin’ bod to have naturally. Butterface, but who the hell really cares?

  13. Danklin24

    I say it now like I said it before
    I’m lookin’ at the front door

    …wow….seriously? Is this guy like 12? Maybe him and Pete Wentz can wear each others clothes and underoos.

  14. She is marginally talented (but has a nice rack) and he is …. well, never heard of his idiotic ass. He is obviously near-sighted if he thinks she is the prettiest girl in the US!

  15. This is Truth

    Butterface…the bod is smokin’ hot, though. This is a great natural body.

    You wouldn’t kick this girl out of bed.

  16. LargelyGay

    Nice Stit!

  17. Travis Barker

    I think she’s a hint nasty..
    Travis is a Black guy…he could have done WAY better

  18. proteon

    Under that spray paint I’ll be she’s attractive.

  19. Aja ( the real )

    She’s so not a buttaface. What are you smokin? lol…

  20. Joel Rifkin

    WOW! I’d totally rape her, murder her, then bury her somewhere in Long Island or Westchester.

  21. agentgirl

    Well it’s obvious she’s better off without that no-talent loser…you treat me like a burnt piece of bacon??? C’MON!

  22. hello

    Not a fresh face for only 24. Her shelf life is fading fast. Stil better looking than brittany but both will be past expiration by 30…

  23. clareargent

    #6 and #13
    _ I know, huh? What a fucking tool.

  24. Lain

    I love her, but that haircut does not suit her.

  25. Scott

    Nice Vanilla Ice. This was a song by a group called Main Source back in the early ’90s. This fucking assbag can’t even give props on his website. “Dont hurt em hammer” will be his next post.

    Here is the link to the lyrics

  26. supersex

    very fuckable!!!

  27. WUT


  28. max

    She’ll do better; uber-douche will be lucky to get a sasquatch kardashian-assed bag lady. Oh wait, a lard ass with flapjack rolls is right up his alley. Female if he’s lucky. How she ended up with that superdouche is one of lifes mysteries. Not the best looking in the USA but makes most of the celebretards look like the shit they are.

  29. Qinto

    Really tender, perfectly suckable breasts on this one

  30. Z

    She is far from a butterface.
    If she’d quit slapping on that pasty make up she’d look fucking rad.
    And I agree with #24 that the haircut doesn’t do her justice at all.

  31. arlene

    dude, you crack me up……awesome

  32. tc

    I think she is about 10 years old than she claims.

    Am I the only one who has a strange urge to shoot on her tits ?

  33. This “rap” is actually completely bitten. The original rap was done by Large Professor, the song is called “Looking at the Front Door”. This is circa like 1991-2 or so. What a joke, the guy can’t even be original? What the hell else is new—very soft. Thefilmnest always goes original.

  34. CaptainMorgan

    It sounds to me like this dipwad didn’t like the “bacon suit” she got him for xmas. Ungrateful ass.

    I like what I see,
    I’ll hit your G,
    Nevamind that guy,
    Time to say good bye,
    Life begins anew,
    With me inside of you!

    It’s all about class.

  35. Danklin24

    His rhyme or not, those are some shitty ass lyrics.

  36. Max Planck

    More of this and less of the disease donors. Moto Bene!

  37. Balack Obama

    WOW! This is much better news than Travolta’s kid dieing! Got any nipple shots of her? I haven’t seen a nipple since my mom past away.

  38. The rap is a tribute to “the large professor” a legendary rap artist…either that its major plagiarism…

  39. Kaitie

    She reminds me of Jennifer Aniston. Her foundation is too pale and she has over done her lips, to make them look bigger (like Gwen Stefani does too) Hate her music.

  40. Try to compare your pass relationship which your girl was a pain in the ass with those lyrics, its pure genius, stop being ignorant…

  41. cordell walker

    wow… what a great rack.
    one look at the picture makes my day & leaves me dreaming…

  42. Fernanado Narcos

    Mebbe she’ll get a major orifice cleansing,and quit her mudsharkin’ ways.

  43. BrickBrak

    Lookin at the Front Door/
    Group: Main Source
    Lyrics by: Large Professor

    That little rap was not written by Travis, it is a transcription from classic hip hop song circa ’90 ’91

  44. mlou

    Who the shit is Katy Perry and what the hell is she wearing???


    Katy Perry

    There once was a singer named Perry
    Who had breasts like a bowl full of berries
    Some took complaint
    With her lipstick and paint
    But then, who milks a face in a dairy??

  46. frankinsloth

    she’s WAY too hot to be going out with that uglyass douche…
    WTF… guess she finally started getting a couple of hits and figured she could stop slumming it.

  47. Niggatoes


  48. ………………………….SHE WANTS MY ADRESS, folks?

  49. George W Bush

    A chick I’ve never heard of? With clown makeup and a biker chick outfit? Ohhh,,, it’s on bitches! Mr Bush is gonna titty fuck this complete nobody whore and shoot his Presidential mushroom spooge all over her Tammy Faye Baker makeup job!

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