Katy Perry’s a nun now

June 9th, 2010 // 75 Comments

Despite living in sin with Russell Brand, using a homosexual to launch her secular music career and generally being an all-around tit parade, Katy Perry has decided to take issue with the Catholic imagery in Lady GaGa’s “Alejandro” video. Via Twitter:

Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.

I actually read Russell Brand’s interview in the latest Rolling Stone where he reveals the one time Katy Perry got mad at him was when he yelled the following at anti-gay protestors outside the Grammys:

‘Oi! You don’t know Jesus! I know Jesus, I’ve just been sucking his cock!”

I don’t know if that’s relevant to this post or not, but I felt I should say something besides my initial reaction of “Ain’t nothin’ hypocritical ’bout them titties” followed by intense monitor motorboating. (Can we get a squeegee over here?)

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  1. The Matrix

    I wanna fuck the blue-haired lady.

  2. Yum

    Those boobies are divine

    • Emily

      They are fake – You want to anoint 2 bags of silicone?
      Her hair is fake too. You can judge for yourself see U tube video of Katy Perry before plastic surgery. It shows other celebrities with fake tits like Halle Berry, Selma Hyeck, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scarlet Johansen etc. it shows before images of them flat chested then after with their breast implants.

  3. Jon

    Katy Perry can defend Jesus as much as she wants. I just want to anoint that chest.

  4. J

    I’m not really surprised by this. I think she was a Christian singer when she first debuted, then she came back latter as “Katy Perry.”

  5. Miss Kitty

    She’s starting to look like a dog sooner than I expected…

  6. Jackson

    Not everyone can dress like a childs toy. Don’t shit where you eat Kate.

    • hurrr

      don’t defend that music video. it’s just a horrible rip off of madonna. lady gaga needs to die in a fire.

      • Alicia

        Right? And no one gets upset when Justin Timberlake copies MJ and his dance moves. WTF. Take a chill pill man, warranting death threats and all you sound like a right and proper twat. *flips the bird*

  7. pimp

    Fish = EPIC FAIL!

  8. amanda

    gaga is just taking a page from the madonna playbook, is anyone really suprized?

    • Alicia

      I’m not surprised, JT did it to Micheal Jackson. Except Micheal Jackson wasn’t as up tight about it, can someone say menopause.

  9. hbomb

    Lady GAG GAG is ridiculous and a joke she rips off Roisin and everyone and is a horrible wast of air. She isn’t even slightly talented. I wish you would stop sticking up for her and putting down real artist and realize she just plain sucks!!

    • And you’re calling Katy Perry a “real artist” in comparison? Really?

    • Gaga

      Lady Gaga is not ridiculous, she can sing, she is ABSOLUTELY talented [a hell of alot more talented than Katy Perry and her fake tits.]
      Just because you dislike Lady Gaga, does not mean she is not talented, anyway, she is alot more talented than you sitting behind your computer screen typing away at how much you hate her.
      To whoever said that Lady Gaga should die in a fire, you are a sick bastard and I really think you need some help if that is your views on some people.

  10. Taz


  11. Deacon Jones

    Danielle Staub leaked sex pics just hit the ‘net.

  12. xina

    Katie is right and Gaga’s video blew.

    The Christian imagery was rehashed Madonna and cheap.

  13. Champ

    Katy is stacked, too bad she dresses so horribly. Can you imagine that rack if she had a clue how to dress and lot look like a kid playing dress-up?

  14. crazypants

    Everyone knows Katy grew up in a hyper-religious fundamental household and started her career as a Christian pop singer.

    So despite the “I Kissed a Girl” and banging Black rappers and now ex-junkie British comedians – she is likely still a very religious person.

    I don’t know if that makes her a hypocrite or a very cool Christian – but she still has the best celebrity rack, hands down.

    • Emily

      They are fake. She bought her breasts. Look at them. You can see a ridge. There are pictures of her before with dark blonde hair (her real hair color )and her natural petite frame minus gigantic un-natural perfectly round breast implants. Women that naturally have large breasts do not go around anouncing to anyone and everyone that their tits are real. B/c they don’t need to. Women with large natural breasts do not attach whip cream bottles to their breasts and draw more attention to them. Why is that men defend her lies? Is it because when they jack off they don’t want to be jacking _ff to silocone, Is it that they don’t want to be duped by her layers of fakeness? Just curious.

  15. FU

    Fish, you’re an a-hole and an idiot. Bravo.

  16. Gaga GooGoo Gross

    The better looking woman is always right! Anyway, the ugly italian pig is a fag-hagging fraud who only appeals to primitives who require “shockery” and blatancy, rather than structure.

  17. Dread not

    There’s nothing like righteous indignation from a woman engaged to a guy who shoved a Barbie dolls head up his ass! She’s still fap-tastic.

  18. Hey Katy, drop that douche husband of yours. His 15 minutes is almost up.

  19. Peaceshocka

    she has a pill around her neck, what god does she pray to?

  20. Shabby Knife Fighter


  21. Dipshiat

    Why is she flashing the shocker in picture 4?

  22. MissSmartyPants

    thank God she’s a moron!
    judging by the comments I read about her I guess that If she had the brains of, I dunno, Emma Thompson, she’d be ruling the western world by now.

  23. FrankNfrtr

    Hugh Hefner….if you’re still alive out there in CA underneath a pile of surgically enhanced blondes….PLEASE offer however much $$ it will take to get this girl’s clothes off for Playboy.
    I just wanna see ‘em.

  24. Kelley

    She says “the rack is real,” but I’ve got my doubts.

  25. Kate

    Oh, good. I was just waiting for someone to break out the indignation. Lead on, Katy Perry. Lead on.

  26. Yuk!

    What a fool…she sucks. Can’t sing, and her only redeeming quality is her (fake) tits. Her and her ugly, not-funny boyfriend should just go away.

  27. Anon

    I don’t think she’s being hypocritical. I’m not a Christian, but I used to be. I still get annoyed when I see people “use blasphemy as entertainment” — it is cheap. There’s a difference between your own life choices (having premarital sex) and then intentionally insulting every Christian out there. One deals only with you and your partner (and God), and the other deals with the entertainer and a large chunk of his/her audience (and God). So, no, it’s not hypocritical, Fish. You’re just out to get anyone who even starts to defend religion; actually, you’re just out to get anyone who defends Christianity or conservatism. Get an agenda and get a life.

  28. alex

    No she is not a hypocrite! She is very much right!

  29. joho777

    This really has to be the phoniest makeup look I’ve ever seen!

    How horrible! And what is worse, everyone ignores how bad her face is to stare at her tits.

    Are you all mental?

    • Emily

      Exactly, at least her fake body is a distraction from her crooked teeth, large nose, orange skin (fake tan), and vacant meaningless drivel she calls art.

  30. Alright.

    For those of you who doubt and/or believe her rack is fake obviously you’ve never breast aside from the computer screen. Or your simply flat chested, jealous women.

  31. paige

    She looks like a robot in picture 7.

  32. Matrim

    First of all, she’s an idiot.

    14) No, not everyone does know that she was religious, presumably because not everyone gives a shit about Katy Perry. Yes, it does make her a hypocrite, and no, she doesn’t have the best celebrity rack.

    27) And how is it cheap? It’s perfectly acceptable to make fun of people with batshit ideas…and, in point of fact, I don’t think Gaga was making fun of Catholicism by using Catholic imagery. That being said Catholicism should be made fun of…or, you know, brought to task for it’s crimes against it’s parishioners and for it’s campaign of misinformation and death in Africa.

  33. bar room hero

    that blue hair makes her look like some anime dipshit.


  34. Jen

    she has a great rack, however, i still would like to watch her get snooki punched in the face. HAHA!

  35. BennyfromThames

    I guess I agree with Katy on this one. Making fun of catholicism is like kicking a puppy, anyone can do it and it will make a few extreme mouth breathers laugh. You can be respectful of another person’s beliefs without drinking the kool-aid yourself. If you’re a atheist then fine you’re a atheist, but I’m tired of the arrogant smug posturing and baiting that many atheist directs at the religious, just as much as I’m sick of the hypocrisy and intolerance that can be produced by the so called bible thumping religious crowd. Both groups need to play nice and most importantly just shut up once and awhile.

    BTW- Katy Perry’s tits for the win… what I like tits!

  36. OVERRATED…shiite singer, NOT hot, and everything about her is FAKE – her “music,” her “style,” and of course her tits (shiny and over-inflated). Plus, who in their right mind would want to even be seen in public with her uber-douche boyfriend? That’s probably a front as well. Wonder if they fight over who gets to wear the strap-on?
    It’s as if she wants us to think she went to the crossroads to make a deal with the devil, but in actuality it was a deal with her agent. Yet another butt-average forgettable “star” being foisted upon us by the machine.

  37. Sux

    Catholicism should be made fun of. We make fun of Scientology, which is just as stupid.

  38. Maybe people would pay more attention to Katy if she flashed those funbags at us properly. She can be like “blah, blah, blah” and we can be all like “titties!” FAP. FAP. Epic win!

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  40. Good Lord. If those things are fake (or real for that matter) they are the most gloriously perfect breasts I have ever seen! And I say this honestly as a completely heterosexual woman! God lover her. She’s incredible.

  41. gen

    Her face really isn’t great and the blue hair reminds me of Mulholland Drive which is a movie that makes my stomach turn.

    There are informed and intelligent ways of making arguments against religion or religious persecution. Stupid “I’m so edgy” music videos are not the time and place.

  42. Kristin

    that long hair on that wig needs to continue 360degrees

  43. Elmer Fudd

    I always think “Hillary Clinton?” when I see her.

    Am i catching teh ghey?
    Oh noes I need the cure!!!
    Pics of Megan Fox’s replacement doing sex tape please.

  44. Cynic

    Well Well Well….poor little (big titted) Katy has spat the dummy over Lady Gaga’s new video.

    What a shame! No – there isn’t really anything in it that Madonna didn’t do years ago – but I suspect spoilt little Katy (with her big tits) is pissed because her “cup cake’ bra and squirting cream looks decidedly cheap, dated and tacky.

    Oh well – maybe she should’ve got her video out first – or shown the world her greatest assets in a better light!!

  45. Christina

    @#30- Just so you know, not all women WANT big breasts. Plenty of women have small chests and love it. I’m not one of them, because my chest is bigger than Katy Perry’s, and to be honest I hate it. I can’t even wear a high necked t-shirt without guys staring at my chest constantly and practically drooling because my boobs are big. It’s so annoying and I’d LOVE to have smaller breasts. Plus, any guy who cares that much about boobs one way or another is pathetic.

    I don’t see anything wrong with her comments. I’m not exactly religious (most of my views contradict just about any church) but I don’t see a problem with what she said. Criticize the church all you want, and you’d be pretty valid to do so in a lot of cases, but that doesn’t make you clever for doing so.

  46. Elmer Fudd


    How you doing?

  47. guest

    could care less whether the tits are real or fake, those wonky eyes scare the bejeezus outta me however…

    • Emily

      What’s up with her terrified, wide awake,I am on speed..bug eyes? Also is anyone else annoyed by her now trademark fake surprised look where she raises her eyebrows, stares into the camera opens her mouth like a 12 yr. then covers her mouth in an overly strained feined surprise gesture,followed by the now tired formulaic (Oh, I am so naughty !) smile followed by an exaggerated wink?

  48. Katy Perry calling Lady Caca blasphemous, that is like Spencer Pratt calling someone a douchebag.

    As for the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II got my respect, but currently the Vatican has lost all creditability with me. For me and many others it was not really the fact there were Priests molesting children, but the way they handled it. The church leaders decided the best course of action as to cover it up and protect the molesters.

    If they instead went after the offenders with righteous fury and punished them to the fullest extent of the laws of man a God well it would to be that bad.

    Oprah for example for the most part I cannot stand her, but when there was abuse going on with her school on South Africa, he laid the hammer down and fired the offenders and had the prosecuted. Because he was molested and abused as a child and people like her will side with children first in this situation. For that I give her props.

    This is why I am a subgenius….PRAISE BOB!

  49. Racer X

    She looks like Jayden Jaymes.

    /fap, fap, fap!!!

  50. tc

    Why does everyone always go on about her tits. The only look more prominent because of the way she displays them.

    I have bigger tits than her, and I’m just a bunch of pixels on your computer screen.

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