Katy Perry in tight leather pants

February 19th, 2009 // 103 Comments

Here’s Katy Perry at the 2009 Brit Awards last night wearing who the fuck knows? While I dig the leather pants, I have no clue what’s covering her famously natural chest. It’s almost as if Mr. T and Hello Kitty had a love child inside the Matrix. Then someone added a fanny pack. God, we live in a sick world.

Photo: Getty, WENN

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    she’s so adorable!!~
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  2. Kate'sConscience

    It’s pictures like these that explain how Kate gets hook-ups but can’t keep a man.

  3. ishi-san

    That is not leather! That is plastic

  4. whe3e3e3e3

    effing love it

  5. Phillybitch

    She is so cute, it is such a shame she doesn’t have an ounce of talent.

  6. Tom K

    I think she looks gorgeous!

  7. Not a very happy meal

    McDonald’s has “Hello Kitty” happy meals with a watch toy, right now. I had one for lunch. I wanted the watch with the pink band, but they gave me the one with the purple band – God, I hate fast-food workers.

  8. Dairy Queen

    Why are there cow pies and donkey ass pictures behind her in the 9th photo?

  9. anthonyOA

    The guy in the 3rd pic has riri’s herpes all over his face.

  10. Mal Gusto

    I came.

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  12. robert

    what do they call that string that shoots out of a can? silly string? yeah, that’s it.. it looks like her top was made with that… although the pants are sexy in a slightly kinky sorta way.

  13. bout to blaze

    Let me clear up the dilemma for everyone…. those are the Lame High Waist Leggings from American Apparel. Katy Perry looks great in them – and they are freaking awesome! Women of the world …. when in doubt just wear leggings from AA!

  14. Obamarama

    Hey there 29 — you sound like a mysogynist motherfucker, are you not getting laid enough? Excuse me, AT ALL. Violent pig.

  15. Shit

    I don’t like how she dresses and I hate hipsters in general, but she has a sick body. I can spank it to those bikini pics of her on here once in a while.

  16. terese

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  17. jerry

    There not leather pants the shiny leggings there all the rave in England

  18. Her pants are good but her face ??? looks like she just did a plastic surgery

    XOXO !!

  19. jlylec

    i would fuck the shit out of this girl. for real.

  20. There are financial problems in america.

  21. a

    I’m cumming.

  22. So far I didn’t like any outfit she ever wore. Whoever chooses those clothes for her should be shot.

  23. Looks like Hot Topic threw up on her. Tragic,

  24. Boyfromthesun

    Cunt. She didn’t win something did she? Shit, she did.

  25. leather whore

    Her thighs are BIGGER than her ass. FAIL.

    How does this chicky get off calling whatsherbritishface (Lily Allen) FAT, this bitch is thick herself. Natalie Portman can call Lily Allen fat, this chick is not thin enough to go around calling other girls fat, I mean she’s fairly toned (those pants are a freaking sucking vacum of toning illusion), but she is just not in that category where she can go around calling non obese girls fat. Not saying she’s not in decent shape though.

  26. Shattered

    That fake corset might actually fit her better if she knew how to lace it properly. But then again, she’s got a crooked visible panty line, too.

  27. jacky

    She is still so beautiful, but I don`t like her any more because she likes dating with a few different Billionaires on ^^C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M^^ these days. It is already reported by New York daily.

  28. lucy

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  29. lizzy

    to: 49. Fernando Narcos

    1. i’m not fat at all, so you can stop making shit up.
    2. i didn’t say she wasn’t good looking either.

    what i did say was that HER OUTFIT was bad, and that’s she’s TRYING TOO HARD to fit into some image.

    but now that you mention it, you’re right — i don’t find her that good looking. her make up is always caked on, and she needs her ‘bisexual’ ‘rocker’ image to be what she is, when in reality, she was a fucking lame gospel singer, and continued to be a failure when she was dropped from both island def jam AND columbia records.

    fuck you, fucking prick.

  30. sote

    what a horrible horrible outfit plzzz!!! Doesnt she have any friends? Nobody to tell her, plz don’t go out of the house wearing that? People are mean!! hahaha

  31. Nichole

    I like her; she’s different. She looks gorgeous from the neck up. Well the fushia lip stick is kinda much but it works for the outfit.

  32. m.munroe

    those are NOT leather pants. they are LIQUID LEGGINGS! the ‘fish needs to be updated on fashion knowlege on a regular basis.

  33. Nasty as clown makeup.

  34. sin

    She wears those kind of outfits just so you will notice her.

  35. Rex

    Damn she’s smokin’ hot in these pants, although it would be far too much work to peel those things off of her in order to get to the goods. I’d probably just rip two holes in the crotch of those pants and take care of business that way.

  36. phizzz

    Uh, those are lame leggings aren’t they?

  37. Gigi

    I think she’s cute…weird outfit, but i like her :)

    #44…what the fuck?

  38. ivery

    Hey, have you guys heard that this one appeared on the hot hook-up club “C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M ” for wealthy singles to hook up for Love and Sexy dating?

  39. lizzy is my hero

    I agree, when your career sucks you gotta wear shit like Hello Kitty, to get attention. Is Hello Kitty hardcore now? What the fuck kind of dude would get a hard on over a cartoon?

  40. lizzy is my hero

    I agree, when your career sucks you gotta wear shit like Hello Kitty, to get attention. Is Hello Kitty hardcore now? What the fuck kind of dude would get a hard on over a cartoon?

    It’s like thinking a guy at the bar is hot all nite to realize he has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle curtains in his bedroom.

  41. Reality

    If she looks less than perfect in these pictures, it’s to be expected. She was feeling unwell and wasn’t even going to show up, but was told that she “really really should.” She said “I just thought I’d show up in my ridiculous hello kitty top and get worst dressed and leave :)”

    She showed up, made nice, and wound up puking backstage. She has the flu and a fever of 101, and is worried about being healthy enough to start touring on Sunday.

  42. It’s Hello Kitty so it’s OK <3

  43. sherry

    Hey, do you guys know she created a profile on ^^^^^C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M^^^^? , and she is a verified member, But it is not confirmed by her yet. I am not sure if she is really a single?

  44. 123harry@hotmail.com

    my pants just got a lot tighter too!

  45. Ralph

    nice outfit 4 a performance, not 4 the red carpet, or any other social event

    the secreto is to wear things in the right time!!!

  46. Ralph

    she forgot the ass in the other pants

  47. jericho34

    She needs to buy some boobs.

  48. Mr. X

    Damn, I just came all over myself after looking at these pictures. I would love to dive into that tight body.

  49. Youre all numbnuts, shes beautifull and she knows it, nothing wrong with showing off god given assets.

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