Katy Perry in tight leather pants

February 19th, 2009 // 103 Comments

Here’s Katy Perry at the 2009 Brit Awards last night wearing who the fuck knows? While I dig the leather pants, I have no clue what’s covering her famously natural chest. It’s almost as if Mr. T and Hello Kitty had a love child inside the Matrix. Then someone added a fanny pack. God, we live in a sick world.

Photo: Getty, WENN

  1. Pancakes and syrup

    Talk about NO ASS AT ALL!

  2. ashley


  3. ashley


  4. ashley


  5. ashley


  6. ashley


  7. Alec Baldwin

    Those boobs need to be free.

  8. meh

    Three words:

  9. Dooley

    ashley – just press the damn key ONCE!

    and you’re not “first”

  10. kat

    She’s promoting MAC’s Hello Kitty line.





  12. Pat

    I bet those black pants have a patch of yellowish-white on them…on the inside.

  13. mer

    She is trying *so* hard.

  14. timmy the dying boy

    Hoo boy, I could just paddle that till it’s nice and rosy.

  15. sin

    I like them. She isn’t going too slutty because you can she that she is actually wearing underwear in those things. Hey you PETA losers… Nice picture of Katy wearing leather and walking in front of cow pictures, isn’t it?
    A real woman…who happens not to be able to dress herself quite often.

  16. Sauron

    I EXPECT an email from you within a hour.Otherwise it’s the end.

  17. Okay, so I’m going to admit that I have no idea who this bint is, but I don’t care.

    More saucy leatherpants pics, PLS.

  18. I wish I had her boobs. Loving the Hello Kitty endorsement.

  19. peta

    Those pants aren’t leather, looks like rubber or latex. A real woman wears leather, not some trash bag.

    • Snatch

      Hey dipstick, latex IS rubber, and last time i checked trash bags were made of plastic. So before you go spouting off try to get your facts straight, you supperficial simpleton!!!!!!!!!!

  20. selina25

    Needless to say, she has very cute looking!! lots pretty chicks like her should be very famous on the ta ll da ting site: ___Tall Mingle C o m___. Maybe she can join to attend the sexy session to attract ta ll guys!! at least, that’s what my bros and i happen to know!!

  21. McFeely Smackup

    black and shiny ? leather.

    Considering how often this comes up here, I can only assume the superficial editor has no idea what leather is, or what it looks like.

  22. ashley


  23. Rachel

    Whoever she fucked that night was in for a real treat when she took those pants off and perfumed the room with 3 hours’ worth of ass and pussy sweat.

  24. WTF?

    #20…I usually just ignore the troll posts, but this one doesn’t even make the least f’ing bit of sense!

  25. JPRichardson

    I like Pamela better.

  26. Mike

    They’re OBVIOUSLY not leather! No way they could be that tight and be leather.

    #23…where can I sign up for THAT??!!!!

  27. Chris Brown

    black and shiny = Rihanna’s face when I got done with it. Next time, do what I say when I say it, bitch.

  28. Joline

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  29. I’d love to show her the pleasure of pain… by telling her jokes and hitting her with a 2 x 4…

  30. renalove34

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  31. Me Likey

    #23…Where can I sign up for THAT??!!!!!!

    Three hours worth of ass sweat would make for a nice and easy ride along the hershey highway. And you KNOW she likes it!

  32. Prakeesh


  33. Sandy

    3 hours of ass sweat would make for some temporary offramps from the hershey highway.

  34. Rick

    Good thing she’s American, not British. With a true British chick, her mouth resembles the hershey highway.

  35. Leather is Dead

    Fucken bitch wearing leather!

  36. steve

    In the last picture she’s showing a good right-hand-cock, left-hand-balls technique. So often a girl gets lost in the cock and neglects the balls. They need love too, ladies.

  37. Danklin2424

    I pitty the kitty!!

    Oh come on, like no one else was thinking that!

  38. Quinn

    She’s wearing the full body coverage a guy would need to fuck Pam Anderson safely at this point.

  39. Dooley

    #22 That’s good Ashley. One click is all it takes.

  40. Fernando Narcos

    I really dig this girl,but she dresses like a strung-out eighth grader.

  41. Hey!

    Where’s the C-Toe?!?! Damn crap photographers…aim right!

  42. crabby old guy

    Oddly enough, MY pants are tight now as well.

  43. Delgo

    It’d be much better if she

  44. Lowlands

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  45. Whoever tied that corset on her did a crappy job… needs two strings and a person to lace you up to get it right

  46. lizzy

    13-mer — AGREED!!!!

    this outfit is fucking disgusting, she is trying way too hard to be — whatever the fuck that shit is.

    get rid of this loser, god i can’t stand her!!!

  47. Sid

    I agree with #43

  48. Deacon Jones

    @23 *HORF!*

    Well, it’s good to see women aren’t objectifying themselves any more to become famous.

    Keep it up N.O.W.

  49. Fernando Narcos

    #46-It’s so funny when fat chicks get on the Internet and bitch about good looking,famous chicks.

  50. Guy

    Its funny that she’s performing in leather pants in front of some pictures of cows in pic 7

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