Katy Perry in a bikini

August 2nd, 2009 // 63 Comments

Here’s Katy Perry in Miami yesterday before hosting the Katy Perry Pool Party. Wait. She does pool parties? Because my neighbor has an above ground pool and badminton. If she’s game, I’ll invite some people over right now, and we’ll light this mother up. Okay, maybe they’re not so much people as a bunch of action figures I’ll line up in the lawn but promise to knock them over when it’s sexy time. (Except for Chewie. He can watch.) Katy?

Photos: Splash News

  1. amy

    I like her special parts. She is a talented singer. – bbwdatingfriends.com

  2. KatyMakaMeCome

    Man want to eat lick her butt

  3. KatyMakaMeCome

    Man want to eat lick her butt

  4. Salty Bob

    She looks great too bad she’s such a cunning stunt.

  5. Dread not

    Hey, Katy! You’re in Miami, Sugar Shit, put a thong on for cryin’ out loud! And what’s with the ruffles?! Look, I’m not into the whole “fashion” thing, but come on! Hows about rockin’ a slingshot, would that kill you?

    If there’s a woman, outside of, Lauara Dore, of course, with a naturally hotter body than, Katy Perry, I want to see her. If you ask me, there isn’t one.

  6. Vivian J H

    Don’t like her live show

  7. m

    That’s Katy Perry?! How come she always looks fugly in magazines but hot on the internet?!

  8. well, she sings much better than looks in bikini… still I think it’s better this way than vice versa;)

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  11. The lizard skin and make-up on the cake to look this man to have. That’s why you have to see her in a bikini but never soggy. It sucks nowhere near supermodel status and her singing is. I had plenty of better looking girls who cake on makeup to look to humans was not

  12. judge

    ok if she wiped her asshole properly yuk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she still smells after a shit

  13. tom

    her cunt stinks like off fish according to Russell brant

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