Katy Perry in a bikini

August 2nd, 2009 // 63 Comments

Here’s Katy Perry in Miami yesterday before hosting the Katy Perry Pool Party. Wait. She does pool parties? Because my neighbor has an above ground pool and badminton. If she’s game, I’ll invite some people over right now, and we’ll light this mother up. Okay, maybe they’re not so much people as a bunch of action figures I’ll line up in the lawn but promise to knock them over when it’s sexy time. (Except for Chewie. He can watch.) Katy?

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  1. Fritz


  2. First

    First. Never been first!

  3. Yep

    She is pretty much perfect.

  4. Lexoka

    At least this entry is honest, you didn’t even bother writing anything :D

  5. oh, and...

    #2, you’re still not.

  6. you homos shut up

    The skin on her face looks like a gravel road. She’s basically a no-talent whore like The Hills cast

  7. jumpin_j

    If that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas, I’m so there. Yaaaay boobies!!!!

  8. Regan

    haha, she is a total butterface

  9. The 'A' Man

    I want to make love to her and father her kids :)

  10. Tanzarian


  11. David

    I would love-explode inside her and all over her.

  12. Get Over Yourself

    I would love to know what picturesque supermodels post #6 and #8 are dating.

  13. TopCat

    I hadn’t seen her in bikini before, and she looks great
    Well, the bikini isn’t that nice but she looks hot.

  14. NoMoreDouches

    Katy, my mustache is waiting for its’ rider

  15. chazmox

    Totally agree with the bikini comment – don’t like the suit – but DAMN! she looks fine. She looks like she’s lost some weight and kept them tig biddies! ( yay! ). Most of her photos she looks a little wide in the hips ( maybe it’s because she wears flats all the time??? ) but here she looks great above and BELOW the waist…

  16. you homos shut up

    Take a close look at her face. She has lizard skin and has to cake on the make-up to make it look human. That is why you see her in a bikini but never wet. She is nowhere near supermodel status and her singing sucks. I had plenty of better looking girls who didn’t have to cake on the make-up to look human

  17. Pilatunes

    Ouch!!! My penis just exploded.

  18. Taz

    id pump her perfect body all day and night

  19. potsie

    The ’80s called… Jennifer Jason Leigh wants her sunglasses back.

  20. fetus_mcnuggets

    Public enemy #1 WART ON CLAVICLE

    take em out boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys

    arf arf arf

  21. Hm–the frills on her bikini (top AND bottom??) are kind of eerie to me for some reason. Like she’s trying to be a 10yr girl…in a bikini. Maybe its just me–but really, too much frill on that bikini.

    #12-haha! nice comment. :)

  22. The Authority

    Dude, get your fucking spam under control.

  23. LDub


  24. Venom

    I would do so many dirty things to this chick…

    Now if you’d only post more of her and less of the Gosselin’s…

  25. Simon Cowell

    Pasty white and sickly pale. Can’t sing. Can’t dance. What do you want me to say?

  26. I personally dont think she looks great, nothing special about her body at all.

  27. Womb Raider

    @ 22…not a wart. By the looks of her back, it looks like she had a mole burned off her chest. Horf.

  28. HOTness

    She’s got a really nice body. I thought she was thick down below, but this proves me half wrong, she only has fugly cankles. Otherwise, smoking hot!

  29. Tad Bit Tipsy

    What’s up with these Cankle posts, none of you idiots know what Cankles really are, they are when a person is so fat that its hard to see where the calf ends. Katy has great ankles, no where near cankles.

  30. Bert

    If you like horrible splotchy skin………………… here it is.

  31. skippy

    oh my god i would bang this bitch for hours. or for 45 seconds until i prematurely ejaculate.

  32. me

    @28 you are just typing stupid stuff… she has the perfect female body,
    It is impossible to pick apart,

    shes not too fat,
    not too thin,
    dosent have cellulite,
    her boobs are nice size and not fake

    U R just jellous

  33. Talentless, but sexy body though

  34. Parker

    Two words come to mind when I see her butt in that bikini: anal and sex.

  35. bert

    @28, those are not cankles, I had an ex gf who had cankles. So I know what they are. She was damn hot but had bad legs. Too bad too cuz she liked to get hammered from behind. And i mean HAMMERED!

  36. Jav

    She is damn FINE!!!!!
    The things I would do to her.

  37. If you point out she has mole and blotchy skin you have an agenda….

    I hope the breaststrokers who were lucky enough to be invited at this pool party didnt forget their towel and lube; erm I mean sunscreen…

  38. huh?

    those moles gotta go big time!!

  39. horray

    real boob = real nice

  40. Pilatunes

    Good thing I had time to tidy up her landing strip before she went out that day.

  41. frank the dolphin


  42. Beast

    Katy Perry MARRY MEEE!!

  43. JuliaJolie

    She seems to have a bit of ab bloat going on there. It’s obvs not fat, just loose muscle (no exercise, happens a lot to skinny people with no muscle definition). I’m surprised no-one else has mentioned it (albeit in a much more callous way).

  44. ticklish

    Picture #17: Her butt is handicap-accessible route??

  45. Darth

    That’s a really short mini skirt.

  46. Galtacticus

    These bitches are making too easy their money.

  47. Rhialto

    I bet she peed in that swimming pool.

  48. Stewie Petersen

    Whats shew ever done that makes her famous. 15 minutes are up

  49. To Comment 48

    For starters, she knows how to spell, and basic grammar skills do not elude her.

  50. Nice swimsuit…don’t they normally sell those kinds to toddlers and 65 yr old women who do there daily water workouts with the arm floaties?

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