Katy Perry is talented

February 8th, 2009 // 101 Comments

I’m not even going to lie about why I posted these pics of Katy Perry at the 2009 Pre-Grammy Gala & Salute last night; I love music.

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  1. Ummm...yeah...

    BTW Fish….You suck!!

  2. isitin

    #46, if you like pop music, I guess the dike RAWKS. Fucking pop music lovers are all going to hell. I guess you like the jonas mutts also.

  3. I’M SURE HER PUSSY TOO, folks!!

  4. Wilkins

    The lord is my shepherd,

    and he know what I want!


  5. sin

    #45. You sure know alot about drag queens. Why is that? Inside information?

  6. gryphon50

    There is something strange about her breasts. Something I’ve rarely seen amongst celebrities. They look real.

  7. Phil says, "huh?"

    There are many other girls with breasts just as nice, but have much more attractive faces….and voices for that matter.

  8. Harry

    Way too much makeup, and she can’t sing live to save her life…yet none of that matters when you’re being hypnotized by the Twins.


    Just another whore with bleached teeth and too much make up. I can’t believe how many people are going on about how hot she is. What a joke.

  10. motorboatoperator

    *sound of my face between two slabs of Katy Perry breasts*

    @ 13 — ha! nice video. Donald Ballsack, now there’s a porn name. Direct, descriptive…

  11. Brandon

    Fucking phenomenal body.

  12. Tania

    Her face is far too plain to pull off the glamorous look she is attempting with her make up, it’s a pretty but plain face with a severe black hair-do. The lipliner outside the top lip line is horrid. Even so, she looks 1 million times better than Dita Von Teese who has one of the ugliest mugs in show-biz!

  13. brooke

    Wow….this girl is scary looking..she reminds me of those dolls where you tilt their head forward and they blink making that creepy blinking sound

  14. the big kahuna

    she is so pretty.

  15. Cabin Boy

    She’s pretty and her breast are obviously nice.

    Get off the whole “she can’t sing part”. Teeny pop isn’t my thing, but she did an acoustic set of her Kissed a Girl song on the Howard Stern show and it was foolishly good. So, even though her music is bubble gum and disposable, none you are getting paid – so get on with your sad simple lives.

  16. Sauron

    She has mesmerizing dreamy eyes.I didn’t had coffee yet but are these real boobs?

  17. Never heard Katy Perry sing before but can confirm she is ubertalented due to her bulging tits. Only the most talented artists pack double bazooka heat like that. And best of all, they are natural.

    PS: Katy Perry it’s feeding time and Da Man is hungry!

  18. Katy Perry


  19. Cornelius

    *Sigh*. I’m so sick of these “starlets” who get rich and famous only because of “assets” such as hers, and the public’s obsession with them. Yes, the puppies are nice, but this wonky eye can’t sing without Auto Tune, without an army of songwriters and producers…and obviously can’t do her makeup.

  20. Danielle

    she has crazy eyes, She’ll soon been the next one to have a mental break down… just wait and see…

  21. whopper jr.

    May I PLEASE squirt some ejaculated semen into your lubricated vagina??

  22. Solid Fart

    She enjoys a solid ass reaming. Trust me, I know.

  23. blank spot

    #40 – #42 got your fat finger stuck between the Enter and the Shift key again?

  24. authorego

    Jeez, those bazooms have got to leave strap marks. Let’s hope she spends a lot of time on her back.

  25. Nice Jugs.. :P

    XOXO !!

  26. Little known fact… Katy Perry and I have something in common… we both like her tits.

  27. lizzy

    yeh, great boobs but too bad her face is busted, her music sucks, and she’s a corporate piece of shit.

    fuck her!!!

  28. turbo

    Katy’s got some big titays

  29. Bickus Dickus

    She’s okay but fake tits are a dime a dozen. It’s the pussy and asshole that count the most. Some girls have nice tits but sloppy pussies and dirty assholes.

    “Celebrity” women, of all entertainment fields, should be required to spread their legs and asscheeks at all red carpet events, so that we can see how well kept they are or aren’t.

    There’s nothing worse than taking a slut with nice tits home to find out she has a sloppy smelly cunt and reddish brown stained asshole staring back at you when you’re banging them doggie style.

    Anal bleachings and regular bikini waxes and douches have got to be a standard that the Hollywood types need to adhere too.

  30. Gar

    I’m all sudden loving music as well.

  31. #80 – Yea… I’m sure most women just can’t wait to get a gander of your brown, sparsely toothed mouth, with last week’s breakfast still encrusted in your wirey beard, right before your weekly shower. It’s amazing any of the rest of us men have a chance with any woman with you on the planet.

  32. katy perry is so beautiful! wasn’t too sure about that dress she wore to the grammys last night, but she is amazing!


  33. dude

    Great jugs.
    Crappy music.

  34. Alec Baldwin

    I wouldn’t mind looking up at those mountains every day.

  35. Buh Bye!

    15 minutes – it’s up.

  36. Livy

    no offence, but she kinda looks like a blow-up doll.

  37. Delgo

    In the words of one Raoul Duke,

  38. Delgo Again, Sorry

    Who has ever seen her ass?
    Shit is concave.

  39. J

    Its too bad about her face…

  40. RichPort's Vaginal Wart

    I can’t stand breasts, unless they’re man boobs. I also jerk off to my savior, the messiah, Biraq Oboomba. The country is really headed in the right direction now that we have a cabinet full of criminals and a $trillion in new welfare programs. It’s gonna be great.

  41. .....

    can’t stand her and she should learn to leave somethin up to the imagination…….. but you all must be way too used to all the celebs who have had nose jobs and other facial plastic surgery.. at least she’s natural and looks good.

  42. Ali Knievel

    Well it looks like we know who’s got all the Titty Oil endorsements for this spring.

  43. Val

    wtf with the stomach pouch there katy? suck it in fatty!
    her face has started getting fucking wierd looking, i think shes on drugs or shit. i miss her from her time of appearing in gym class heroe’s videos. she was hot. now shes “meh”

  44. herbiefrog

    wow… ! ! !

    it’s like a *gift*

    oh but it has all sorts of encumbrances. . .

    [isnt it ?]

  45. Tom K

    Now this woman is pretty!

  46. Kendra

    I’m almost certain she’s had her breasts done, I swear they weren’t that big before….

  47. Hotbox

    #80 is correct and it goes for your average girls too, especially the bar hoes. “Oh, let’s get all hoed up in our ho clothes (ie. tits sticking out, stilletos, micro skirts, panties optional but if you wear them they must only be a string of a bright color and showing somewhere, etc., etc.) BUT, let’s not trim our bush or wipe our asshole, oh and make sure you have nasty-ass feet and toenails, and fake-ass fingernails (which is code for “I have nasty real nails”. And as far as the tits sticking out, nearly ANY size can be made to look large with the shoving, taping, and other enhancing. Really, who needs a boob job?

  48. el ces

    Well damn.

  49. Robin

    Katy is neither talented nor beautiful.

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