Katy Perry gets her own post

September 14th, 2009 // 79 Comments

Here’s Katy Perry looking awesome at the VMAs last night and it appears her breasts do not have a topographical map of Peru between them. (Stupid optical illusion, I hate you!) Which is a relief because they’re basically the only reason anybody knows who she is. No, really, ask me to name one of Katy’s songs and I’ll look at you like you asked me the square root of peanut butter.

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  1. Steve O

    ” 16. lizzy – September 14, 2009 10:59 AM

    she has a nice body but her face is fucking ugly and everyone needs to get the fuck over her. she’s also talentless.

    and no i am not jealous, fat or ugly. and i’d be happy to prove it.

    Seriously, just shut the fuck up. Anyone who prefaces a post like that with ‘i’m not jealous, fat, or ugly’, can only mean one thing- youre all fucking 3.

    Her face is far from ugly, regardless of how bitter you are because your boyfriend (dad, same thing) dumped you because he preferred making knuckle children while looking at pics of her, over fucking your gaping putrid hole of a pussy (see- chasm). So get over it, shut the fuck up like a good little vapid whore, and while you’re at it- well, I’d say bathe, but nothings getting rid of that funk. So you mine as well just keep hanging out in the double wide counting the fat rolls and praying the mailman makes the mistake of coming by so you can club him w your seal mitt and finally get some action.

    Have a pleasant day.

  2. The space between her boobs is only NOT there because they’re being mashed upwards by that dress. Let ‘em hang down free and you will see ;)

  3. Megan


    33. Megan Fox is HOTTER – September 14, 2009 2:04 PM

    Butterface; Butwhatabody!!!!!

    Her legs are a little shmaverage and blah, not like Charlize Theron or Cameron Diaz (who is gross except for her legs which are the best on earth). The rest of Katie’s bod is pretty sweet or is it just her boobs that rocks??? Either way her face does not do her boobs justice, like most hot boob girls their faces are blah. Megan’s boobs are far from the best, but the rest is incredible, she a bitch but she a hot bitch. This ho is hotish but not hot enough to make her “music” worth listening to and shit woman thanks for slapping on 50 coats of whore paint and coming out, what do they have to do soak her face in turpentine to get that stuf off???

    Jealous much, honey? The audacity of the bitches on this site who talk like their shit doesnt stink amazes me. I’m a girl and I can appreciate a hot body and a beautiful face….’shes wearing too much make up’, ‘her legs are fat’, sure sounds like a bunch of jealous tramps to me! Katie’s HOT.

  4. Jose Cuervo

    ” 53. mika wants to see lizzy – September 14, 2009 6:56 PM

    Id like to see those pics lizzy!!!!


    There’s no pictures, you desperate fuck…at least none that dont look like they’re from a National Geographic.

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  6. kk

    topographical map of peru?!??!?! hahahhaha! i love thesuperficial!!!!


    Kristin Cavallari sure did put a dark cloud on that last pic.

    @ 3 – Which pic has cankles?

  8. Heidi M

    Katy looks hot I wonder how long of a workout it took to make her cankles disappear

  9. Tanzarian

    Say what you will about her face, I’d love to be staring into her eyes while I exploded inside her.

  10. Hilldog3000

    Damn, girl!

  11. billy

    She is hot, just saw her profile on—–interracialsearching.com—–so many hot pictures about her are shown there, she is enjoying hot dating there? I even can’t believe it.

  12. Anyone notice? No more fugly ballerina flats.

    She’s brought out the heavy artillery. Heels.

    The people have spoken. We have the power supreme.

  13. asdf

    hot!! sexy legs oww

  14. Amy

    Her make up is fine, we don’t ALL have perfect skin and have amazing confidence with little make-up so shut up.
    She’s not fat, nor has she ever been. So shut up.
    She has a nice style and its her body and her life. So shut up.
    She has got a nice voice, its different and unique unlike half of the music industry. SO shut up.

    I honestly can’t believe what i’m reading.
    People are just so harsh, i’m glad i know none of you horrible lot.
    Though there are the nice people here so yeah, hello :)


  15. Bootlegger69

    She has taken the retro look to the top and made it her own it’s like a pinup shot into the future from the ’50s. She is one of the hottest female singers out there, her body kicks the hell out of fat assed beyonce and that sausage about to explode look that maria carey has been showing off for too long. Her voice is not perfect but it is a lot more fun to listen to than either of those two and their constant need to run the scales and ruin every song they cover, plus she can write the songs. Her legs are fantastic especially in the heels she’s always in. As for lizzy put your picture where your mouth is bootlegger69@live.com and I want to see you holding a sign to prove it’s not some download you wish you were.

  16. Serge


  17. perfect eyes and perfect sight ..

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  22. Your argument that Katy is “hiding something” can be said for any female celebrity and therefore is deemed irrelevant.

  23. What a beautiflul girl!

  24. great post,i like it very much

  25. Commented on this photo:

    Her boobs are moving up,down,left and right…ITS AWESOME!

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