Katy Perry gets cleavagey for Complex

May 26th, 2009 // 54 Comments

Katy Perry sat down with Complex where she talks about her sweet, “God-given” breasts and how doing push-ups keeps them from looking like “armpit pancakes.” Whatever she’s doing, they look awesome enough to rip a hole in the time/space continuum. Or my pants. Same diff.

Scope Out Katy’s Entire Photo Shoot on Complex.com

Photos: Complex

  1. daryl


  2. rutgersjaffo


  3. Hefe


    #1, a little delusional are we?

  4. VandaL

    I would fuck that into next week and back.

  5. Gooba

    well they sure failed at utilizing her breasts in the best possible way. what a terrible photo shoot.

  6. Lipster

    I like boobs!

  7. Lineman7

    Oooooh! She’s SO edgy….
    Go home already fauxmosexual… your music sucks swine balls!

  8. Deva

    Good thing everyone loves her for her talent. And by talent I mean boobs.

  9. theyarentjustforbreakfastanymore


  10. Yeah

    She can produce more cleavage than that. This is bullshit.

  11. that may be, but she left her ass in her other pants and might want to consider adding ‘squats’ to her exercise regime so that I might bless her with my magnificent god-given shlong.

  12. Darth

    That’s a tight looking ass.Is this the one who kissed a girl?

  13. Morgan

    I get told I look like this chick all the time, but until now I had only seen her in that unsightly fruit costume she wore at the Grammy’s, so I guess I’ll stop being offended by that now.

  14. id hit it

    im the assman

  15. cholo

    Um, she has cankels. There was another shot of her on stage a week ago on this site. Not that much to write home about.

  16. Nero

    Where exactly did she kiss the girl? On the cheek or on some other places?

  17. havoc

    Creamy white ta ta’s……


  18. Krassy McKrass

    Forget motorboating, I’d be yatching.

  19. Funeral Guy

    I wouldn’t listen to this bitch’s music if you stuck a gun to my head, but could you please put up a couple of more pictures. I’m almost done rubbing one out.

  20. mikeock

    Yes please, may I have another?

  21. 1 MILF Hunter

    #1 – WTF???

    That is an awesome rack.

  22. jBiGGz

    OoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwWWWW!!!!!! aint nothing butt the dogg in meeeeee! =))))

  23. Sammy

    Holy airbrushed Batman. Her skin is very flawed, not perfect like in these pictures.

  24. @8
    OMG! That powerful statement of yours made me cry man. You’ve made all of the breast-lovers out there proud of you. Bravo, bravo. If there was an academy award for “Best Breast-Lover”, you’d be the perfect honoree for that. Again, kudos to your powerful words of inspiration. May you prosper in your future mammary endeavors to come.

    In behalf of breast-lovers out there, we salute you.

  25. I’d nail her and the photoshop guru who made her…

  26. Jerry

    Kramer is here? Dammit, you left your apartment door open again. Your Katy Perry ran away!

  27. Uncle Fester

    Mortisha has this rookie wanna be emu covered.

    Has her few minutes of fame clocked out yet?

  28. Julie

    I think she has the most perfect body ever!

  29. Ill bet the silicon slingers are jealous of all this natural goodness!

  30. Wannnnnnnnaaaaaa lick that.

  31. J

    Uhhh, let’s see. Her face is ass ugly, she looks like a dumb whore (which, WHOA!, she is!)…

    but, when it comes right down to it, I would forgive all of the aforementioned if her music wasn’t complete and utter SHIT.

  32. J

    Uhhh, let’s see. Her face is ass ugly, she looks like a dumb whore (which, WHOA!, she is!)…

    but, when it comes right down to it, I would forgive all of the aforementioned if her music wasn’t complete and utter SHIT.

  33. fromgrointotheknee

    she is a fucking goddess. thanks superficial. if even you’d like her, then she must be unreal.

  34. Treeka

    She is my fav for sure.

  35. Beedo

    I’m never sure whether or not i’d repeatedly punch her hard in the face or fuck her, or maybe it would be beneficial just to do both at once!

    Either way, she looks the type of broad who’d take a load in the mouth from 10 men then spit the result in your mothers face!

  36. Alli Watermelon

    I’m straight, but that girl is totally HOT!!!! And yes, push ups and the pectoral fly help keep large breasts perky :)

  37. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    I’d spank that till it was good and rosy, but if she sings or even hums anything, the deal is off.

  38. Salty Bob

    Be warned. My wife was built like that 30 years ago, but now she looks more like Shrek, only a little less green.

  39. lola

    She is undoubtedly very beautiful, but I have no respect for her showing her body like that

  40. vito


    What a bunch of fucking nutbars! One moron thinks she’s gross (gross?). Another seems to have the inside scoop on the size of her “cankels.” And some other dipshit has no respect for her because she’s “showing her body like that.” Eeeek…cleavage!

    Not only that but, according to some other shit-for-brains, her “face is ass ugly,” and for one reason or another, perhaps because of all of the above, he claims that she is apparently a whore.

    Hey, Dr. Phil…there are a boatload of motherfuckers in here that need some therapy! And while you’re at it:

    Physician, heal thyself!”

    Oh yeah, one more thing: who gives two shits about her singing? She can only hum with a dick in her mouth. I mean…REALLY, FOLKS!!!

  41. …………………..AMERICA CAN ACT PATHETIC, folks!!

  42. Scantily clad only cuts it when you are a babe – this woman is not a babe.

  43. J

    What the FUCK are you even talking about, “Vito”?
    Just…just stop talking.

  44. dough

    The thing i’d eat from between those boobs


    the things I’d eat from her ass!

  45. I wanna make her my own personal body pillow. She looks so soft and she probably smellslike a stripper …yummy….yup I’d definately go gay for her !

  46. Juice

    She can’t sing live for shit, all style no substance, typical manufactured pop princess. Then again this is where this shit belongs anyway.

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