Katy Perry dresses like a 5 year old and other news

October 7th, 2009 // 50 Comments

- Nick Nolte’s son was arrested for DUI today. Lucky. The only thing my father and I ever did together was play catch and maintain open lines of communication. Way to be really there for me, dad. [PopEater]

- Dina Lohan launches Shoe-han and it’s exactly as retarded as it sounds. [Lainey Gossip]

- Katie Price executes the always classic Britney Spears Umbrella attack. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Jennifer Lopez is “Lola” now. [Just Jared]

- Chris Brown is probably going to get sued by Wrigley’s which totally ruins everyone’s plans to make sure he suffers absolutely no consequences. Dammit, Wrigley’s! [Celebslam]

- Shia LaBeouf meets Gordon Gekko. [PopSugar]

- Anna Nicole Smith was apparently our nation’s most underrated acting talent. [The Blemish]

- Taylor Lautner just made Tom Cruise drop the shirt button he uses for a dinner plate. [Socialite Life]

Photos: Fame, WENN

  1. Woot First! Obama sucks Balls!

  2. mbp

    That dress is not that bad… :P

  3. Greg

    First beyatches!

  4. Pete O'file

    You know what the best thing about 25 year olds is? There’s 20 of ‘em.

  5. Greg


  6. Racer X

    That dress is awful and I think her titties are gettin’ smaller.


  7. Jim

    A 5-year old with huge guns!

  8. Baster

    I’d stuff her turkey all day long. I like the breast meats! Nom nom!

  9. eada

    Uh, didn’t anyone notice the big fail on “Nick Nolte’s arrested” and the fact that the link to Chris Brown doesn’t actually go there???? FAIL.

  10. Salvo

    Girl has some major issues…

  11. karen

    what a hot mess plus beyonce billboard women of the year visit

  12. Jay Rodrigo

    Your face looks like my hairy ass in that pic, but id still stick my sausage in between those sloppy milkers.

  13. Kick

    I’m now as sick of Katy Perry as I am of Megan Fox. NEXT.

  14. Iujuu

    she’s so beautiful, no matter what she wears <3

  15. This is not news.

  16. Kelley

    I love the dress, and her tits are real. Something to be said for that. And she always looks happy and not fucked up, coked out, bitchy, retarded or assuming a phony pose.

  17. illy

    that dress is awesomeATED

  18. @ 16, i couldn’t agree more

  19. Not going to lie, really not feeling that dress on her. And her hair looks like she just rolled out of bed! Seriously, doesn’t take that long to style. However, the top on that dress is very flattering, but I cannot get past the Muppet print!

  20. Bootilicious

    The dress comes off, that’s all you need to remember.

  21. f

    this girl is a plain jane.

  22. mer


  23. Tanzarian

    I bet she’s not as tight as a five year old, but I’d like to find out.

  24. Tanzarian

    No, I didn’t mean… what I mean to say is I’d bang *her* like a five year old.

  25. Tanzarian

    No no no… I mean, if Katy Perry was the five year old I’d… no, uh…

  26. Tanzarian

    I mean I’d bang Katy Perry at her current age for five years. I meant that all along. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  27. What was she thinking with that outfit?! Top looks great, but that Muppet print?! Horrible. She should not have been let out of the house in that!

  28. anon

    Holy god, that is horrendous. And hard to look at.

  29. At least she’s sticking with the high heels.

  30. I think I’ll just revert to my standard comment for any Katy Perry post….annoying cunt.

  31. Turd the third

    It looks like she has been doing some celebrity shop lifting and has stuck several packages of canned ham into the top of her pantyhose under her dress!

    This is just ugly ugly ugly. Her face, well,,,, is just ugly too…. I bet she smells bad… Maybe that’s why she stole the ham?

  32. I love all these outfits that are katy perry inspired. i want it all especially the shoes.
    Awesome post and stay connected.

  33. I love all these outfits that are katy perry inspired. i want it all especially the shoes.
    Awesome post and stay connected.

  34. YES!

    @ 16 and 18 – so true…
    She looks so freaking good and she is original… not as over the top as lady gaga, but the beauty of her is, she doesnt have to be to look hot and get attention!

  35. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I would wear that dress. Of course I’d pair it with black heels, but still – the MUPPETS rock!

  36. Bubba

    Tanzarian.. You make me laugh ^_^

  37. Bubba

    Tanzarian.. You make me laugh ^_^

  38. one wet finger

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  39. name it for christ sake

    that funbags looks daring.

  40. #6…her titties are getting smaller because she keeps losing weight. Ugh, it’s irritating lol. Although, I think her boobies are the type that will stick around, regardless of her weight. But seriously…her arms are withering away slowly, and she’s turning into a bobble head. Grrrr

  41. Rhialto

    Let me guess,is this supposed to be Minnie Mouse?

  42. Darth

    It could be Pluto as well.

  43. Cardenzl Ximenez

    The dress is an attempt to keep your eyes from focusing on her ji-normous downs syndrome like cranium and her “did you just stick that in my ass” eyes.

    Her and Gaga are both fugly.

  44. missywissy

    I agree with 16

    Taylor L. is beautiful. He’s got a great personality, too. Whatever happened to Lava Girl?

    I would battle Tom Cruise for him any day of the week!

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  46. she doesnt have to be to look hot and get attention!

  47. I would wear that dress.

  48. ghd

    oh, beautiful girl.

  49. ghd

    oh, beautiful girl.

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