Katy Perry & Dita Von Teese fight AIDS. Somehow.

May 13th, 2009 // 49 Comments

Here’s Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese teaming up with fashion house H&M in the fight against AIDS. I don’t really get how this campaign is helping unless confusing the hell out of me while inducing a half-erection is the cure which, I’m not gonna lie, is something I’ve always suspected.

Photos: Splash News

  1. no?

    burlesque condom to-go


  2. Jasmine

    Has anyone else noticed how saggy yet small Katy Perry’s breasts look compared to every other photo of her?

  3. g_girl

    nice photos, but is that news?

  4. Mr. Obvious

    I don’t care. I’d bang Katy Perry till something caught on fire.

  5. iSee


  6. Oliver Joyner

    id pay to see them kiss

  7. soup strirrin

    Reminds me of that one AIDS campaign Christina A did back in the day for Aldo. It was something like buy a $5 dog tag necklace and money gets donated. I only bought it for her picture honestly, lol.

  8. soup strirrin

    OmG and here it is:

    So yeah, it’s been done before.

  9. I can’t see these two encouraging anything other than drunk one night stand “who the fuck is she and my is my dick burning” sex…

  10. Richard McBeef

    I don’t see how this fights AIDS. These pics make me want to turn gay and we all know gay = AIDS.

  11. mikeock

    getting rather hungry for a nice piece of dick right now

  12. Dude

    Katy needs to follow Dita’s example and start doing porn. Or at least take out her tits. She has really awesome looking tits.

  13. Krassy McKrass

    I’ve been in love with Katy since seeing her in that green bikini. Motorboat city!

  14. Racer X

    Katy Perry is hotter than the sun.

    /Jayden Jaymes is the Katy Perry of porn.

  15. Racer X

    Katy Perry is hotter than the sun.

    /Jayden Jaymes is the Katy Perry of porn.

  16. Racer X

    Katy Perry is hotter than the sun.

    /Jayden Jaymes is the Katy Perry of porn.

  17. Zanna

    Nice outfit, Katie. Who would wear that much colon on the outside of their body?

  18. gil

    i would want aids if it meant fucking Katy

  19. rock

    If they want to fight AIDS, they should show off their ass a little more… any pooper shots, Fish?

  20. Zanna

    They should make a “Richard Gere” version of that leotard katie is wearing and put a gerbil in the intestine. Then it would make sense.

  21. havoc

    According to that shirt…..Katy has no rectum.


  22. jimbo

    imagining cameltoe……eyes straining……. but no evidence yet

  23. Sadie Lady

    For anyone saying anything negative about the physical appearance of either of these women; are you fucking nuts!?!?!? these girls have the naturally amazing bodies that poeple pay to get – they are totally fucking beautiful and yes, i’m jealous, but alteast i’m honest.

  24. le fag

    Katy Perry has no womanly curves at all… she’s a shapeless talentless dog.

    Dita, on the other hand… meow! So what if she’s done Marilyn Manson…. I’d be her best friend.

  25. titsonsnack

    Dita Von Teese’s shit is so played out. Her real name, Heather Sweet, works much better IMO. She has a weird bean-shaped head and the Bettie Page thing is so fucking unoriginal and tired. She’s a giant bore.

  26. I kicked a squirrel.

    And I liked it.

  27. Courtyardpigeon

    #5 you must be a blind homosexual….those two are smokin’

  28. alfalfa

    Who the heck is Dipsy von Tits?

  29. Parker

    Katy’s colon looks so inviting.

  30. These two women already do their bit to not spread Aids by being so unattractive that no man in his right mind would bone them. Thank you ladies for thinking of our health.

  31. dirk

    So you can fight aids by having unprotected sex with IV drug users and gangster rappers? Well, that’ll make ALL whores happy, no?

  32. I think Kathy is the only prominent female artist in entertainment with the natural double d licious breast…

  33. Rock And/Or Roll

    Katy Perry would wreck me. And I would love it. I don’t care how crappy her music is. Jebus Christ, I am ready for the Katocalypse.

  34. Rock And/Or Roll

    Katy Perry would wreck me. And I would love it. I don’t care how crappy her music is. Jebus Christ, I am ready for the Katocalypse.

  35. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Dita VT – her face??? Its just plain and no features. UGLY!

  36. Bo

    I’ve seen Katy Perry sing live…let’s just say alot of people ended up leaving XD. It’s stupid these talentless “singers” are so worshipped.

  37. Don’t you get it?
    They don’t give a shit about all those organisations.
    that’s the only thing what count, NAIVE AMERICA!!!

  38. v tard

    Katy Perry in a leotard.


  39. Venom

    I would cure Aids and Cancer to get with Katy Perry.

  40. The T Man

    Both look like transsexuals.

    Unfortunately, they think they look hot.

  41. Petros Petraki

    Have you seen Dita’s Playboy pictoral from ’99? Her box is gross, i wouldn’t go near that shit.

  42. shokroklove

    dita should be the first photo we see. obviously.

  43. Aunt Jemima

    They fight aids by not putting their penises in each other’s ass holes.

  44. Paul Thomas Anderson

    Von Teese has a beautiful body. She had a natural bush in her Playboy pictorial (from 2002 not 99) and still managed to look gorgeous without shaving off all her pubes. Some women look like they have a bear down there even with a partial bush (Gwyneth Paltrow comes to mind), not Von Teese.

  45. Damn

    Why does my penis keep telling me that apparently I really wanna fuck Katy Perry?!?! Damn, she always looks fuckable.

  46. Oh men, those are cute. What theyre wearing, not them. Theyre just okay.

  47. Liz

    They are both really pretty.
    Props to them for supporting the fight against AIDS.

  48. Liane

    Tokio Hotel. They’re in the campaign as well.

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