Katy Perry at the MTV Europe Music Awards

November 5th, 2009 // 70 Comments

Here’s Katy Perry hosting the MTV Europe Music Awards this evening in Berlin, and what the- does her face actually look hot in some of these photos? More importantly, are those light up nipples? If so, I’m moving to Europe where they know how to throw decent awards show. No, really, those Kraut bastards get light up nips and all we got was Kanye West having hot flashes. Almost makes you wonder if World War II was worth it in the end after all, doesn’t it? Me, too.

Photos: Getty

  1. Brian


  2. Chicken Fillet


  3. Bryan

    Just go ahead and show us your tits already!

  4. Brian

    Sorry, Fillet.

  5. Chicken Fillet


  6. She's pretty cute

    You can have your light-up nipples. I’ll taking kicking Nazi bastards in the ass. But that’s just me, Fish.

  7. Jesus

    I hate that woman.

  8. kagrez

    hot :D!

  9. lindsay

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  10. elisha

    Take me with you and I will serve you beer and chicken wings whilst naked and gagged
    Because we know how annoying women are when they can talk

  11. Duck

    Stunning in the last photo. What a dress, and what a figure to put it on. Gorgeous eyes, too.

  12. anexio

    Pic 8, the one with the light up nipples…

    I like the pussy bulge. Makes me stop thinking about myself, the ultimate sex machine.


  13. Keep the tits, toss the rest back

    Nice tits, the rest of her is beat. She dates losers, which means she is a loser.

  14. DKNY

    She actually looks really hot in pics 17+. Maybe it’s been her hair all along that made her not look so hot, but up it looks good.

  15. Her face is nice in the gown pics. Looks like she’s using grease paint for make-up in the rest. I think her outfits are definitely improving…but it may be too little too late. She was dating pitiful dorks before but now she’s dating scum.

    @ 13 – Definitely likes the losers.

    @ 14 – Yeah, fortunately the hair up thing worked for her. So often it doesn’t.

  16. K

    Wow, I usually think she’s not that pretty, but I stand corrected!
    Not pretty? She’s a ten! How could I have been so wrong? Yeah, maybe it was the goofy hair.

  17. minx

    This girl is hot indeed. However, it took me a couple of years to realize it. I think mostly because I’m not a man and hence do not look at the breastesses first. And maybe in part because the rest of her has been getting better slowly with time, as she gets richer.

  18. norton

    Cute. Hot. Big tits. Cute. Hot.

    Can’t fucking sing.

    Cute. Hot. Big tits. Cute. Hot.

    Still can’t fucking sing.

  19. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Lookit her crotch! She has a heart on!

  20. yowillie

    Great package.

  21. um

    That is a perfect female body. Jealous.

  22. Nina

    I have seen her sing live near a cd shop…and it made my ears bleed. Some of the worst “professional” singing I’ve heard.

  23. This girl is hot indeed. However, it took me a couple of years to realize it. I think mostly because I’m not a man and hence do not look at the breastesses first. And maybe in part because the rest of her has been getting better slowly with time, as she gets richer

  24. Rupert

    Needs more titties.

  25. Hey really looking awesome. I mean she is looking so much pretty . I like her very much . She is awesome . Thanks for sharing.

  26. I think she’s talentless and her looks are extremely overrated. Take away her large love melons and she only average if being generous.

  27. Megan

    Pic 21 is wonk eye city. It’s funny how people can think she automatically looks better because he hair is up. As if they have forgotten what she looks like in all the other pics they’ve seen of her. The thing is, she is wearing natural-toned makeup in the gown pics… she looks like a stroke-victim clown in 99% of her other pics.

    #26 Vitamins has it all right.

  28. metoo

    Dude…you just got a shoutout on the Jimmy Fallon show from Sir Ian …well he told everyone you posted the script from the Hobbit :)

  29. I’d give it 5 years before her body falls to shit. She’s a pound packer.

  30. datroof

    great body

    no discernible talent

    looks as stupid as a fence post

    Once gravity kicks in, she’s going to look disgusting. And she doesn’t seem like someone with the discipline to take care of herself once it’s no longer easy because she’s young.

  31. lollolololol

    cake face. her skin is so nasty.

  32. Kabe

    Picture 5: West Ham United FC dress!

  33. Man she’s so freakin hott! Larry of Myspace Layouts

  34. Mama Pinkus

    poor girl has to try way to hard and still doesn’t quite pull it off

  35. Beetlejuice

    I would lick her asshole for days.

  36. I love the carefully placed heart! I have some panties similar to these, but the heart comes off and the become crotchless panties.. I can’t stop wondering if these are the same and what’s under that heart hehe :)
    I rly thought Katy Perry was going to be a 1 hit wonder but she’s standing the test of time.. so far!:)

  37. this is the kind

    This is the kinda girl that you’d want to pee on you.

  38. no clue who this chick is, but she is looking pretty hot!

  39. jesus its WHU still on premier league…wat a pair of “supporters”

  40. Rupert

    26: “Take away her large love melons”


  41. bane

    we germans rock. we aren’t afraid of nipples and stuff like you guys :P

  42. I think kate looked great at the Awards Ceremony. My favourite one of her is the short white dress, very original.

  43. Leute

    Chick is hot but talentless. It’s all about sex now. The industry is whore mongering for the most important thing to them and that is money.
    As to referring to the Germans as “Nazis”, this needs to stop. Wall street set up Hitler the citizens had nothing to do with it. How would you like to face catastrophic runaway inflation and hopelessness in your country? What? Oh! You will be soon hhahahhahahahh!
    (at least the krauts are good looking)

  44. Rough, break his silence

    Sharp pics, specially #8, any grapevine news on how she smell like?

  45. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Without the body there is nothing to talk about. No talent in today’s “pop stars”. As boring as ever..

  46. marme

    I love the outfits and dres’s wow

  47. marme

    I love the outfits and dress wow

  48. marme

    I love the outfits and dress wow

  49. ZoomBoy

    Does this site have some malicious code injected into it? Any time I come HERE, and ONLY HERE I get re-directed to some shady-ass places. My computer does not have a virus!

  50. fearsarewishes


    ZoomBoy, it is your puter. Redirection usually cannot be fixed without reformatting the hard drive.

    Thank you.

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