Katy Perry’s Cleavage to Sesame Street: ‘We’re Still Here’

September 27th, 2010 // 154 Comments

Katy Perry appeared on the premiere of Saturday Night Live this weekend where she apparently took a yam-jab at the Sesame Street boobhaha that ended with her being motorboated off the show. (Should’ve stopped at boobhaha.) Last I checked she was going to be allowed back to play with Elmo, but somehow I don’t think that’s the case now. However, nice job by her people for sexualizing a children’s show for maximum publicity. How dare you play to my simple, easily manipulated, baser urges?! (Would she like some shoes?)

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  1. The O

    well, as perverse as it is to be attracted to them squeezed between Elmo’s eyes, I don’t think those boobs have ever looked better.

    • Taz

      This is the best I have ever seen her tits.

      • Catty Girl

        What is so amazing about those? They were obviously REALLY fixed up for the sketch. It took 2 hours to get them to look like that in the shirt and then the sec the sketch ended those things fell to the ground! It is unfortunate when females have such ugly faces that they need to increase their breasts 3 cup sizes and push them into the air.

      • chynasclit

        good point..catty .. i aint no girl but i knew they prepped those droopy suckers to look perfect…n SNL is awful please cancel it.. all i do is get mad at the crowd for laughing lol .. are they passing out blunts before air time….cause i havent cracked a smile in years.

      • Obviously a jealous girl, who instead of applauding a beautiful woman, and appreciating the hard work, just makes petty remarks thinking that being hot is a bad thing.

      • Catty Girl

        I just kind of assumed only gay men would like Katy. It is very interesting to me that so many supposedly “heterosexual” males pop up in the superficial and like her when all she ever does is just dress up in weird costumes and puts on more makeup than a clown. Does anyone actually know what she really looks like? Now yes you are going to tell me that hetero males only like her for her tits which is what is on display here. All that needs to be said is that men very easily believe illusions, they just see things and take it for what is it and expect what they see to be real. That is basically all men like, an illusion of a woman, not a real woman.

      • Donutz

        Wow I can feel your jealousy like I’d like to feel those bewbz! Less jealousy more bewbz pleez!!!!!

      • fuck yall all

        All of you are just fuckin stupid ass mothafuckers who are jealous as hell at other peoples sucess I mean fuckin shit grow quit talkin shit about everything that see and deal with it yea I have my views on celebrities but I don’t get on watever the fuck you call this site and talk shit I came across this while lookin for a video and read the comments and it just pisses me off how even grown mothafuckin people are just as fuckin stupid and immature as kids

    • SuperGrover

      It’s going to be hilarious when she hits 45ish and her tits are hanging down to her knees…

      • Catty Girl

        They are already hanging down to her knees SuperGrover,

      • Straight Guy

        You three are so insecure it is almost funny. Straight Guy’s (anyone with a name like chynas”clit” is no Straight Guy) love these tits.
        Who cares how long it takes to look this good, it is time well spent.

      • In20years!?

        Well she’s only 25 now and she looks pretty damn hot right now! Katy w/ glasses FTW.

      • SuperGrover

        For one thing I’m not a jealous, insecure woman (not that any woman here is), I’m a straight, married man that’s sick of seeing bimbos in the entertainment industry that get by on their tits, marketing ploys and shock value instead of talent.

      • Straight Guy

        Oh, so you are gay. Straight Guys love Bimbos in the entertainment industry that get by on their tits, marketing ploys and shock value instead of talent. There is lots of talent, give me sexy talent.

      • SuperGrover

        You’re a fucking idiot. Go beat off somewhere…

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        God you haters are pathetic. Katy is hot as hell, and some of us love women with tits that wear make-up.
        Why would anyone assume straight men would not check out these sites and comment. It is fun and a public duty to let women know that most men like women with make-up and tits.
        If we remain silent Cows like Catty Girl and men like SuperGrover (gay or his wife/girlfriend is looking over his shoulder) might send the wrong message.

      • Dyl

        They are too small to hang.

      • randomness

        are you kidding me dude? no talent??? I agree that she is extremely overrated in the looks department… but talent? you can’t even begin to question her vocal abilities… if you assume she has no singing ability because she alters her voice on her records… just take a listen to this


      • Blech

        I have nicer tits. They’re smaller, but nicer and not fake :).

    • Chris j

      Whats green and smells like a pig???

      Kermit the Frog’s finger! HA HA!

    • horn dog

      That bra is loaded with silicone pads or whatever they stuff them with…everything about this bitch is a sham. Including her “talent.”
      She prolly still has red fur in her butt crack from Elmo’s reaming.
      Maybe they can make her a regular castmember; she’s every bit as unfunny as the rest of them.

    • TheHollywoodFeminist

      Seriously, Straight Guy, I don’t think Katy Perry gives a shit that you’re defending her here, and it isn’t going to make her take any more notice of you. Why don’t you climb down from your fanboy altar and cool it? People don’t HAVE to like her. And I agree with what Catty Girl is saying for the most part that she’s probably wearing a Push up Bra. I just have to chime in that women wouldn’t have to wear such ridiculous bullshit if it wasn’t for misogynistic horny douchebags like yourself with unrealistic expectations of how women should look like. It’s unfortunate because Katy IS pretty but she has to sell herself out, and your type buy into it. Hook, line, and sinker.

      • The O

        Well, sorry I generated so much hate for liking her tits. And I don’t care what any of you say, those are nice boobs. Of course I realize they are pushed up, but they still giggle and that should make any true straight guy happy.

        All you complaining about her lack of talent or her degree of intelligent need to move on. I’m looking at her chest, she’s showing me her chest. We’re both happy with this situation. I could care less whatever else she spends her time doing or how bad she is while doing it.

        They’re real, they’re giggly, they’re big, they’re on display. End of discussion.

      • Dyl

        The O: Those are almost “NO BOOBS” You are liking shit that is fake.

      • Ahhh the voice of a feminist who would rather see unkempt and unshaven women who burn their bras and don’t pluck their eyebrows on TV. You probably use a vibe while looking at pictures of Melissa Ethridge don’t you? Your following statement also wreaks of chauvanist victim complex:

        “…women wouldn’t have to wear such ridiculous bullshit if it wasn’t for misogynistic horny douchebags like yourself with unrealistic expectations of how women should look like.” Could it be that Katy Perry actually likes the clothes she wears and feels she is making a statement about who she is by the clothes she wears? Lady Gaga wears some freakish outfits, mainly for the publicity, but there is a bit of her in those outfits too. She makes the choice of what to wear. Bjork wears Fucked up outfits all the time and she says she does it to laugh in the face of societal expectations. I say that’s a convenient way of hiding the “LOOK AT ME” attempts she makes to garner attention, because her music hasn’t garnered any in almost 15 years.

        I also ask, when was caring about personal appearance and using one’s sexual ‘assets’ to get ahead wrong? It’s done throughout history, happens all the time, and will continue to happen. As for why she’s a celebrity, check the reality yourself. I don’t see many straight men aged 18-45 blasting her music and buying her CD’s. It’s the 10-25 year old FEMALE crowd who fuels her celebrity. Yes men are pigs at times and we appreciate the female form, but it’s the teeny bopper female crowd that fuels the career of someone like Katy Perry, not the horny disgusting douchebag that you refer to.

    • barroom hero

      Chyna’s clit…lmfao…

      Chyna’s “clit” is most likely a cock.

      • Willy Wonka

        Ya but she’s a ‘loophole’. Guys could go down on her clit and get the experience of sucking a cock – but without being gay.

    • Dyl

      Oh come on!! She was flat as aboard on SS!! No tits at all given the hype:


      • The O

        Dyl: I’m almost sure you’re chasing me across sites, someone saying the same shit as you and posting the same picture is over on HuffPo acting all crazy too.

      • JackMarks

        I think O (you sound paranoid btw) that people are just sick of this woman and her fakeness. Others are noticing she stuffs. Deal with it or just enjoy knocking one out to small tits that have been padded. No crime in that!

    • Sanders


      Katy Perry is virtually flat chested!

  2. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    Commented on this photo:

    still hot.

  3. you're all retarded

    i’d tickle that elmo.. lolz

  4. Hard to imagine sucking those tits with elmo lookin right at me

  5. music fan


  6. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    Commented on this photo:


  7. I appreciate Ms Perry’s willingness to make fun of herself while bouncing around in a tight low cut top. Good girl.

  8. That Guy

    Does Russell Brand know what to do with those things?

  9. OMFG

    Katy Perry…you suck….Sesame Street figured that out early. Why they’d ask some tramp to be on the show is beyond me anyway. Oh, and I caught your live performance on SNL…again…you SUCK!

  10. J-Sin

    Titty fuck, motorboat…maybe not in that order though…

  11. I think Katy Perry and Heidi Montag went to the same acting school

  12. Jerome

    Not even her awesome tits can obscure the fact that she’s wildly untalented.

  13. duke chute

    Die, whore!

  14. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    tickle me
    Commented on this photo:

    the only part that matters: http://imgur.com/0MFPV.gif

  15. jkhjkh

    omg theyre so beautiful

  16. Nikki

    I am sorry but she’s got some false advertising going on. If you look at the video with Elmo her breasts are smaller. She is either taping them up or stuffing a bit in her bra. Paris Hilton did it… All of the sudden her boobs looked huge.. yet she is flat as a pancake. Katy has some breasts.. not much though. And guys if you try to “Titty f*ck” small breasts… doesn’t work!

    • J-Sin

      Have you considered the fact she might have taped them DOWN for Sesame Street?

      • JackMarks

        She did not tape SHIT down for sesame street you can see she’s all there just with no padding. You can not EVER tape big tits down in a dress like that! WTF!


    • Taz

      I’d be willing to show you how it works

      • Jessesgirl

        The huge boobs are natural. They were taped down and flattened in an ice-skater type outfit for Sesame Street. Motorboat away!

      • L

        Her boobs were not taped down in her Sesame St outfit- believe me, I have really big boobs for my body and her boobs would look flatter and they would be smooshed long-wise so the would be like half-way down her stomach. It would look weird and it would make her look like she had a thick torso. Katy wasn’t wearing a bra that gave her big cleavage either for Sesame St- she wasn’t trying to play them up like she is in these pics. When you have big boobs, you learn the tricks to making them look smaller (or bigger)fast, as most of us don’t want to always have huge cleavage on display. She could have def worn something to down-play them more on Sesame St- but I didn’t find it really offensive either.

        At least her boobs are real!

      • Sanders

        Proof she has no tits without padding:


    • Nikki

      I have giant boobs.. and there is no way to tape them down. She’s packin some push-ups. If I made my boobs smaller it would look like tumors growing out of my armpits. She has some boobs.. they are not large though. I’d say maybe a B cup going to a small C. Not that it matters… but you can buy those lovely pushups that look like flesh to make your boobs bigger. You would never know unless she goes topless. Anyway you slice it…


    “The Superficial is in Vacation Mode. Normal posting resumes Monday, Oct. 4.”

    WTF you did not get my approval for this!

  18. Schnib

    Women always ask how a nice rack can make up for a so-so face, “Ladies, I give you Exhibit A.”

  19. She’s a real class act.

  20. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow. Jenny McCarthy still lookin great even as a brunette!

  21. Filtered

    I’d probably finish in her mouth, cuz there is just too much surface area to cover if i go for her boobs. It’s not the easiest decision to make, but you got to finish somewhere

  22. Hugh Gentry

    I want to make Elmo look like he’s crying.

  23. SuperGrover

    This whole sesame st. fiasco is nothing but a marketing ploy for her.

  24. Rough--I wanna kiss you. Joe Namath style

    Hey Katy? Jenny Mc Cathy use to make annoying faces. Please stop while still enjoy staring at you…

  25. barroom hero


  26. Anyboobisgoodboob

    I don’t laugh at SNL, I laugh at those that watch it. If you’ve ever been to a taping, it’s usually the production crew making all the noise. Not since Hanz and Franz has there been even a hint of comedy on that time filler waste.

  27. Kate

    All I know is she CANNOT sing more than five notes. Her talent is exclusively in her boobs.

  28. The tits are all she has, that’s it. I watched her on SNL doin the California Gurl song and I hate to mute my TV. She’ll be off the scene in a year or two if she doesn’t do a sex vid or get arrested a bunch of times, then we’re talking 5-10 years. But by that time the world will have sucked the youth out of her, she’ll start looking like Lohan and she’ll be subjected to upskirt shots as she falls drunk out of some club. I know the “talent” won’t carry her. But let’s enjoy the tits while she has em !

    • JackMarks

      what tits? She’s flat one day and then stuffing the next? You mean enjoy the padded bra when you can? Go for it!

  29. anonymous

    she knows her tits are like printing money. that’s why she has them out every minute of every day. then again if i had access to those tits i would too.

  30. woodworker1

    I feel sorry for her. No talent one hit wonder is riding out time showing her tits.
    She should model or something, cause she sure can’t sing.
    SNL hasn’t been funny for years, how come its still on.

  31. josh

    Ugly cow :-(

  32. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    Commented on this photo:

    Amazing how a pair of boobs can launch a career.

  33. me

    Holy push up bra batman! They look 4 sizes bigger then in the dress that was supposed to be on sesame street.

  34. Susie Q

    Because this is the mature way to handle rejection. Kudos

  35. Deven

    Maybe it was the person who had made the shirt’s fault. I mean, if they wanted to prevent cleavage from showing they should’ve fixed the shirt up.

  36. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s adorable.
    The music sucks, but no one cares…we are too bizzy looking at the tits.

  37. Louis

    Scary as hellllllllllllll

    Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com

  38. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
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  39. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    Commented on this photo:

    face of bitch

  40. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    Commented on this photo:

    big bitch

  41. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    bitch is corny
    Commented on this photo:

    Always drawing attention to them

  42. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    Commented on this photo:

    Best acting ever (her boobs, that is)! Otherwise ho-hum SNL premiere.

  43. Dyl

    PROOF!! Katy Perry stuffs her bra!!


  44. slapkatyperry

    I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again STUPID CUNT!!

  45. Feely McSmackup

    I’m tired of this Zooey Deschanel wannabe. Can’t wait for this bitch’s 15min to be up.

  46. Katy Perry Wears Elmo Shirt on SNL
    Hairy Palms
    Commented on this photo:

    She is sooo pretty. I want to her a pearl necklace to show my appreciation. Then about 20 -30 minutes later I want to give her yet another pearl necklace. Love U Katy!

  47. Slab

    I would suck her tits dry

  48. ahhaha

    Wow a lot of people seem to be angry at a girl who likes to walk around showing her cleavage off almost all the time. I don’t give a fuck if shes dumb or if her music sucks alien dick, she’s hot as fuck and I would fuck her now and when shes 45. Saggy tits or not I would go to town. I hope she has many years of glorious cleavage planned.

  49. snuffaalufagus

    I have the final say. I’m straight, have a wife with DD’s and ahte pop music. First off, the SS thing was overblown. Do parents not take kids to the pool anymore? I would love to see some bitchy conservative mom telling everyone to cover up. Katy is doing what EVERY SINGLE one of us would do, milk it. And those of you guys that post ville disgusting things about “finishing on her chest” that’s why you are at home pulling it.

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