Katy Perry’s Banging John Mayer Again

Posted by Photo Boy

Knowing exactly how to kick a year in its balls while it’s down, Katy Perry’s letting the Prince of Douche touch her huge boobs again, because everything is bad. IT’S ALL RUINED! *slaps Fish’s tray to floor, runs out of cafeteria* Via Daily Mail:

Apparently aware of keeping things under wraps, the source said that the singers made great efforts not to be seen together as they made their way into the house. And once the meal was over, the pair continued on to Katy’s nearby home, where the source said John remained until 4pm the following afternoon.

It’s unclear why Mayer would stay until 4 PM after presumably having hours of contact with her giant breasts all night, but I think it’s safe to speculate he wished to spend additional hours, if not the ensuing days and weeks having as much giant breast contact as possible. In fact, according to these charts, which have stains on them for scientific reasons, the correlation between the time a man is willing to spend with a woman and the percentage of how much of that time is comprised of giant breast contact is quite high. Trust me, this is all peer reviewed.

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Photo: INFphoto.com