Katy Perry’s Banging DJ Diplo Now

April 29th, 2014 // 16 Comments
Katy Kissed Miley Cyrus
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And possibly just spotted Jon Hamm.

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Katy Perry is continuing her streak of letting this type of dude see her breasts because if there’s a group of men traditionally inclined to settle right down with one woman, it’s musicians.

Katy Perry’s new man may not sing, dance or rap, but producer, remixer DJ Diplo (a.k.a. Wes Pentz) is reportedly helping the songstress get over her two-month-old breakup from John Mayer.

Call me naive, but after having to perform terrible sex acts in a wheelchair, then having her awful songs berated on live TV by yet another professional entertainer, you’d think she’d be ready to try a different kind of guy. Maybe one who doesn’t generally change out of pajamas all day, fears the sun, and whose mother totally never comes down here without knocking. *yells upstairs* I’M DOING MY RESEARCH!!

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  1. Smapdi

    Pretty good parody of Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’

  2. Katy Perry Belly Butt Tight Dress Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Jeezus, where did her boobs go to?

  3. Game of Lawn Chairs

    Wes Pentz. Sounds like a lame 60s superhero who’s only power is he can pants his enemies.

  4. Katy Perry Belly Butt Tight Dress Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Commented on this photo:

    Perry seems to have that same mini me bulldyke handling her in many of the pics….I guess that’s who Russell Brand hired to keep her in line with the Illuminati code of ethics.

  5. Can a female look any more dimwitted than Katy Perry? I don’t think so, retarded inside and out.

  6. JC

    It’s like she’s sexing her way down the evolutionary chain of man (although Brand’s relatively position to Mayer is debatable). Next will be some kid with Down’s, and she’ll end up banging a Neanderthal skeleton. Or convex/Oh,BABY. One of the two.

  7. Katy Perry Belly Butt Tight Dress Jimmy Kimmel Live
    A Realist
    Commented on this photo:

    “Wanna see a magic trick…?”

  8. Katy Perry Belly Butt Tight Dress Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    For a brief, albeit horrifying moment, I thought Katy Perry had been cast as Polaris in the upcoming X-men movie. Then I made it worse by imagining Jessica Simpson had also been cast as Dazzler. And with Justin Beiber as Angel!

    No, I don’t owe you tequila for reading this.

  9. Honestly, considering the pond scum she usually dates, this guy is somewhat of a step up.

  10. I thought for sure she was dating Treebeard.

  11. “Hey, you old fuck, let go of my right tit…Sheesh, some people! (It did feel sorta good though).”

  12. So, not many people here know about Diplo huh? Who’d a thunk.

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