Katy Perry Didn’t Get The Memo That Everyone’s Supposed To Be Naked

There are Sasquatches accusing their soon-to-be ex-husbands of being crack addicts going on right now, so here’s Katy Perry to wrap up the VMAs because literally nothing else important happened at them. (You read that right.) In fact, I’m only posting these because of the GIF below that as soon as you’ll see, you’ll wonder why I put all these words in your way. I’ll shut up now:

Via Guyism:

Katy Perry Bouncing Boobs VMAs


I honestly shouldn’t have even bothered embedding Katy Perry’s performance because literally everything you could possibly need to see is in that GIF, but here you go anyway in case you wanted to be bored out of your fucking face. Ten seconds in, I already started missing Ol’ Lizard Tongue. True story.

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