Katy Perry Topless Photo Leaked. This is Happening.

July 2nd, 2010 // 273 Comments

Here’s a topless pic of Katy Perry that just found it’s way into my inbox and I have no idea where it came from, how old it is, if it’s real, whatever. What I do know is those nipples are huge and this looks close enough to me. Of course we can’t be certain until her people try to sue me in the morning, so on that note, I think it’s time I reveal my name to expedite the process: SPENCER. PRATT. Just go ahead and serve the papers to the blow-up doll I pretended to divorce. Thanks.

NOTE: Click “View NSFW Version” to see uncensored images.

Thanks to Sean. I’ve recommended you for the Congressional Medal of Honor.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Porn Ninjas in the comments this has definitely been declared a fake. False alarm, everybody, which is actually kind of a relief because I kind of thought this moment would be more magical and less I forgot I left my window opened. Hello, Mrs. Swanson. Yes, I know I’ll go blind, Mrs. Swanson…

UPDATE: Apparently Katy’s people have seen this and let’s just say, they were less than thrilled. (I thought it was flattering.) So I don’t end up in the poorhouse, enjoy these new shots from her Esquire UK spread which at least feature her real breasts, but only half the Photoshopping.

Photos: Esquire


  1. maezeppa

    “that just found it’s way into my inbox ”

    “Its”. The possessive has no apostrophe! “It’s” is short for “it is”.

  2. Commented on this photo:

    Nice bitch boots!
    The dress should be pulled UP not down Katy.

  3. asdfasdfasadsf
    Commented on this photo:

    i would lick YOUR cum off those tits

  4. barroom hero

    no nude pics = GO AWAY SLAG.

    take russel brand with you, that guy is a total creep ( I thought he was a poof when I first saw him on the comedy channel).

  5. Oh well….they still look like what I would’ve imagined. :)

    Commented on this photo:

    I retract my last comment. I’m actually just very lonely. Anyone wanna collab on devart?

  7. tkumarr
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    Do you Know,..What she mentioned on her wrist tattoo …?

    It is Sanskrit & Hindi Word & Its meaning is

    अनुगाच्तु (Sanskrit)
    प्रवाह means Flow

    I should learned the meaning of अनुगाच्तु ..Will tell you definitely

  8. Beetlejuice
    Commented on this photo:

    Uh, it’s not really topless IF THERE ARE NO NIPPLES SHOWING. Fucking a…quit the click baiting. Don’t EVER SAY SHE’S TOPLESS UNTIL SHE SHOWS CLEAR NIPS.

    • waitingforcodot

      Read the goddamn article! He had to take down the original pictures that were posted (which were photoshopped anyway) because Perry’s people didn’t want them up.

      Jesus H. Christ, it’s like talking to a brick wall. A retarded brick wall.

      There WERE nipples, they weren’t actually hers, but they WERE there, and ease off the caps key, Kanye.

  9. katy's bicycle seat
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    sometimes i get jealous that those luscious titties arent rubing against me,but then ass and clit remind me,2 out of 3 aint bad

  10. Bert

    “only half the photoshopping”


  11. Stuey

    Ummm, when I read TOPLESS I want to see full on tit. Who gives a flying rats ass if Katy Perry is covering up those epic tits with her hands. Her meat balloons are more covered up in those pics than when she is on TV or a video.


  12. killa hamersley
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    wheres the pic? can someone post a link to the enlarged photo

  13. long dong silver
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    that is ::: NOT ::: NSFW what a bunch of BS!
    what is so NSFW about it?
    absolutely nothing!!!!

  14. joe mamma

    Thanks Liam. You missed the point.


  15. Marcella
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    They only thing thats NSFW is the skidmarks in your mom’s shitty drawers.

  16. Armando
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    I’d bust a nut in her so hard

  17. Ray
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  18. Kaz

    Down breast so fat .really crap

  19. Kaz

    She hold her body,cuz she know her down breast and fat

  20. Kaz

    She hold her breast ,becuse she know her down breast and fat

  21. Hard 4 Katy
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    I’d rather see the inside of her Vagina…

  22. realman
    Commented on this photo:

    move your stupid hand, Katy! i wanna see your boobs!

  23. John
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    I dont see no nipples here just katy hiding her boobs

  24. shit
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  25. oneofgaga'slilmonsters

    this stupid jackoff makes me sick he’s just as fake as these pictures and he seems like a real asshole stop trying to ruin the lives of celebrities u stupid bastard i wish someone would sue u that way ur dumbass stays locked up and u can say good bye to ur ghetto shit talking website and ur 9 dollar a week money earnings really id sure like to see someone get dirt on u and something really good 2 that way i can laugh my ass off seeing u go down in ruins

  26. DancerForMoney

    She’s such an idiot, she should be in porn.

  27. reese
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    its actually half fake, its a real photo, only the tatoo has been removed and her nipples have been revealed

  28. reese
    Commented on this photo:

    actually its real, the tattoo u can’t see is on the other side

  29. Toby Weymiller
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    Bone time!

  30. Ben ham
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    that skirt should be down to,let see some pussy,nice big jugs tho

  31. 4REAL

    Ok u guys need 2 get a life. Get a ******* GF and stop being stupid. This is wut u do with ur time do wut idid get a crazy beautiful girl and just make her happy. Its worth it…

  32. Johnny Sauce Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve been wanking over this pic so much my cock is dry wretching.

  33. burner
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    You have all seen what this talentless fug looks like without her cakes and cakes and cakes of make up right?

  34. mac te
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    i would fuck her till she cryed !!!!

  35. ilovekatyperryandcummonher

    mannnnnnn this is hot id cumm on

  36. ilovekatyperryandcummonher

    fucking hot im cummmmingggggggggggggggggggggg

  37. ilovekatyperryandcummonher
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  38. depz16
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    this pic+me= jizz everywere!

  39. Joshuab

    Dame she is so pretty. Wonder where they came from.

  40. Jonathan

    She is very sexy.

  41. Anonymous
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    Not fake. Katy does, in fact have the tatoo on the back of her right arm.

  42. chase caro

    the hottest chick I elhave ever seen!! I would fuck he so hard is I had the chance!!

  43. Horny master

    Nice titts those look so yummy I wish I could just like them dry

  44. Jim

    *drools*biiiig tittehs! I want them!

  45. Pussy lover

    I’ll love to fuck that mother fucker

  46. Matthew

    CumShot in her pussy and titts

  47. Chris Waller

    Katy Perry is so HOT she’s the best looking lady out there

  48. Dave

    I wanna marry her

  49. Anonymous
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    I dont care if it’s real or fake, i’d still tap that.

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