Katy Perry ‘Topless’ for Esquire UK

June 25th, 2010 // 157 Comments

Here’s Katy Perry posing topless for the UK edition of Esquire and if Russell Brand wants to win the hearts and minds of Americas, he needs to remove those arms on the ASAP. No, really, I’ve seen pics from Ground Zero that are less offensive than what’s happening here. WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!

Photos: Esquire UK


  1. McFeely Smackup

    topless, but with boobs covered is pretty much the same as “not topless”.

    fail to see why this is interesting.

  2. gil
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  3. Duncan Cade

    Headline should read – Katy Perry ‘Covering up her tits’ for Esquire UK

  4. Brad

    I agree. Unless you can see 85% boob (as well as nipples), it’s not a topless shot. Big deal

  5. White667

    We do need someone to remind the entire media what TOPLESS means and what I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING means.

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  7. Rizzles
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    First. Nice tits.

  8. Ooolala
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    I bet her aereola are a delicious light pink with perfect eraser thick nipples. Given how much Kate has shown of those beautiful tits I’m amazed there have never been any full naked shots ever taken. So disappointing.

  9. Racer X


  10. Clara

    Need I remind people that I own the Russell Brand’s cock? Much better than this! This is just a complete load of shizzz!!

  11. bar room hero

    Who cares; this twat’s “music” sucks…


    • Mr. Nice Guy

      bar room fool what’s the deal? Hot Women always reject you, right?

      • im wearin my party pants tonight

        funny, i was thinking the same thing about you mr. nice guy

      • bar room hero

        Not really, shagged a couple pretty well right. Don’t get me wrong, I would deposit some baby batter between them bussoms but her “music” is absolutely painful to listen to…(and totally part of the ‘agenda’)

    • Gen

      Ugh, her new “hit” sucks hard. I hate it. And I’m a hetero female, so I have absolutely no reason to not hate her.

      • Jack Armstrong "The All-American Boy"

        Hell, I didn’t even know she’s, allegedly, a singer. All I know is she is hotter than 9 acres of onions and her tits are magnificent! Nice legs, too. I’ll bet she has a yummy ass as well.

    • Blech

      I didn’t think she sang. All I’ve heard her do is yell.

  12. Rush

    14 minutes and 53 seconds on the clock….

  13. kz

    What a good Christian! I see the word of God now! I mean, using blasphemy is cheap, BUT LOOK AT MY TITTAYS!!

  14. kz

    It’s “topless” because she has no top, morons, regardless if you see nip.

    • McFeely Smackup

      maybe you could define “top” for us in some meaningful fashion? If she were wearing a bikini that showed the exact same amount of skin she’s showing here, you’d consider THAT a top. Since i’m a practical person, and not a pedantic jackass, I just consider that her hands are the “top” in this photo, and therefore she is not topless by any useful definition.

  15. Viva La Cooch

    I don’t care what anyone says. She is super hot. Music is a joke, but her body is not. And she has a cute face. I bet she’s a real ball drainer, an ace fuck. I bet she fucks as well as a pornstar.

  16. Photoshop Police

    Everyone look up the definition of the term ‘canard’.

    Dammit, Katy! JUST SHOW ‘EM ALREADY!

  17. dave
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    Wow, perfect tits.

    Fuuuuck me.

  18. Ned
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    She is SMOKIN’ hot. I love goofy brunette chicks with gigantic boobs.

  19. For those arguing on the definition of topless, The fish put half quotes around ‘topless’ so ur free to interpret it any way u want. I personally like suggestive photos like this over full blown nudity, much sexier IMO.

    • McFeely Smackup

      that’s because we abused him for so long for not knowing the difference between words like “nude”, “naked”, “topless”, etc and actually being able to see a persons naughty bits. He’s finally started to get it, now is not the time to relax and let him backslide.

      Eventually, he might even start using actually descriptive titles like “Katy Perry Covers Boobs With Hands for Esquire”

    • Fiend

      Totally agree. I read an article the other day about how the Internet has forever changed, among other things, “sexy.” What ever happened to the allure of being suggestive but not in-your-face T&A? Porn has skewed our perspectives.

      • Blech

        I’m not a prude, but porn is so gross. Over 90% of participants are fucking nasty and nasty-looking.

        I prefer soft porn/erotica. At least the participants look hot and “into it” for the most part.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Then Bleah, buy better Porn! 100% of the chicks I watch are nasty in a good way.

    • Momar

      absolutely right optic, couldn’t agree more, look how sexy her elbow is…oh my, what a wrist…I can’t wait for Katy’s to release a few shitty albums and revive her career with a good old fashion sex tape “leak”…

  20. I’ve been told these aren’t real. Bought ‘em from a Dr.
    This ruins things for me. I need to examine them in person for a reality check.
    Russell darling you don’t mind that do you?

  21. I’ve been told these aren’t real. Bought ‘em from a Dr.
    This ruins things for me. I need to examine them in person for a reality check.
    Russell darling you don’t mind that do you?

  22. I did NOT tap that submit button twice.
    Even though I am upset about the boobs.

  23. Crabby Old Guy
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    She’s going all Betty Page-like. Now, she just needs to give up the full frontal and she’ll be ready for sainthood here at the Church of the Holy Hooters.

  24. Grand Dragon

    i came

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    Cute face + killer tits = winner !

  26. I guess it’s the way the photo was taken but, she looks to be about 8 foot tall.

  27. Esquire
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    What an absolutely shameful Photoshopping job on her knees.

  28. VandaL

    Obviously been stretched in this pic. Why? She’s fine as she is. Fuckin mags and their Photoshop happy editors. I’d fuckin ruin her for normal men.

    • Jack Armstrong "The All-American Boy"

      Jesus Christ, a little bit of knowledge makes everyone an expert. The illusion of height is the result of the picture being taken from about knee-level. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Photoshop.

      Every time one of you nitwits sees something that doesn’t agree with your limited perception you invoke the name of Photoshop. Fer fucksake, get some imagination.

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    can you imagine how HOT she would be with a REAL haircut (not a 10 yr old boy bowl-cut) and some normal, decent clothing?

  30. Jen

    im a straight female and i would love to squeeze her titties. i think i am obsessed with them.

  31. ryry

    was the 9/11 joke truly necessary? i’m disgusted…that was like a big deal for america, thats why we dont fuck around and let heavin honkers get covered like UK magazine bullshit, shoulda knocked down their towers.

  32. poop
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    god dammit just do a spread already.

  33. Ron Burgandy's BallSack

    I would play with those funbags until my hands turned callous.

  34. Cardinal Fang

    No nips or vag lips, no nudity,

  35. Bored

    Great tits aside, is anybody else getting impatient with Fish’s delay in entertaining us with another post?

  36. Wiley

    Big deal. Giant fake boobs. See them same boobs all the time on the waitresses at the local eatery. They probably would show them to me if I asked because they’re fake and not the real boobs that they never would think of showing. Isn’t it time to move away from fake boobs? A lot of us would like to see a variety of boob sizes and shapes but apparently all women have giant fake boobs now. Why support fight against breast cancer when women are spending their money on fake boobs that actually hinder detection of cancer?

  37. Nameless

    Normally not into her. Nice bod…buttaface.

    She does look hot here.

  38. Brrr
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    We’ve seen more revealing pictures of her in her bathing suit. Boooring.

  39. Whaa?

    @Nameless: I’m a pretty critical person, but I would not classify Perry as a butterface. I’m actually genuinely curious to know which faces Superficial readers are fond of.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah this chick’s face is so pretty she doesn’t feel the need to prop up her tits 24/7….oh wait…nevermind. Face it, people around here are talking about how beautiful her face is but how big her tits are.

  40. Carolyn

    Butterface? I love the comments on this site which are probably from sub-human looking men. Exactly what are you hanging out with that makes Katy Perry look Butterface? I constantly hear moronic men on this site who worship big fake boobs and shaved pussies that make women look like pubescent girls.

    • Because a guy loves a shaved pussy he’s wrong? Personally I hate hair getting in the way when I’m bangin. When have guys been any different. You talk like it’s something we just got into a few weeks ago.

      • Randal(l)

        What’s wrong with liking shaved pooters. liking someone to shave their lady parts has nothing to do with wanting them to look like pubescent girls (90% of the time, that last 10% are weirdo’s or country music fans) People like shaved hoo-haws for the same reason they liked shaved armpits, legs and lips (I’ve seen more than my fair share of girls with a mustache that would make Tom Selleck vomit in shame).

      • Blech

        Shave your balls and we might have a deal.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        You want me to spend money on a night out or a trip to Hawaii, better be Bald.

    • Nameless

      And yet you still keep coming back to read about what sub-human looking men have to say?

      Get over yourself hypocrite.

  41. Eric
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    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to titty fuck this bitch while her asshole boyfriend watches

    • Cock Dr

      How can anyone be so hostile on such a beautiful summer Friday evening?
      The cock Dr prescribes a nice long masturbation session. Come back later, when you feel more relaxed and at peace with the world.

  42. casm-claw


  43. Randal(l)

    I like men.

  44. Akiyama

    Mmn.. boobs.

  45. Tim
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    Wow, surpisingly very nice

  46. Carolyn

    Sorry, trimmed is one thing, but shaved is reducing women to looking like the children they once were. Everything has to be perfectt now and if it isn’t it’s time to get a new nose, new boobs, get rid of cellulite, wrinkles, etc. No one wants to look their age or to “age gracefully” as it was once called. If it’s beautiful who cares if it has a decent personality, is kind, or good to other people? Some of the comments here are hilarious, but for the rest “The Superficial” is the right description.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Wrong, Shaved is great for those of us that like to eat pussy. If you are with a women with a body like Katy Perry’s, trust me, you are not into 12 year old girls.
      Nothing has to be perfect, but we get to choose who we have relationships with. I will take Curves and Bald Pussy every time.

    • Bob

      So in other words, you’re fat and have a hairy pussy and guys don’t like fucking you.

      • Anon

        Gotta luv a b*tch who bags on anyone who posts on a celeb site like the Superficial; yet posts multiple times themselves.

        Lonely internet surfing chicks are lonely when they surf the internet..

    • McFeely Smackup

      How exactly does shaving reduce women to looking like children? Is the presence of body hair the only thing that separates children from adults to you? I suppose you only like men who have full facial and back hair right? because shaving makes them look like little boys?

      You’re fat and hairy, aren’t you?

  47. Gay
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    Hmm and she bashes Lady Gaga for mixing religion and sluttiness? lol.. Is that the point? I must be missing something.

    • Stick a microphone in a pop tart’s face, start asking serious questions, & watch it babble. What comes out should not be taken seriously by anyone.
      Katy, jeezus wants you to show your tits. He told me so last night over beers.

  48. g_girl
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    she’s fat
    and i have better tits (& body)

  49. tim
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    mmmm gawjus

  50. The Man

    I would like to slide my throbbing member between those suckable funbags until I explode a load!

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