Katy Perry’s Banging Riff Raff, Suck It, John Mayer

March 27th, 2014 // 46 Comments
Katy Perry Riff Raff
Wait, He Didn't Propose?
Katy Perry's Breasts Grammys After-Party
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Continuing her trend of letting questionable men see her giant tits naked, Katy Perry is apparently dating Riff Raff now. And who the hell’s Riff Raff? The real life version of James Franco‘s character in Spring Breakers, so you’d assume Katy Perry would keep something like this a secret except she’s bragging about it on Instagram because this will surely teach John Mayer a lesson. I can just see him now, penis buried in his fifth groupie of the day as a solitary tear runs down his cheek. “Why was I such a fool?! A damn, damn foo- oh, wow, a sixth one! YES. Wait, what was I talking about? Eh, it’s not important. Ohmygod, is that a condom? Throw it out the window.”

This is who’s squeezing Katy Perry’s breasts. *fashions God-harpoon* Soon, you bastard. Soon…

Photos: Instagram / Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Splash News


  1. Cock Dr

    At least Mayer was superficially cute, cleaned up nicely and plays guitar.
    Perhaps this one has hidden talents & charm….deeply hidden indeed.

  2. brick

    Ummm? Well, she still has nice tits.

  3. Am I the only one who saw that headline and thought Katy Perry was banging Richard O’Brien from The Rocky Horror Picture Show? #gettingtoooldforthisshit

  4. He reminds me of what a Christmas tree would look like if you over decorated with all the ornaments you can find at your local dollar store.

  5. Balls Mcgee

    Riff Raff is seriously that dopest dope I’ve ever smoked.

  6. dsl

    That shirt! I keep reading it as ‘Pedo’

  7. Bryan

    Riff Raff is more or less a performance artist playing a character. If you watch interviews with him, it becomes clear sometimes that he’s actually pretty clever and thoughtful and sometimes he lets that slip through the manufactured facade of being a dumb trashy “rapper.” I could see him being cool to hang out with if he lowers the gimmick in a private setting.

    • dennis

      Katy Perry’s Titties– and you want to hang out with Riff Raff?

    • Performance Artist? So he pukes on her? Kinky.

    • Johnny Barbells

      @bryan: exactly… i know it’s unpopular here to not insult someone (especially when they look like this), but i dig riff-raff and that whole west coast white-alternative-underground-hardcore-rap clique (dirt nasty, mickey avalon, andre legacy, and three loco…”we are farmers” is my shiz) …they’re really not taking themselves seriously and a lot of their shit is tongue-in-cheek.

  8. Hey, this dude looks like the white trash that live in the “Northeast” in Philly. Who gave him a record deal?

    If I had a daughter (god help me if I ever do) and she brought home this guy Id picked him up by his fucking pants and curly hair and throw him in the street.

  9. Cosmo

    I saw the headline and thought it was about the character from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered it was just some douchebag instead.

  10. eh

    God I hate that no talent bitch. And now my three year old is demanding to hear “Roar.” Hopefully this guy will give her AIDS.

    • Watch the “Making of Roar” video on Vevo. Down side, you have to listen to her talk. Up side, you can watch it with your kids and there’s some great footage of her tits.

      • I watched maybe 1/3 of the video, but I couldn’t hang with the rest of it. Maybe if Katy (the human) was going to show us some heretofore unseen skin…Ya know, she’s pretty fuckin’ cute.

  11. Chokobaski

    So it’s official, she has the worst taste in men out of all celebs.

  12. Simon Bar Sinister is seething with jealousy.

  13. Swearin

    Well, he looks like a Rastafarian Jesus, and Russell Brand looks like a hipster Jesus, so maybe that’s just her type; Jared Leto has got the best shot out of anyone at this point

  14. I’m not watching that fucking video. That guy looks like a real jackass. Any woman who lets a man that looks like that touch them is written off in my book.

  15. crb

    Add Kelly Brook and her douchy roidbag tatt-grundle to that list; sadly.

  16. This guy, John Mayer, and the singer from Gym Class Heroes? How sad is it that John Mayer was a step up among this list?

  17. Twingal

    Riff Raff, street rat, I don’t buy that
    If only they’d look closer

    Would they see a poor boy?
    No siree. They’d find out, there’s so much more to meeeeee!

  18. Whowe

    Talk about pulling blood from a stone. The title of the instagram is “TBT to when I went on a date with Riff Raff aka @jodyhighroller also, regram!”. TBT meaning Throw Back Thursday, AKA in the past. Went on a date != banging…theoretically.

  19. lovecraft

    Did anyone check his instagram? I did and he posted the same picture with the following caption: “ON A DATE WiTH KATY PERRY SHE iS PURDY”
    That is an exact copy and paste. If you want a good laugh check out his instagram. He has some of the stupidest tattoos I have ever seen on a person.

  20. Juch

    Up next after getting dumped by Riff Raff: a threesome with Michael Lohan and Tiger Woods, then a fling with Bombshell McGee. After that, its reverse-raping transgender meth addicts in the ghettos of Mexico City.

  21. ignant

    Shirt reads “PEDO”

    about 300 times..

  22. renotastic

    She kissed a wiggah and she liked it.

  23. renotastic

    Sorry. She kissed a GRILL and she liked it!

  24. Hard to believe that these people are going to be the parents of the next generation.

  25. Shelter Cover

    She’s going on 30, isn’t she getting a little old for the Hot Topic spiked leather bracelets? Leave the I’m too old for this shit faux punk rocker style to Arvil dear.

  26. right

    shes not that hot. just big boobs

  27. ace11

    Her parents must be so proud of her choices in men

  28. BryceT

    LOL….How do you spell Captain Douchebag? RIFF RAFF

  29. So Jealous

    You just know this clown has like a 10″ cock!

  30. Dr.J

    Nice use of a curling iron?

  31. He’s a mockery rapper.
    He’s 32 and acting like a motherfukin fool. It’s all in the game. He’s a nice Jewish boy just playing for the benjamins.

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