Here’s Where I Start Saying Katy Perry’s Pregnant

November 7th, 2011 // 130 Comments

I’ve accused accurately predicted with precision gynecological skills celebrities of being pregnant with way less of a protruding stomach – I’m pretty sure Selena Gomez‘s is concave. – so I have absolutely no qualms about saying Russell Brand booted a heroin-baby into Katy Perry. Why else would she show up to the MTV EMAs with the only reason she exists completely covered up? It’s because they’re even more gigantic on account of the heroin-baby. That, or she secretly replaced them with Bible verses like she planned all along I’LL KILL YOU!!

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  1. anonym

    shave her head, and she would look like peewee herman.

    her face is really not attractive

  2. forrest gump

    americans always use the pregnancy excuse when they can’t stop eating any longer.

  3. Katy Pery Pregnant EMAs
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    I remember when Katy Perry was hot. And a woman.

  4. Getting pregnant AND morphing into Boy George in one stroke…; seriosuly: fuck you, Russel Brand.

  5. ExileOnDaytonStreet

    “Heroin baby”? Hasn’t the guy been sober for around 10 years or so?

    I know you’re not supposed to analyze humor, but wouldn’t Brand have to fall off the wagon before that joke even starts to be funny?

  6. Katy Pery Pregnant EMAs
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    She’s on the blob, big, juicy, red blob.

  7. jayelle

    OK that hair is HORRIBLE… she needs a new stylist, if she even uses one. christ.

  8. Katy Pery Pregnant EMAs
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    To appease her male fans, Kat Perry is maintaining that she is just growing a third breast in her stomach area. Her belly button will soon miraculously convert into a protruding nipple.

  9. emily

    she told us on tour that its all the beans on toast she eat and roast dinners she sed shes deffently not pregnant :) x

  10. Brenda

    Are you kidding me? Her stomach is completely flat.

  11. FUG no

    That haircolour + that green tan.

  12. LEB

    Nooo, she doesn’t look pregnant, she looks like she has relaxed her stomach muscles. It’s not normal for women to have concave abdomens, it’s normal for women to have a little softness there. Most women have a “pooch,” even if it’s just a small one. I hate pointing a finger at “the media”, but advertising and Hollywood has really warped our perceptions of what a normal, healthy-weight (or even trim) woman is supposed to look like.

  13. steve maniaci

    Red head, nice smile , nice dress, nice legs I think she smokein. I’d meet her anywaywhere she’s hip love it

  14. Katy Pery Pregnant EMAs
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    Katy Perry pregnant…..oh no, that poor child! She is such a gimmick and can’t sing. Only kids 5 and under like her music…hey, maybe she can make a kids album now!

  15. Katy Pery Pregnant EMAs
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    I think she is unhappy. She is becoming a mess.

    • JetStar

      Well if she is unhappy I don’t blame her, I would be too if I was married to a scrub that looks like a jihad terrorist who does not shave or shower.

  16. Katy Pery Pregnant EMAs
    The SHEEN
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    she’s probably just getting fat.

  17. Katy Pery Pregnant EMAs
    Kayla Kinney
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    I think she looks great. She’s married, she’s gaing a few comfort pounds. Let’s not rip her apart, because she doesn’t look “perfect”

  18. Katy Pery Pregnant EMAs
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    her eyebrows are like joan crawfords! blegh!

  19. Katy Pery Pregnant EMAs
    winda nicole asdy juniarti seyfried
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    she is great

  20. Katy Pery Pregnant EMAs
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    eww her shoes lol

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