Katy Perry Has A Crotch, Too, You Guys

In this post-Miley Cyrus Bangerz world, we’ve seen Lady Gaga attempt to stay relevant by essentially just getting naked and/or letting chicks puke on her tits. (You gotta admire the craft.) And while Lady Gaga stands a chance because shame is but an impediment to her “art,” Katy Perry is stuck between the rock and a hard place of trying to put the focus on her “music” by being more chaste despite only being famous for said “music” because she has giant breasts. So here she is kicking off her Prismatic tour in Belfast by making with a few discreet panty flashes and wearing a seashell bikini that covers way too much of her career bags. She might as well be wearing a men’s tuxedo which, no, would not make things hotter for me. These doodles mean nothing! *crumples them up, shoves in mouth*

Photo: Pacific Coast News, Vantagenews/Xposure/AKM-GSI