Katy Perry Made A Song About Cannibalism

Last night at midnight, Katy Perry released a song about how she runs her vagina like a buffet called Bon Appétit and it’s audible brain cancer. Let’s just peep some of these lyrics right quick:

Under candlelight,
We can wine and dine,
A table for two.
If you take your time,
Eat with your hands fine,
I’m on the menu.

So just to paint that picture from this little refrain, Katy Perry will take you to a romantic Italian dinner and let you fingerblast her atop the table while she eats stromboli, right? This is coming from the same person who received an LGBT Equality award at the Human-Rights Gala last month, so this must be a metaphor for breaking the chains of oppression!

Hope you saved some room for the world’s best cherry pie, I’mma hit that sweet tooth…

Migos are also featured on the track as the “token guys who talk about money “food and pussy”. Their lyrics are nearly impossible to decipher so I’m just going to let you listen, but I’m pretty sure one of them rhymes “sweet potato pie” with “donuts when we ride” because Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This is the same Migos that has a member who thinks “the gays are wack”, but fuck it! THEY’RE GOING TO MAKE STUPID MONEY!