Katy Perry Looks Haircut and Got A High… High Haircut… She Looks High

When Katy Perry split with Orlando Bloom a few weeks ago it was no surprise she didn’t go “Leaving Las Vegas” on everybody and drink herself into a puddle. Instead she was probably kind of sad in private and pretended to smile because she’s human and not Nic Cage. Judgmental and boring people are also taking note of how skinny she looks, but until I hear her doctor come public saying “Katy is too skinny and dying”, I’m not going to buy that shit. Everybody slims up when they go single, it’s like leaves changing color or NCIS picking a new city to do a show (keep an eye out for NCIS: Greensboro, Alabama).

Her hair is something to take note of, though… I’m not her mom or anything, but she looks like a kid who just got busted for having a roach in her dresser drawer.

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