Katy Perry Kicked Off Sesame Street

September 23rd, 2010 // 107 Comments
Katy Perry on Sesame Street

So remember how I showed that clip of Katy Perry making Elmo wish Jim Henson gave him a penis before he died? Turns out that never actually aired on PBS, nor will it after parents saw the sneak peak and lost their shit, according to TMZ:

The song made its way to YouTube Monday and racked up nearly a million views. But some parents started complaining her cleavage was too front and center. We’ve learned producers have decided not to air the song on the show.
Among the parental comments:
– “You can practically see her t*ts. That’s some wonderful children’s programming.”
– “they’re gonna have to rename it cleavage avenue”

While this is definitely going to piss off all those women who breastfeed in public just to get a reaction, – We’re all friends here. Let’s not put on airs. – I’m actually okay with this even though it could’ve been just what some poor dad needed to not shoot himself after being woken up with a LEGO to the rectum. Children shouldn’t be exposed to shitty pop music at such a young age. I’m sorry. I don’t care if it’s cool, or focus groups show it’s the best way to make them take vitamins. We all know it ends in worshiping a woman who thinks fried chicken is currency, and her belly’s Fort Knox. I won’t have it!

UPDATE: Katy’s taking the news remarkably well.


  1. Burt

    Why do some of the comments left by the supposedly concerned “parents” sound as if they had been written by 13 year-olds?

  2. Will Russel kick the shit out of Kermit?

  3. Kevin

    I never imagined I’d love to plow some chic on sesame street……

  4. Lily

    Has anyone seen sesame street this season? I have a two year old, so we watch them sometimes. There are titties all over that show.

  5. blank

    haha americans are sooooo uptight, they literally lose their shit if they see the slightest hint of skin. Seriously do parents really believe their fucking kids would even notice the cleavage? Or for that matter consider it “sexual?” What’s worse is they think if their stupid kids ever did see cleavage they would somehow become fucked up because of it. Perhaps americans should adopt islam and start forcing their women to wear burka’s

    • sweitzer

      you are the reason that american tv will be indistinguishable from telemundo in ten years. Boobs and grown men in bowl cuts and beanies, 24/7!

  6. kassidy

    you can take the trash out of the trailer but you cant take the trailer out of the trash

  7. Racer X

    Haters gonna hate.


  8. me

    I watched the video, and yes, there was way too much showing…. however with that said, I don’t think that’s why this thing should have been pulled. The whole thing wasn’t very good. The lyrics about wanting to play and using the concept of her music video in Sesame Stree land was kind of…. gay, for lack of a better word.

    • Burt

      Not at all. The top of that dress is flesh-colored fabric. If you think she’s showing too much, it’s because that’s what you want to see.

      • me

        I see what you’re saying, but women don’t typically wear a dress cut that low and that curves around over their breasts. That little dress still screamed “look at my chest”.

      • Goblinkatie

        It’s not flesh colored fabric, it’s a sheer nylon.

    • Dyl

      There were like almost no tits there. she is like almost flat!

  9. Deacon Jones

    These people that scream and riot at anything sexual are the same ones who’s daughters/sons will be fucking their brains out with reckless abandon when they go to college.

    The sheltered ones are always the most fucked up ones in the long run…

  10. jt

    sesame teet

  11. The O

    Oh noes!! My child saw the top half of a woman’s breast!!! Devil! DEVIL!!!!

    Thank god they never let their little angels out in public, they’d see a lot more traumatic shit than this. And besides, what child young enough to watch Sesame Street has any concept of sexuality. I could bang my wife right in front of my twins and they wouldn’t have any idea what was going on.

    Of course, if they grow up to be little goth girls and start cutting themselves, I would probably start thinking that wasn’t such a good idea.

  12. Nurse

    You wouldn’t want to see very young children to see breasts. because, you know, very young children have never been exposed to a woman’s breasts.

  13. Banana

    Oh please the Tinkerbell cartoon character is dressed in less these days. I can’t believe they got away with marketing that to little girls. Some pervy guy came up with her outfit fo sure.

    Katy Perry just looks like a crazy person.

  14. shift

    I really couldn’t care less about Katy Perry or her being on Sesame Street but I can’t stand over protective parents so, I have to ask…

    Does anyone really think that the kids watching Sesame Street are paying that much attention to any character that isn’t a puppet?

    • Overprotective parents who use words like “tits” in a complaint.. probably also curse in front of those same kids. Rem those obscenity-riden complaints to the fcc a cpl mths ago..?

      Fuck these neopuritans. Move to saudi arabia if you dont like freedom.

  15. wheresmuffy

    Mothers are probably afraid their kids will ask why mom’s saggy, deflated milk jugs don’t look like Katy Perry’s.

  16. Chinto

    Sorry, she looks flat chested in that getup.

  17. GravyLeg

    Sensational commentary aside…

    The issue is that little girls emulate what they see and everything they see has potential as a lesson in values. In other words, if they see a big titted woman flaunting her mams on Sesame Street, they will take away much from it like… it’s OK to dress that way… It’s OK to sell your sexuality as a brand… etc. etc. etc…

    Sesame Street is pretty much considered a safe haven for a place/show that will not give those kinds of influences to kids. As the father of 2 girls, I DO make it a point to filter what they are exposed to and put what they inevitably see into a context that lets them understand that it isn’t OK to look like/dress like/ act like Brittney, Lohan, Paris, etc. That is MY JOB. However, if Sesame Street or any other kids shows wants to showcase T&A they can expect parents not to want their kids to see it. Not because there is anything wrong with T&A, after T&A is what got me two daughters. It is because we want our kids to retain at least a LITTLE of their innocence in this world that sells sex to the underaged.

    • Anon

      Agreed. There’s a place for everything, and there’s definitely a place for KP’s rack… It just happens that Sesame Street isn’t that place.

    • Female

      Amen GravyLeg….AMEN!!

    • Charity

      Agreed. I mean, it’s Boobs Mcgee chasing poor elmo around DEMANDING he play with her. It seems more like an SNL skit than Sesame Street. I giggled while watching it, my son couldn’t have been less interested, and the implication at the beginning “you want to play, so i wore dress up clothes” has become a new letchy inside joke.

    • N-word please. So by your argument kids shouldnt watch the muppet show either cos miss piggy teaches kids to chase boys and karate chop everyone? Dont forget crazy harry was blowing everything up. Obviously training the next gen of terrorists. Read fahrenheit 451, tipper..

      • GravyLeg

        @dude – I would have to argue that not ONE child has ever asked their mommy to get them the outfit they saw Miss Piggy wearing. Kids can tell a puppet from a human (Heidi Montag excluded. She may in fact be animatronic.)…

        They can also tell ridiculous puppet schtick isn’t necessarily appropriate behavior to engage in. However, humans, their portrayal of self image and sexuality DO have an impact on how children grow up to view/portray themselves.

        PS. I love that you inflame discussions with these kinds of posts but you are just being ridiculous….

    • Steph

      Well put, GravyLeg.

      • Kids at sesame street age have no friggin clue about sexuality, let alone pick their clothes. Youre scraping the barrel to justify puritan views. My girls dont dress like teletubbies, loonette,sailor moon, or miley but watched them for years..

      • Alax

        actually dude I agree with you. It seems logical to say that if kids watch this stuff then they will grow to emulate it–sell their sex as a brand, whatever. But thats false logic that isnt backed up by any statistical data and so we really can’t know what influence this has (if any) on children. More likely they are influenced by a multitude of different stimulus. These false logical circles are only a continuation of our society’s need to repress anything base because its “low” and “animalistic”. The truth of the matter is that innocence is overrated. Its something we value because we are told to value it, but it is neither natural or nescessary for society. Sex doesn’t inherently imply lack of innocence. Its like when a puppy humps the couch, they’re preparing for reproduction, its a learning tool and its completely normal. However the nature of our soceity has made sex and children a taboo, because we have defined ourselves against animals, as what we are not. I could write a whole paper on this, its very interesting, especially when you get into repression and how that rears it’s head later. I think people accept these ideas too easily and dont really think about where they’re coming from or how they’re functioning in the larger picture.

    • Burt

      Moot point. The top of that dress is clearly made flesh colored fabric. Even a child would notice that it’s not the same tone as her skin.

      • me

        statistical data is what is fucking ruining simple values and common sense. FUCK STATISTICS> Use your brain on your own, don’t depend on the figures a human has come up with to make your decisions for you. Oh, and fuck your paper and philosophies. They all get proved wrong eventually.

    • bitingontinfoil

      Well said, GravyLeg.

    • Goblinkatie

      Wait, people actually parent these days? Will wonders never cease?! ;)

      Very well put GravyLeg.

  18. GravyLeg

    Oh, and the bit was also just fucking lame….

  19. I think it should have been pulled for the crappy rendition of her crappy (yet oh so catchy DAMN YOU KATY PERRY) song. Seriously, it was 50% the same song as before. I expected her to yell “Bitch” at Elmo then make out with Zoe Monster somewhere on the corner . . .

  20. Waiting for the Amy Winehouse Sesame Street episode.

  21. emaokes

    DAMN YOU KATY PERRY) song. Seriously, it was 50% the same song as before.
    that’s right.i agree

  22. Righty Whitey

    I’d pin her legs behind her ears and fuck her tight little asshole so hard, you think her eyes look big now, wait until my cock is buried in her colon and my balls are slapping against her stink trigger. She’s also built perfectly for a nice pile driver. I’d alternate slamming this bitch from pink to stink. Then I’d unleash about 15 steaming loads of jizz all over her face and tits, then let her taste her own shit off my cock, and suck the residual cum outta my schlong, maybe give her a few dickslaps, then leave her wondering how the hell she ended up with that complete limpdick fuck Russel Brand.

  23. Helen Lovejoy

    Won’t Someone Please Think Of The Childrens?!

  24. RolyPoly

    The fuck is wrong with a shirt? Put one on for fuck’s sake.

  25. “While this is definitely going to piss off all those women who breastfeed in public just to get a reaction,”

    Hah! what an ignorant comment. Dont you realize that babies regularly starve to death because a woman took the time to turn her back to the rest of the food court before pulling her floppy milk-sack out? And don’t even think of suggesting that she use a blanket to cover herself, babies explode into fireballs if natural light isn’t hitting their skin at all times.

  26. milkisgoodfood

    perhaps the lil’ tykes see her boobies and think… “mmmm, LUNCH!”

  27. ang

    I’m so glad it’s been pulled! You DO make a fair point about breastfeeding moms having little right to complain about this display of boobage (as one of them, I respectfully retract my complaint in that regard).
    Still, I maintain that the inappropriateness of this video still stands, simply in how bad it was in every way.

  28. nads

    not appropriat efor childrens programming, glad its been pulled

  29. ladykaka

    Katy Perry: set your face to “stunned!!”

  30. a man call Rough

    Whats the appropriate age to view cleaves anyway? I better check with my contacts in Europe, which is a non issue for them…

  31. err?? Say what?!

    did she still get paid?

  32. whoa there Spartacus

    she’s got the acting range of an inflatable doll. Uninflated.

  33. Cher X

    The muppet looks more life-like than she does.

  34. DapperDanMan

    What are you saying, that Katy Perry’s most troublesome quality is her… proclivity for soul food?

  35. Marcus

    Tell me how to get to Sesame Street.

  36. Matthew

    this is the lost episode where elmo found out about erections

  37. Another great guest would be Tila Tequila. Didn’t she put out an album too?

  38. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    Is it true Elmo had 3 legs in the segement?

  39. Devon

    It’s not that I’m worried about the children, but it’s just awkward to me that they would dress her in something that’s so intentionally sexy.

  40. lux

    I honestly didn’t even notice. To kids, jugs are jugs, and this isn’t any different than the random swimsuit-wearer at the beach. Damn hypersexually sensitive parents piss me off. Bunch of uptight whiny fat housewives like my cousins who get pissed when an attractive woman wears makeup or anything that isn’t sweatpants and a sloppy ponytail.

    • me

      you’re right. I don’t want my kids to watch this only because I’m fat and jealous of Katy Perry. Hit the nail on the head.

  41. The Topical Depression

    thought you’d get a kick out of this: katy perry and the quran

  42. slapkatyperry


    • slapkatyperry

      that’s rich who will they get to be on S.S. next Jizz face KESHA? or whore Montana Fishburne.
      They should bring back that adorable cutie :NORAH JONES

  43. bob

    I’m so sick of prude America and Americans. At least I moved out of the fucking Midwest. WOMEN HAVE BREASTS! Fucking asshats.

    • me

      us prude people are sick of sex on every freaking show, commercial, in every song, all over advertisements, the internet, even kids toys are sexy. Kids got enough on their plates, and kids with parent’s views like your own end up telling my five year old about sex. Why can’t one show, a kids show be exempt? Is that too much to ask? The midwest is at peace now and everyone is joining hands since you left. Now just get the fuck out of the country.

    • Cardinal Fang

      Then walk around with your dick out ass wipe. MEN HAVE DICKS! Don’t be so prude yourself!

  44. anonym

    it’s never too early to watch porn, or at least learn anatomy

    when my kid enters kindergarten, I’m gonna give him some porn mags to read.

  45. mercy's bastard stepchild

    Sorry, Kunty Perry. You should have blown me when you had the chance.

  46. NoDrama Street

    Sesame Street got trolled by a bunch of Internet losers, and they caved in to the pressure. Parents get their news from the TV, not from Youtube.

  47. Ray Sist

    It’s PBS. More sick liberals trying to sexualize our children. I don’t mind the sexualization of America just keep it away from the children. Would you rather go the way of Islam and the Taliban and cover up our beautiful women?

  48. matondo

    katy is just a female paedophile- hence the reason that she kissed a girl and liked it, i’m wondering if she was talking about some of the kids on sesame street..lol, also this nasty dirty bitch just like lady gaga- are hellraisers- they have to do what their handlers tell them to do. Hence the reason why katy perry, lady gaga, rihanna are all presented as bitches and whores to corrupt the world with their lucifieran bullshit.
    Its such a shame they are latching onton to little kiddies, i suppose the teenage market is already dried up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Ned

    This is just the latest attempt by the Marxist Children’s Television Workship to brainwash our children with impure thoughts. Bob is probably responsible for more boys becoming gay than anyone in America, except maybe Mr. Rogers. The interaction between humans and “Big Bird” is clearly an attempt to lure kids into acts of beastiality. Snufalupigus is all about phallic imagery. All the humans seem to live in close quarters. What they make clear is that when the cameras go off, they enagage in all kinds of debauchery – group sex, wife-swapping, corporophasia. Sick stuff

  50. Katy Perry on Sesame Street
    Shit Taco
    Commented on this photo:


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