Katy Perry Just Blew Some Little Kid’s Mind

September 20th, 2010 // 110 Comments
Katy Perry on Sesame Street

Katy Perry apparently appeared on Sesame Street this morning to sing a PBS-friendly version of her song “Hot ‘N Cold,” yet I like how she still had to show 20 acres of cleavage even though it was hidden under mesh. Seriously, she couldn’t have pulled this one off in a T-shirt? As if Justin Bieber wasn’t enough, now I gotta worry about oversexed toddlers with trust funds hoarding all the chest muffins. Goddammit, Katy Perry.


  1. At last KP makes an appearance on a show that’s right at her intellectual level.
    Hope the cookie monster copped a feel & Big Bird gave her fiance something to be jealous about.

    • Bah they changed cookie monster into fucking veggie monster. The show is passee.. Real kids watch yo gabba gabba

      • Last time I checked PBS was at least partially tax payer funded.
        Is it a good use of our money to give pop tarts major airtime marketing their latest ditty on a show meant for kindergarten aged kids? Did she at least work the alphabet sequence into those lyrics somewhere?

      • Revolting

        It is very important to use science and technology to steal the minds/bodies of the proletarian peasant children. Then we, the superior breed, remain healthy, wealthy, and wise.

      • Drew

        “Veggie Monster” was nothing more than an internet rumor, dumb fuck.

        Then again after reading your asinine comments for the last month, I wouldn’t expect you to know anything that didn’t come out your ass.

      • dude, ignore Drew. He is just angry that he isn’t clever or witty. And he is also angry that his life is lame enough that he actually knows the truth about all Sesame Street characters and their internet rumors.

        He actually doesn’t read The Superficial at all, he got a hit on the keywords “Elmo+boobs” and thought his oldest fantasy had finally come true.

      • Roe

        You’re kidding about Cookie Monster right? Please tell me you’re kidding!

    • Da MAN

      That was difficult to watch! MY EYES!!!

    • Mario

      That was pretty god-awful acting… even for Sesame Street standards.

    • The Taliban

      Burqas for all women! We Win! Thank You American Sheep, no more boobs in public!

    • Elmo is the biggest pervert on Sesame Street. He cops feels all the TIME pretending to be all cute and cuddly and innocent. Innocent my ass!!! He probably had Katy slog his red fur sausage and gargle on his play splooge. la la lala, la la lala elmo’s World, indeed ….

      By the way She’s not dressed all that revealingly ffs!!! It’s not like she is in lingerie with her legs spread.

      I wonder if she let Cookie Monster eat her cookie … nom nom nom nom nom nom nom …

  2. anonymous

    Knowing her tits are moneymakers, Katy still found a way to wear something low cut even on Sesame Street.

  3. that’s pretty fucking classless.

    I don’t mean KP, nobody expects any differently from her, but from PBS for allowing that kind of costume on the show.

  4. josh

    Stop with her please, she’s sooooo fugly :-(

  5. anonymous

    I remember Charro on Sesame Street in a costume FAR more revealing than that. Watch any of the “classic” era episodes, and I’m sure you’ll find rather skimpy wardrobes on some of the celebs.

    I’m just disappointed she wasn’t nude.

    • No you don’t, you’re remembering boobies you wished you could see when you were young.

      I challenge you to find ANY photo of Sesame Street showing anyone with this much boobage on display before now.

  6. Hello Katty ! My Elmo wants to play dress up! Watch me grow! Tag ! Your It !

  7. Not A Prude

    I just wrote my first letter to PBS and Sesame Street. I’m not a prude, but come on, what were they thinking??? Cover those things up when you are around Elmo!

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Bitch, you are a Prude. I am going to write twice in support.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        You can keep your actually innocence and mystery and intrigue, some of us prefer over sexualization. That is why sex sells.

      • Not A Prude

        um, you are obviously a man, not the target for the SS audience. although intellectually you are about the same level as my toddler.

    • Tyler

      Lighten up a little. People like you make this world boring.

      • douchus

        actually no. oversexualization ends up making everything boring. you have to keep things taboo in order for there to still be innocence and mystery and intrigue.

      • dude

        true. Oversexualization turns sex into an organic process as exciting as a good dump. When it belongs in the realm of mystic.

      • Your Mom

        Well said douchus- just look at Katy herself. Her whole image is supposed to be risque, but instead she comes across as boring and repetitive.

      • Straight Guy

        I have never been bored by Katy, and don’t think I ever will be.

  8. Amanda-La

    That was terrible

  9. douchus

    huh. I don’t normally care about this sort of shit but… WTF… what do they think this is, Brazil?

  10. jkhjkh

    the end of civilization

  11. GravyLeg

    Not that she had a lot of musical integrity to begin with but holy shit….

    And PBS is to blame here… He “brand” is “tits over pipes”…
    Can’t blame her for selling it, just PBS for putting it on the shelf…

  12. See Alice

    Did you notice the only visible symbol was the recycle . Educational hardly .
    Agenda driven childrens tv . Guess “acres of cleavage” is also part of their educational agenda …………….

  13. Viv

    And the worst thing is that her boobs are out there on display and they look terrible, she has amazing breasts and that dress does her no favors. I mean they were already showing them, at least show them right.

  14. oscar

    oscar would do dirty things to her….

  15. People really need to get over this whole cleavage issue. It’s dress style. Half the kids that watch this probably still suck milk from their mom’s boobs and are destined for psychological disorders anyways. I think people just look for things to find wrong in stuff like this.

    They are just breasts, not the end of the world. Perhaps if people stopped caring about stuff like this it wouldn’t be such an issue. Heck, last time I checked the bra makers have started catering more to women with small breasts because of the growing lack of interest in breast enhancement and the view that large breasts = attractive.

    This whole issue is being blown wildly out of proportion.

    • Ray Sist

      If they are just breasts then may I feel yours?

      • Sure, I think I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality to let you feel my chest area. You won’t find boobs though, so sorry to disappoint. I’m a bit too not female for that. =p

    • Huh huh you said blowwn..

      Speaking of blow.. Fish how are you containing yourself from posting the big lilo story du jour.. Its been on the wire for hours :-)

    • a

      lol you think that big breasts are going out of fashion. How cute.

      • Actually was just reading about it in the newspaper a few weeks ago. Look up the New York Times Article by Catherine Saint Louis titles “For the A-Cup Crowd, Minimal Assets Are a Plus” If you are anything less than a troll. It was published on the 1st of September I believe. Very interesting read at the very least.

    • Viv

      One article published on a main newspaper to determine a whole nation’s “growing” lack of interest in big breasts? I don’t think so.

      I bet big breasts sell better than The New York Times.

      • @Viv I’m sure people thought the same thing about women’s ankles in the 1800′s when a woman with exposed ankles was scandalous. Look at that philosophy now. It takes times for things to phase in and out. The fact that there is a fluctuation could be the beginning of large breasts phasing out, or it could not be. It would take a long time to spread either way. People just need to be more aware of this fact and a little less set in their ways.

    • Viv

      On a very primal level, women’s breasts and hips are associated with a woman’s hablity to bear children, the male will seek a woman with ample breast and hips to mate with, hence the obssession with large breasts.

      Maybe when human’s desire to reproduct decreases then the interest in large breast wil too, if it hasn’t happen for hundreds of years I really find it hard for it to happen in the future, near or far.

    • Not A Prude

      they are just breasts until a woman makes them sexual, which is what KP does. Her persona is T and A and more T. She’s all about her boobs being out there. I don’t think that kids are going to be impacted by this, it’s just a very poor decision on PBS’s part.

  16. Alax

    We’re the ones who sexualize breasts. I doubt any kid who watched sesamee street this morning was thinking “gosh, I’ve never seen anything like that before, what could it mean?” More likely, they were listening to the song or eating playdough. Disney has more cartoon cleavage in any of their “classics” than this did. Hell if you take your kid to the mall for 5 minutes they’re likely to see far more skin than this even hinted at. And if some parents are so sensitive about their childrens innocence (which it is their right to) they probably aren’t having them watch T.V to begin with.

    • you’re a child molester, aren’t you?

      • lol, no. Just an individual with a higher IQ than you. Though I know that doesn’t mean much since I’m part of the majority there. =)

      • Alax

        No, but I do think its sad that we tend to teach children that naked bodies are bad or only for sex. I think its fully missing the mark and (just my opinion) tends to lead to this obsession later in life with the naked body as only a sexual object, rather than an object of beauty. Probably explains all the pussy and nipple slip posts, and the strange obsession with sex and “taboo” that our contry has. We waste alot of energy on it when in reality, its not that big of a deal. Its a body, we all have one. Its what we do with it that can be bad.

      • Richard McBeef

        if his IQ was so high then he would do it’s play-doh not playdough.

      • Alax

        I’m a girl, explains my typically small brain’s inability to spell

    • Actually IQ is a score that measures intelligence. It doesn’t mean one is free of error. When someone accuses you of having a low IQ they are essentially stating that you lack the capacity to understand and learn.

    • fallone33

      so, yea, I found this jaw-dropping, but educational at the same time. So her boobs we out… not appropriate? maybe and maybe not. I agree with Alax. As a nursing mom I always feel the stigma of breasts being inappropriate anytime my baby gets hungry in public… FREE the BOOBIES in our society :)

      • McFeely Smackup

        Nobody wants to watch your saggy titties dribbling milk all over your baby’s face. That’s nothing to do with breast-phobia, it’s just fucking gross.

        Natural? sure. Just like a baby crapping his diaper is natural, but we dont’ want to watch that either.

        Isn’t it funny that some nursing mothers act like their only choices are to whip their boobs out wherever they get the urge, or let their baby die of starvation…like a little discretion is just completely out of the question.

      • Alax

        Not much of a family man are you McFeely Smackup? Also you just illustrated my point. “Nobody wants to watch…” because breastfeeding involves the breasts being used for something other than sex, and that is just “gross” to a society of people who have been taught that naked=sex. Its unfortunate that we should regulate ourselves so stringently.

      • Preach it sister! I am 100% behind your liberated point of view!

        If you don’t mind, could you now “free the boobies” in picture form to my hotmail account.

        Thank You

      • angel

        You obviously wasnt breastfed as an infant :) You seem to voice too strong of an opinion….or maybe youre just jealous of the baby. lol

    • PharmD

      McFeely Smackup — I don’t understand your comment. Would you say the same to a woman withholding a bottle of formula from her crying child? Mom’s who choose to breastfeed should be encouraged to do so, its been proven to save lives. Grow up.

      • Bow Down Assholes

        May I be encouraged to watch?

      • you’re not much for reading are you?

        If you were, you’d have noticed I offered a perfectly reasonable alternative that both accommodates the desire to breast feed and the desire of the rest of us wanting to not participate.

        but that’s not what it’s about, is it? it’s got nothing to do with feeding babies. It’s 100% an issue of some women loving the titilation (no pun intended) of pulling their boobs out in public and making other people uncomfortable. well, we’re not fooled…you’re just rude and low class.

  17. Rob Frost

    That’s some evil shit right there.

  18. Toeknee

    Let’s not forget about the puppetier who’s got his hand up elmo’s ass, looking up Katy’s skirt

  19. Ray Sist

    I’ll get over the cleavage thing when those with it get over the fact that I can’t keep my eyes off it/them.

  20. Foo

    For fuck’s sake, people, she’s just wearing a stupid dress. Stop freaking out over the human body.

  21. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    I was waiting for this to turn into a To Catch A Predator Episode of Sesame Street.

  22. anonym

    run run !
    jiggle jiggle.

    mommy….. does she have jello under her costume?

  23. Anon

    I’m not ultra conservative at all and even I think this is allllll sorts of inappropriate. Could also be because I can’t stand Katy Perry. Bug eyed hack.

  24. anonymous

    we know elmo has a hand up his ass to make him work. my question is did katy perry have one too?

  25. Tanzarian

    What did she want to play? Hide the salami? Slime the banana? Pound the pork? Polish the porpoise? Stuff the taco? Stab the trout? Ride the baloney pony?

  26. MrsEllis

    What cleavage? Those boobs shrink by the second.

  27. dude

    Shit. How humiliating. Our television is becoming Mexican television.

  28. 1990's

    I wouldn’t mind playing dress up with her… on an opposite day.

  29. Slightly better than the original due to “Muppetiness”.

  30. Tim

    Did she marry that untalented ugly flea bag yet?

  31. Hagerwife

    You guys are ridiculous. Most kids that watch Sesame Street have parents that let them watch MTV, and listen to this song on the radio or at home. They KNOW the song, they recognize Katy.
    It’s parents that don’t care what their children see that have caused this to happen. If you don’t like it, don’t let your kids watch it. Plain and simple.

  32. Cory

    So, like, this is supposed to be the PBS friendly version… but the whole time I totally thought it was about BDSM…

  33. jennifer rau

    Wow its sad to think that preschoolers even know who Katy Perry is. Couldn’t they find someone more relevant .

  34. anon

    I just don’t see the point… When I was younger, SS was about educating little kids, but there was no educational value whatsoever in this segment… It was just an excuse to have her on the show. I hope that at least she did part of the show where she taught a lesson of some sort, otherwise, congratulations SS for slowly heading towards having the educational value of the Teletubbies.

  35. Nero

    You can tell that Elmo isn’t related to dogs.I didn’t see him hiding under her dress ,sniffing her panties.

  36. captain america

    she is looking in camera’s like somebody is standing behind her with and points a gun at her and is demanding: LAUG or die now!!

  37. Righty Whitey

    I’d pin her legs behind her ears and fuck her tight little asshole so hard, you think her eyes look big now, wait until my cock is balls deep in her stink trigger. She’s built perfectly for a nice pile driver. I’d alternate slamming this bitch from pink to stink. Then I’d unleash about 15 steaming loads of jizz all over her face and tits, then let her taste her own shit off my cock, and suck the residual cum outta my schlong, maybe give her a few dickslaps, then leave her wondering how the hell she ended up with that complete limpdick fuck Russel Brand.

  38. wendy balsam

    i thought miss piggy was on the muppets.

  39. Q

    What a whore.

  40. Becky

    Everyone…just keep in mind… Your moms and sisters…….they all have breasts. That’s right. It’s not just sexy…it’s actually there for a purpose. Your mom nursed you with her breasts. Yes this was a bit revealing for Sesame St. But kids aren’t aware of breasts as a sexual body part. It will be okay folks.

    • Bow Down Assholes

      How come when my Mom made me suck on her nipples it was because “Daddy is working late again”.

  41. Alex

    That outfit, really draws painful attention to the porn quality acting. Sesame Street used to be cool.

  42. Gammon

    Katy Perry has a seriously retarded face. If that turns you on, so be it.

    Personally I like to look at the face of the person I’m fucking, and I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna look at hers. It’d be like abusing the disabled.

    • Anon

      ROFL holy shit she does. she looks like the mildy retarded kids who were in between not so retarded they needed their own school just enough to get their own classes. her child pic are worse she looks like a bug eyed dwarf. she really does look like a slow person

      • The O

        Hmm, adds another layer to why I shouldn’t want to bang her, which oddly makes me want to do it more. Such is the ways of illicit things.

  43. Bow Down Assholes

    I’d slap the religous freak out of that bitch with my dick. That being said, she seems kind of “slow”. I’ve got a game for you Katy. It’s called “Special Ed” and I’m the teacher.

  44. Katy Perry on Sesame Street
    Commented on this photo:

    The puppet dude must be staring up her sno white lookin skirt… oh yeah id hit the $hit outta that, then I’d go bang Katy

  45. barroom hero


    Her “music” really sucks…

  46. Cardinal Fang

    I think seeing her body is good for children. I used to twiddle to the Wonder Woman intro.

  47. Dorian Gray

    It’s important young boys get their fill of boobs on tv.

  48. dee

    wow she looks ugly

  49. Anon

    elmo better watch out he’s looking up her skirt. her ugly ass girl hipped fiance with gross english teeth will bitch slappity him

  50. HamOnRyeNomaYo

    Strangely. Aroused. Tag, You’re it Ms. Katy. You’re it. (and by you’re it, I mean I may or may not stalk you.)

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