Katy Perry Really Knows How To Make Men Jealous

April 1st, 2014 // 16 Comments
WTF Is A Riff Raff?
Katy Perry Riff Raff
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Following up her decision to bang Riff Raff, Katy Perry continued her “Fuck You (For More Than Likely Cheating On Me With Kelly Monaco), John Mayer” tour over the weekend by telling E! News she plans to become a green-haired collector of fine arts, and, no, this is not an April Fool’s Joke. Switching Photo Boy’s AIDS medication with Tic-Tacs was. Haha! Look at his skin fall off.

As we first told you yesterday, the pop music princess has plans to change her hair color to “slime green.”
But that’s not the only new thing Perry has going on. She's decided to dive into what can potentially be a very expensive hobby with the help of Beverly Hills gallerist Marc Selwyn.
“I’m going to slowly become an art collector,” Perry told me at MOCA’s 35th Anniversary Gala Presented by Louis Vuitton. “Today, we had an all-day art crawl. We got to see some private collections from some people’s homes and then we went to a couple of galleries.”

“A woman who irrationally colors her hair AND spends shitload of money just because?! That’s way better than random sex with groupies I never have to talk to again!” – Mohn Jayer, Bizzaro World Musician

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  1. Wait, he cheated on her with Kelly Monaco? I can’t say I blame him. Kelly Monaco is a fucking bombshell and Katy Perry is average in everything but tits.

    I’d punch my Mom in the face right now for a night with Kelly Monaco. It’d be the best 30 seconds of her life and I’ll finally get a good night’s sleep.

  2. Photoboy’s skin falling off could be Kaposi’s sarcoma, no April Fool’s shit.

  3. JC

    “I mean, why not spend crap-tons of money on art?” Perry continued. “This pop star thing is going to last forever, so why save money when I can take the 1 in a million chance of buying a painting from the next Monet?”

  4. ace11

    Is this chick boring in bed?

    I mean why do men leave her?

  5. Katy Perry Bangs Legs
    Commented on this photo:

    My God, is she boring to look at without any cleavage/boobs to showcase…

  6. Frank Burns

    Perhaps Katy would like to purchase my upcoming painting, “Man Having Sex With Katy Perry”. Of course, she’ll have to pose for it first.

  7. She’s fat and she can’t sing. Only a moron posts articles on her on his website.

  8. whatthe

    Doesn’t she usually wear wigs? So who cares what color her hair is at the moment.
    “I’m going to start wearing a different colored wig, OMG!”

  9. Its true that doing this will have no revenge effect on Senior Poop Fettish’s member, but our dear Ms. Unfamous Titless is seeking vengeance on a much harder to penetrate organ – his heart. Or in his case, that dark deep pit that girls like her are convinced must be hiding the ultimate treasure. Spoiler alert: its a trap, and likely connected to his ballsack!

  10. Katy Perry Bangs Legs
    Commented on this photo:

    She turns into Paris Hilton with those wry eyes…

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