Katy Perry is The Light and The Truth

November 15th, 2010 // 100 Comments

Remember when I criticized Katy Perry for not showing her breasts and suffocating Russell Brand to death only two weeks into their marriage? All typos. What I meant to say was, I’d commit a hate crime just to see one nipple Katy Perry’s the most talented artist of our generation, and because of her music, I’ve accepted Jesus Christ into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior.

(Did it work? I’m afraid to open my eyes and still see her clothed. — GODDAMMIT.)

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  1. Fish, one day I’m going to find the time to ‘shop Katy Perry’s rack onto Blake Lively’s body. A favor from me to you. It’s on my to-do list right after ‘shopping a bag on Miley Cyrus’ head.

  2. Momsen = lame try hard

    Man jawed, heavily caked on make up, talentless fug.

  3. Colin

    Nice retouching. Two different boobs and guess? What both are small and saggy looking. This website does not know big jugs!

  4. The Most Interesting

    I don’t often eat gumballs. But when I do, I prefer them dropping out a latex dress.

    Stay lusty, my friends.

  5. No2lames

    “Katy Perry’s the most talented artist of our generation”


    This a joke right?

  6. Katy Perry BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Saturday is my birthday. I have now decided all I want is a Katy Perry tit sandwich.


  7. Cardinal Fang

    I hope she shows those things before she gets too old and the sag will have to be airbrushed out of them.

    C’mon Katy. Playboy is in your future. Penthouse would be better though.

  8. ian

    wow nice tits!!

  9. matreiya

    She and Rihanna are both tone deaf and useless…they are satan’s concubines…

  10. Katy Perry BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards
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    the Tatto is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is an old ancient language of Hindu’s. Most of the religious Hindu books are written in Sanskrit.

  11. welldoneson

    If it were eas,y every other decent-looking girl who wants to get into showbiz would be “famous”. let’s face it, it takes some talent and a lot of hard work to get to where most anybody who gets on these pages is.

    I’m still amazed at the number of dumbass comments that can ONLY be from women; such criticizing of a bodaceous young woman wouldn’t come from any guy. why don’t you female lurkers FO back to Chatelaine or some other sex-oriented women-in-underwear soft porn?

  12. I can’t stand her music, I can’t stand her clothes, but damn this woman is hot. If she only dialed down the make up a notch. If she only dressed sexy and not stupid ridiculous. She’s doing the pin up 50′s model thing and I get it but please, 21st century style to your sluttiness!!!

  13. Katy Perry BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards
    Kitten Karloso
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    Legs like tree stumps though…

  14. Katy Perry BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards
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    Nice implants…reminds me of how I’ve read her actually doing interviews about the back problems her (fake) boobs gave her growing up….

  15. Ando

    I have no idea how she’s wearing that thing so close to the stage and no one got an shot of what’s underneath that awesomely tight dress with their cams…

    damn useless people…

  16. Katy Perry BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards
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    Nice Back side

  17. Katy Perry BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards
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    Is She wiping away tears?

  18. Lily

    Lol, you can see the padding in the dress! As tight as it is, someone with actual D cups would fall right out.. She is tranny-faced with B cups… Seriously, who does she think she’s kidding? She wanted a breast reduction, with THIS chest??: http://www.listal.com/viewimage/1178035 ROFL

  19. GioNYC

    She’s SMOKINNNNNN !!! HOT Nice Body. !!!! Great legs!

  20. Annie

    Hey Jerk,

    Why did you have to bring Jesus into this?? By the looks of Katy, she has nothing to do with Jesus nor does your crummy arse.

  21. Katy Perry BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards
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    i want a cum,er,gum ball!

  22. Katy Perry BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards
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    she’s pointing at her breast…does she WANT us to look at them?(just for the record,I am looking at them).

  23. Katy Perry BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards
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    she’s trying to hold it in before she passes out from that tight latex

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