Katy Perry is an Angel of the Morning

December 31st, 2010 // 127 Comments
Katy Perry

Being the loving husband that he is Russell Brand took a picture of Katy Perry as she’s waking up without her normal 800 miles of makeup on, and then posted it to Twitter. He’s since deleted it which is exactly what I would do once I remembered my wife’s breasts are ginormously awesome and I want to die between them. Then again, he has seen this face, so I’m amazed he’s not calling the shots now and/or fleeing the country.

RUSSELL: Right, love, you wonkers are huge, but it isn’t nice wakin’ up to a dead person, now is it?
KATY: Fine. You can do heroin in bed.
RUSSELL: If you insist. Wheeee!

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Photo: Twitter


  1. Yep

    This is the face she made when she realized who shes married to!!!!

  2. Carl

    I have never thought Katy Perry was hot.

  3. junior jones

    I never thought I was going to say this, Ever! but… Lady Gaga is actually hotter… O_O

  4. xanax in my beer

    why does everyone talk like her tits are so great? They are just normal sized normal looking tits. Half the chicks I see on a daily basis have the same chest. I don’t get the fascination with her.

  5. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    Congratulations, Mr. Brand. You’ve married Jon Stewart.

  6. devilsrain

    Im sure Russell posted the pic so we can feel his pain. Of course theres an even worse flipside. Imagine waking up next to brand in the morning. Youd probably think Charles Manson is going to stab you to death

  7. Cowell

    At least Susan Boyle has a good voice

  8. Kristin

    she needs collagen

  9. Kabbles

    Haha the girls are all telling guys who say she’s ugly that those guys must have never had girlfriends.

    I’m female. I do not look that drastically different without makeup. Maybe a little pale. Katy Perry looks *really* different. Most people don’t look super different with or without makeup and if you need that much makeup to look good, you probably aren’t that attractive.

    • The Listener

      Thank you, Kabbles. Like I said in my earlier post, I’ve got 2 older sisters that wear makeup and they don’t look that different without it. Katy’s unrecognizable without the makeup.

  10. Nard Dog

    No wonder she’s banned from Sesame Street…

  11. Realist

    How are you people this stupid? That’s not just no makeup. She’s scrunching up/wrinkling her forehead and making a really weird, unflattering face. She’s no supermodel, but she’d look a lot better than this if this was a normal no make-up photograph where she’s not making a strange face.

  12. bla bla

    Oh you fickle fuck. 800 miles of makeup….and like now that’s her CRIME?! You are the reason women are held to such standards. I hope you die a painful death.

  13. LOL

    you think I am pretty without any make up on ??
    Naaaaaah, I was saying that to the pillow you were sleeping on that day LOL

  14. Mama Pinkus

    she had to know what she was getting into, marrying Russell Brand

  15. alisa

    oh god….i don’t even like her but you all act as if you’ve never seen a girl without make up on… really ladies? you’re gona act as if you look any better without ANY makeup on? and guys… have you never dated a lady confident enough to take her makeup off before bed? of course she looks better with make-up on…… but come on.. she’s making a horrible face.. if she was just smiling or something she’d look fine.

  16. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like the chick in paranormal activity

  17. Ashley

    Katy has always been a butterface. I really couldn’t believe that people ever thought she was pretty. She doesn’t even have a great body, only boobs.

  18. Ashley

    I’ve seen her in other pics where she’s not making faces. She is very plain without makeup. To me, she’s not that cute with it. I never really hear guys say she’s all that pretty.

  19. Lance

    Ok, Katy I’m going to need for you to get some makeup, the Bettie Page wig and some short shorts in another video for me to think you’re hot again.

  20. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like a normal woman, so what?
    She is pretty without makeup, he just got a weird picture with bad lighting. Most woman look like that without makeup.

  21. aine

    Right on Andy! Yes women look different without makeup on, and when you’re talking about celebrities they look very different. HOWEVER, there are plenty of celebs who still have obviously good features even without the makeup on.
    Miss Perry on the other hand does indeed look like a teenage boy. I guess if that’s what gives the rest of you a hard on, that’s your perogative…

  22. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s hotter than all the girlfriends you idiotas don’t deserve.

  23. Mandy

    Unfortunately, most women look like this without makeup. I don’t think Katy is ugly, but no woman is as gorgeous as Megan Fox, Kim K, etc., when they don’t have makeup on. Most girls are just average looking.

  24. robert

    its bad lighting not to mention a mug shot and no-one looks good first thing in the morning.

  25. Jackie

    All of the guys talking shit about her are probably not married and never will be. And have probably never slept with a girl for that matter. I’m not a crazy femenist, but it’s ridiculous to think she’s absolutely hideous. She is only human. I’m not even a fan of her, and really, SHE JUST WOKE UP. You guys have no lives and must spend your time bashing chicks. Fuck you guys.

  26. hamiyani

    to all the girls here saying stuff about how all the men commenting here must all be deluded, and how they probably dont have girlfriends
    - you must all be ugly.

    there are plenty of pretty women who naturally look pretty and dont need any makeup to look good, even in the morning. plenty of girls from my school or uni didn’t bother with makeup for classes (why would they) and they were naturally beautiful. Infinitely more so then Perry here, in her natural ‘glory’.

    to compound this – have you ever seen perry in an interview, especially in HD? she is CAKED in makeup, layers of foundation and blush – and now i know why – because she actually looks like this. same applies to christina aguilera too – but at least she has actual talent. compared to perry, who can’t sing live AT ALL even though thats her profession (youtube ‘x factor katy perry’ for starters)

    Perry is no Nicole Kidman, she doesn’t have much natural beauty even when caked in makeup, so its no surprise she looks like this in the morning i.e. like a very average bland woman.

    brand could do so much better, he is on another plane of intelligence.

  27. anon

    I for one, do not actually believe that is Katy Perry. Her hair in other photos is much longer, and her lips bigger.

  28. Huge Jackedman

    I’ve waken up next to hermaphrodites that look sexier thant his.

  29. Lt. Dangle








  30. I never realized she had a face.



  32. Mark

    Two thoughts:

    She cleans up very nice (got to give her credit for that)

    She looks like Tim Lincecum

  33. Bringbackbabalu

    I don’t think she is that amazing even with make-up. This picture is terrible, and sorry there are plenty of girls out there that look amazing without makeup. Sadly a lot of them have a dark skin tone and complexion. I don’t know a lot of light skinned girls that look good without makeup. Kate Perry is no exception.

    Sorry though, plenty of woman look amazing first thing in the morning when they wake up. Katy looks simply putrid here, I may be haunted by this picture for years to come. This is some traumatic shit going on here!! I don’t see why everyone is infatuated by tits, what is the big deal.

    So in conclusion, Mila Kunis is fucking amazing. She doesn’t have gigantic tits, and I bet without all that makeup she would still look great. Some girls are just like that.

  34. Deji

    She looks like casey anthony.

  35. lies

    make up is basically a mask. Women put far to much make up on most of the time. half of them look like totally different creatures when the make up comes off.. personally i think the stuff makes you look silly.

  36. zilly

    “Me wants my precious!” *she scurries away*

  37. GODDAMN! Who’s that guy?

  38. GravyLeg

    Imagining her face full of my penis makes the ugly go away….

  39. datroof

    The problem with saying, “Well she’s got great tits”, is that to see the titties whilst having sex, you still gotta see the face.

    If she’s going to have morning man-face, far better for her to have a stellar ass. Than for your morning snog, you do it doggy, get to focus on the buttcheeks, and drive her buttaface into the pillow so it doesn’t shrivel your dingdong with it’s troll-like demeanor.

  40. anonym

    In 10 years, she will look uglier than Teena Marie

  41. still hit it

    i’ll care what she looks like it the morning…after she sleeps with me!!

  42. Wilson


  43. Barney

    She looks like he jizzed in her mouth while she was sleeping.

  44. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    Meh. The fact that this is a shock to anyone is the real surprise. Yes, she looks better with eight tonnes of makeup and hairspray. Most women who glam up to that extreme do – it’s the reason they do it in the first place. Most naturally pretty women tend to be proud of the fact that they can look amazing without needing hours of prep.

    That being said, I could always tell Jay Leno was hiding under all that cakeup. It’s just so very obvious.

    P.S – To all the whiny fangirls going on about how beautiful she is and how mean people are being – 1) Look at the URL you are on FFS, and 2) People like her bring it on themselves, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t hop on the pity wagon. Don’t want to be judged based on how you look? Try not focusing 99.98% of your career on your looks, and you’ll be amazed what can happen.

  45. no2fakes

    LMFAO I have been saying all along that she is a HEAVILY made up fug (and very talentless to boot) and this just proves it…ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  46. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    at first I thought it was little chickie that plays Tim Roth’s kid on the show ‘Lie to Me’

  47. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    she woke up high after sucking all the heroin out of crazy eyes…boobs or no boobs, why would any guy want to marry someone that looks like a dude, unless he’s a closet freak with a fascination for them.

  48. Yaraksonic

    götüme kaş göz çizsem daha güzel olur lan bundan ahaha demet akalın gibiymiş buda amk sırf boya suratı aq çingenesi kürttür kesin lan buda ahahah…

  49. Jake

    so, so many shallow twats here

  50. t


    To be fair she does have makeup on (compared to the bare faced twitter pic). However you can tell the makeup is much lighter, and more natural. She looks much prettier with little makeup compared to the clown pic.

    - Taken in terrible lighting (if any).
    - Katy not lying in an awkward position, actually not a natural position – head kind of tiled up, stiff neck .
    - She is not pursing her lips ( sucking them in ).
    - Her eyebrows are not lifted and pushed in, scrunching her forehead
    - There is no horrible green flashlight highlighting her forehead wrinkles
    - Her eye color don’t look a bland, dull green
    - Her hair is brushed.

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