1. Talis

    God you people are cruel. I’d like to see how good any of us would look if someone shoved a camera in our face before we got out of bed in the morning! On Russell’s end I sense a little “passive aggressive” payback. Maybe there’s trouble brewing in cotton candy land.

  2. sam

    I think she looks great. She also looks a lot like me without all the slap on her face, so I am probably biased.


    i wonder how really naturally pretty girls would look if they had her makeup artists..

  4. Em

    Where the hell is her hair?

  5. Sara

    is nobody aware of the fact that 80% of the ugliness of this picture is due to the expression on her face? Most women won’t look beautiful with their forehead all scrunched and their lips pulled halfway in. I’m sure that all it’d take to make her look quite beautiful again is the relaxing of a few muscles, or maybe a smile! She’s cute as a button, with or without makeup.

  6. Walter

    She looks sweet. Leave her alone.

  7. mk

    This is what KD Lang and Adrien Brody’s love child would look like.

  8. theresa

    well russell looks like you can’t handle how beautiful katie is,you are a piece of jealous shit,and she is great,the girl is probley living a life of hell with you.we love you katie,and your beautiful with or without your make up.looks like he scared you while you were sleeping,what a asshole.get rid of him.

  9. Well, the Proactive seems to be working at least.

  10. Tio Pablo

    Anyone who’s saying she’s ugly has clearly never woken up next to a woman in the morning. She’s making a face, it’s a bad picture, but she’s not ugly.

  11. Mc

    what a dissapointment!

  12. K-bunny

    She’s not that bad, guys…although I didn’t think her lips were that thin…but then again, she’s also making a weird face. Anyone would look less than attractive making that face, so cut her some slack!

    Also, what the hell possessed Brand to post it on Twitter?! I wish I knew the backstory. The fact that he took it down from his Twitter but it’ll be floating around in cyberspace for eternity means one thing: she’s EFFING pissed!

  13. HappyNewYear

    She is a beautiful woman and was caught by surprise with a camera inches from her face. She’s human and a natural beauty. You’d be making a funny face too if you had a loving caring husband like Russell springing a camera on you as you opened your eyes in the AM. I think he did this to try to make his ugly mug look better that it really is. Only he can’t cover it up w/ makeup and false lashes. He’s stuck with it. There’s a lot of guys on here who have obviously never had a girlfriend.

  14. doofus

    Still hot.

  15. gator

    Wow what a buttaface. I thought she wore all that make up cuz she a slut. Turns out she one ugly ho.

  16. dude

    Nice, um…..pillow?

  17. Birdman

    Congratulations, Mr. Brand. You’ve married Jon Stewart.

  18. maddy

    she looks like the chick in paranormal activity

  19. Satanbakesmecookies

    She looks like a normal woman, so what?
    She is pretty without makeup, he just got a weird picture with bad lighting. Most woman look like that without makeup.

  20. hahajohnson

    she’s hotter than all the girlfriends you idiotas don’t deserve.

  21. Meh. The fact that this is a shock to anyone is the real surprise. Yes, she looks better with eight tonnes of makeup and hairspray. Most women who glam up to that extreme do – it’s the reason they do it in the first place. Most naturally pretty women tend to be proud of the fact that they can look amazing without needing hours of prep.

    That being said, I could always tell Jay Leno was hiding under all that cakeup. It’s just so very obvious.

    P.S – To all the whiny fangirls going on about how beautiful she is and how mean people are being – 1) Look at the URL you are on FFS, and 2) People like her bring it on themselves, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t hop on the pity wagon. Don’t want to be judged based on how you look? Try not focusing 99.98% of your career on your looks, and you’ll be amazed what can happen.

  22. gigi

    at first I thought it was little chickie that plays Tim Roth’s kid on the show ‘Lie to Me’

  23. Io

    she woke up high after sucking all the heroin out of crazy eyes…boobs or no boobs, why would any guy want to marry someone that looks like a dude, unless he’s a closet freak with a fascination for them.

  24. Idiosyncratic

    What stumps me is the fact that no one has commented on her lack of hair…? I didn’t realize the “bowl” hair style was back in.

  25. Shadowfade11

    It’s funny. there is a picture of her without make up and she still looks beautiful. Here it is: http://celebrities.ninemsn.com.au/img/blog/blog191109_katy.jpg

    Still beautiful as ever. And anyone who thinks she’s ugly but would only stay for her boobs is a shallow egocentric asswipe.

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