Katy Perry in a Rubber Bikini

July 28th, 2010 // 71 Comments

These are promo shots for Katy Perry‘s upcoming album “Teenage Dream” but who gives a shit? It’s Katy Perry in a rubber bikini. Seriously, I can’t even count the number of practical purposes something like this serves. Part of me wants to have easy clean-up sex with it while the other part wants to use it as a toboggan. Then have sex with it. It’s like an epic battle of emotions because I’m so sensitive yet mysterious like that dude chicks are always freaking out over. What’s his face? *snaps fingers* Justin Bieber.


  1. St Almos Fire

    Google Katy Perry Blonde… then look at her now.
    God bless Hollywood. She was woof! before now she’s half decent a la Betty Paige…

  2. dayum, almost felt a chub startin! :)

  3. What a nice example of PhotoShop modern art.
    She looks like a giant piece of candy. Fake yet juicy sweet…….Yum.

  4. grr nothing topless though (colon-dash-shift-9)

  5. Richard McBeef

    how did you get hooked up with a paid to post gig?

    Waiting for head transplant technology to come around before I start fapping it to KP.

  6. Katy Perry
    Hung Dong
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    Me like!

  7. Katy Perry
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    She is one sexy lady….me like!

  8. Katy Perry
    Miles Long
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  9. Turd Ferguson

    Smoking bod – would LOVE to see her JUST ONCE is some normal, sexy attire. A nice summer dress with non-lame hair and non-fluorescent nail colors.

    How about a little black dress – something simple. I dont get the completely gay, bowl-cut hairdos all the time.

  10. Katy Perry
    Hugh Gentry
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    I fucking love that body

  11. Taz

    fits like a glove

  12. Katy Perry
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    I, for one, am happy with Katy Perry’s recent interest in latex.

  13. pimp

    she looks like she would have real tasty pussy and a clean asshole, would love to give her a good ass eating…

  14. rick

    Thats what you call a perfect set of breasts.

  15. Katy Perry
    Frank Rizzo
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    She needs to ditch the wigs. They make her hair Look like it was on the losing end of a Care Bear Bukkaki.

  16. Katy Perry
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    she needs a whip

  17. Viv

    It’s rubber doll!

    hat if they marketed one that looked just like that?

  18. Katy Perry
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    I, too welcome my rubber overlord, Katy Perry.

  19. Internet Liar

    She has the same exact body as my girlfriend.

  20. dude

    Damn, she is the most overrated woman since Madonna. None of you will be fapping it to her in ten years.

    • Now is the only thing that is real.

    • Vito

      Who gives a fuck about ten years? There’ll be someone else in ten years. She’s beautiful and should be enjoyed just as she is today.

      And btw, the term “fapping” for masturbation hit the skids along with “nom nom nom,” which died an ignominious death along with “I’d hit that.”

  21. Wonder what she’s gazing at? Give you a hint…I’m standing stage left…naked.

  22. Katy Perry
    Bunny Foofoo
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    Wow. totally hot in the rubber bikini. Someone give me a URL where I can buy one online.

    • You can sculpt a custom bikini out of liquid latex (Which i assume Katy Perry is wearing here, but i also assume you probably already knew that). I´d be lying if i said i don´t love a hot lady wearing rubber. =P

  23. Rio DeGennaro

    That’s not really a bikini. Isn’t that swim suit actually called a “two-piece”. Sexy bit of rubber though.

  24. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    So, I get it….
    Be smoking hot, start to dress like a freak or Lady Gaga = success and popularity in music today.

    • Nah, its simplerer than that:
      Be smoking hot = Success.
      (Then, not necessarily in this order: less success, sex tape, reality show, hit & run, detox, and finally stretching meaningless existence into utter irrelevance until reaching a nirvana-like state of leathery shaunasandness.)

  25. lori

    Talentless bimbo famous only for large breasts attempts to be “quirky” with stupid outfits and stupider bangs. Go away. I’m sick of looking at your stupid face.

    • Jack

      Those tits ain’t large honey, that’s just what happens when you go on the Pill. Katy Perry has small tits.

  26. Will

    “Rubber bikini”??? It’s called LATEX and yes, it is Fetish wear.

  27. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks stupid as fuck, i can’t believe guys are turned on by this photoshopped artificial crap created by other guys sitting in front of a computer. stupid as hell talking about california girls and their tans when she’s pale as hell. trying to be creative with her image um take off that dumb ass wig and try to sing and dance on stage in those heels, if that’s what you wanna look like now, and fall on your lame ass

  28. Katy Perry
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    She makes Christianity seem almost like fun.

  29. captain america

    there isn’t much difference with a DILDO.

  30. lady gaga 4eva

    omg she sooo pretty! and fo haters u dont hve the balls to say u like her.

  31. lola

    what kind of ridiculous oversized breasts are you used to when nice D’s are considered small- how many babies has the last woman youve been with had to have boobs much larger than that? i mean reallY! those breasts (i would put them at D-E size) are as big as you can get without suffering from nasty sag.

    hers are PERFECT size shape everything- i love you katy perry!

    • Jack

      What an uninspired dumb bitch you must be Lola, and you don’t know tits. Those are not even close to D’s! She’s just a 36C, if even that. Saw that foul cunt sitting with Lisa Nova and Lisa’s jugs were way bigger.
      hahaha “BIG” those are not even close to an E in fact her stink wagon frame makes them look smaller. Katy Perry is just a stupid cunt with a flat ass and small tits. No waist to hip either just a fucking tooth paste tube on that Jesus freak stink pussy.

  32. Katy Perry
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    i Jus LOve HEr

  33. Gary

    that body is a great distraction from the fact that katy perry is mentally retarded.

  34. Katy Perry
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    I think they air brushed a muffin top out of one of these. Seems she doesn’t like to show anything below her belly button on anything but a still shot

  35. Katy Perry
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    but she is pretty hot

  36. YourMom


  37. lola

    woah jack the hate! ok i mean i could be wrong but bra sizes vary so much its really hard to guess someones size, i am officially a 30e but look smaller than katy perry as my frame is much much smaller than hers- i guess i look a c/d.

    anyway jack please be honest with yourself if not with me, but have you ever even kissed a girl as hot as katy perry? because i really REALLY dont think you have.

  38. Katy Perry
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    If u want 2 talk 2 me hit me up on oovoo 4 live chats!

  39. Katy Perry
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    wowwww… to hot for words.if only i was 13 years older……..

  40. Katy Perry
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    she most really like latex

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