1. gaga

    Are you guys mentally ill?

    She’s HOT. Like, the HOTTEST.


  2. Thomas Magnum

    @ Jacqueline Hyde


    please….take a pic of your bosom (in a bikini top or bra preferably)

    go to

    upload the aforementioned picture and post the link here. Wed love to see!

  3. joey baloney

    I’ve never heard any of her music, other than something that purports to be her singing on Sesame Street. Maybe it was her, and if so, she is godawful.

    She has nice breasts, I guess, but frankly, she seems about as interesting as cardboard.

  4. slapkatyperry

    I want to put a leash on her and walk her around the city and have people spit on her

  5. Kitten

    I NEED to add those wicked peeptoes to my collection! They scream “Do Me!”

  6. JaimeHappy

    Great heels! Killer!!

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