Katy Perry Has A Song Titled 1984. Please Shit Yourselves Accordingly

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been beefing (Someone end my life, I beg you.) over backup dancers or something for years, which has all culminated in Taylor’s terrible song and music video that will claim at least one innocent bystander when Zack Snyder sees it and ejaculates to death. Obviously, Katy Perry couldn’t let this stand, so she registered a song called 1984, which is apparently a return dis track, not to mention clear evidence of OMG REAL SHADE. Via US Weekly:

“Katy Perry just registered a song called ‘1984.’ Is she trying to come for Taylor???” one fan tweeted, while another offered: “KATY PERRY HAS RECORDED A SONG CALLED ‘1984’ THE SHADE IS SO REAL OMG.”

These are arguably the two biggest female pop stars on the planet, which in a sense makes them coworkers, so it’s no surprise they can’t get along let alone outright want to kill one another.

“Hey Taylor, did you get a chance to sign the card going around for Katy’s birthday?”
“Not yet, but you should make sure Bill in HR gets a spot since she blew him at the teambuilding retreat. What, you didn’t know that? My bad, I just assumed everyone did.”

Wait, was that a misogynist joke about women in the workplace? And… and is that a gratuitous bikini gallery below? BUT YOU WON’T CALL CAITLYN JENNER A FREA– *comments section explodes*

Photo: Fame/Flynet