Katy Perry Concert Fail of The Day

There are few things on this earth that are more cringeworthy than watching Katy Perry do “stand-up comedy.” Among them include conservative Uber drivers, people who use the word “lit” to describe movies, and your shitty mixtape. Despite having multiple martial arts-related superpowers and yyuuggee muscles, I somehow can’t seem to escape Katy Perry’s pervasive awkwardness on a weekly basis.

At a recent show in Nashville, Katy Perry got stuck on a floating planet thing and had to kill some dead time by *shivers* talking to the crowd off the cuff. Check it out…

I love how when she suggests “should I tell some jokes/tell some stories…” the crowd gives this half-assed groan of indifference as they wonder why the hell they shelled out $68 to see a B-rate Madonna ripoff. It’s also clearly evident that she does NOT want to have to go into pit of ravenous fans that await below — kind of a like when Roger Moore was slow dipped into a shark tank — but I got to give her props for attempting to fake it.

Word on the street says that KP is banging Robert Pattinson now, so one has to wonder if she called him after the show to tell him about the incident…

“Rob! Tonight was sooo funny, I got stuck on this planet above the crowd and told some jokes-“
“Cool, listen I’m really busy right now can I call you back later.”
“I was like ‘everybody YouTube this moment!’ and the crowd went wild.”
“I’m kind of in the middle of something right now, Katy.”
“Then I was like, I’m such a space cadet- because I was ON A PLANET!”
“Whaat? Whaaat? You’re *CRRK* breaking up *CCRRKK*”

**Robert hangs up and goes back to playing FIFA in his underwear**

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