Katy Perry’s Future Boobs Like Roller Coasters? I Don’t Even Know

You know how Katy Perry is usually pretty reliable when it comes to using her giant breasts to promote her music? Well, you can forget that this time around because she just dropped the video for Chained To The Rhythm – Wait, did I just use the term “dropped?” What is happening to me? WHO AM I?! – and there isn’t a single ounce of boob to be seen. And to add insult to no tittery, she replaced them with social commentary that’s as ham-fisted as a Black Mirror episode written by Lena Dunham. Holy shit, people are glued to their phones!? No one has ever noticed that before, Katy’s covered-up boobs. Thank you for telling us!

So enjoy Katy Perry teaming up with one of Bob Marley’s grandkids to bitch about “the system,” which has afforded them a life of luxury 99.99999% of people will never experience. Wait, you’re telling me a hamster wheel represents modern life?! What a subtle and profound statement, lady who just paid $14.5 million in cash to own a convent. I would’ve never figured that out buying chicken at Costco!

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Photo: INFphoto, KatyPerryVEVO

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