Katy Perry’s Breasts Were There #VMAs

August 25th, 2014 // 6 Comments

Outside of her recent trip to a Kansas water park (Warning: Contains breasts GIFs. And you’re gone.), Katy Perry‘s breasts have been elusive creatures because she’s an artiste now. Except here they are at last night’s VMAs where she brought Riff Raff as her date even though I could’ve sworn she was banging Duplo? Diplo? I’m writing way too many words about something nobody gives a shit about, you’re right.

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  1. Katy Perry Cleavage Riff Raff MTV VMAs
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s done something to her face, something bad.
    Chin implant?
    No chin implant can distract from the douchebaggiest looking date imaginable.

  2. Katy Perry Cleavage Riff Raff MTV VMAs
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    Still boring as fuck, but her body is on point.

  3. PassingTrue

    I thought Riff Raff was defeated by Underdog.

  4. Katy Perry Cleavage Riff Raff MTV VMAs
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    I can’t believe she’s still relevant.

  5. Aside from that Riff Raff abomination, she looks delicious.

  6. Katy Perry Cleavage Riff Raff MTV VMAs
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    So James Franco’s hittin’ now?

  7. Her music is the auditory equivilant of prostate cancer, and her personality is little better, but that body would make it all worthwhile. Plus, she actually married Russell Brand, which is proof positive that she HAS to be into some shit that would make Caligula look like Harry Potter.

  8. ace11

    She must date these losers to piss her parents off

    I mean what other reason is there?

    • it’s like because of the backlash she got from taking “inspiration” from various cultures, she decided instead to take from her own only… And landed on Bertney and Justin circa 1999. Well played, Katy Perry. Next awards season, hopefully she gives us Pucci’s playful interpretation of Skylar & Walt of Breaking Bad.

  9. Katy Perry Cleavage Riff Raff MTV VMAs
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    Look at the kind of men she chooses to date/marry. Can you tell she was raised in a religious household?

  10. Riff Raff looks like Scotty P, Y’naw I’m sayin’?


  11. Katy Perry Cleavage Riff Raff MTV VMAs
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    I see you Tom Cruise….you ain’t foolin’ no one.

  12. Hmm

    Not going to lie, she looked great and pulled it off. Let’s not bother to comment about that creature that was there with her. She dates the absolutely worst fucking people on Earth, like she is blind and brainless. I am not sure if that thing is a step up or step down from her one boyfriend, Travis McCoy?

  13. Katy Perry Cleavage Riff Raff MTV VMAs
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    Christina Aguliera’s hair color changes almost as frequently as her weight does.

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