Katy Perry Still Has Awesome Breasts And Something About A Russell Brand Song At The Grammys

February 13th, 2012 // 74 Comments
Doesn't Want Her Money
Katy Perry Super Bowl
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Despite signing her divorce papers with a smiley face and walking away with every last cent of her money, Katy Perry decided to lash out at Russell Brand anyway during her Grammys performance last night by tweaking the lyrics to her new song “Part of Me.” Us Weekly reports:

Dressed in a skintight bodysuit, wearing a cropped, punk-blue wig, a ticked-off Perry, 27, prowled across the stage as she sang lyrics like “You chewed me up and spit me out/Like I was poison in your mouth/You took my light, you drained me down…You ripped me off, your love was cheap.”

Still, an edgy Perry even tweaked the song’s lyrics to make the song even more pointed at Brand. One line originally read “You can keep the dog from me, I never liked him anyway.” For Sunday’s show, Perry sang “Keep your diamond ring/In fact, you can keep everything…Except for me.”

Keep in mind, this could all be her parents’ doing who might’ve promised to ixnay all that anti-Jew talk provided she distances herself from the godless heathen who seduced her into marriage with his Britain magic. Then again, an even simpler answer is Katy Perry’s a woman and 99%* of them are batshit crazy which I feel entirely justified saying after this Rihanna post. Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong.

(*The 1% who aren’t crazy? They read The Superficial. SWISH.)

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  1. Dirty Minded Boy

    Phenomenal boobs. +10 internet boob score Kary Perry

  2. Cock Dr

    KP is angry at her dumping & needs to have revenge sex with all willing SW commenters….on a HD format video.
    That’ll show douchebag Brand.
    It’s what Jesus would do.

  3. anon

    I saw some people saying how her dress was atrocious, but I really like it. Her body looks great and it’s a fun dress, really flattering, and classy. Jealous of her body; she has just the right amount of thickness.

  4. Katy Perry Grammys
    Commented on this photo:

    Very talented singer, song writer and performer. Katy Perry is the real deal, her music inspires and captivates.

  5. Katy Perry Grammys
    Birds of a Feather
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    Female David Bowie.

  6. Katy Perry Grammys
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    I like her outfit. Her hair too.

  7. Katy Perry Grammys
    Cock Dr
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    That’s a good look if she was trying to emulate Rumer Willis.

  8. Dude of Dudes

    Really. If she wants someone to fuck her in a nasty truck stop restroom and take half her money all she has to do is ask. Its not like I am deaf or something.

  9. Katy Perry Grammys
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    This dress is less worse than the gold one pictured on an earlier post. It gets the tits out there with a bit more enthusiasm.

  10. vekfan

    *british magic lol not britain magic :p

  11. forrest gump

    americans in general have a sex problem?
    ………..HOW SAD & PATHETIC.

  12. dooood

    the power of breasts compels you!
    the power of breasts compels you!

  13. Tick tock

    She was dazzling.

  14. Katy Perry Grammys
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    Katy Perry is the real deal, her camel toe inspires and captivates.

  15. Lenina Soma

    I think its so dumb when women (like Katy Perry) write songs (about their ex’s.)

  16. I don’t often finding myself saying this that often, but with her I’ll make an exception: Tits AND GTFO.

  17. Bearer of truths

    Ya see, Katy–he doesn’t care.
    He already fucked you.

    See how that works?

    • Fat Chicks Love Russell Brand

      He wasn’t the one on stage, bro er bitch. Try comprehending the subject matter you’re commenting on Mrs Derp.

  18. EricLr

    A pop singer writing a catty song about her ex is about as original as a 13-year-old girl writing shitty poems with titles like “No one gets me,” which she thinks is really profound. And the quality is comparable.

    • Your Argument Is Invalid

      You just hate her.

    • Juano

      Gotta agree with you, EricLR. Always nice when celebs play the “feel sorry for me” card. Gee, she can go cry in her Kristal at the after party.

      But pretty consistent with the rest of the crap she produces. The production quality is good and she has a nice voice, but the lyrics read as though a pre-teen on speed wrote them. Just plain stupid, like she is sitting there with a rhyming dictionary.

  19. kaiserina

    Ugh, just move on and get over it. Living well is the best revenge and besides, who cares? If you put any emotions into relationships with other people you’re a fool anyways. Men want to f**k, they don’t know what love is and just tell you they do so you’ll spread for them. How can she not know this? She’s obviously not hanging out here lol. But whatever, it’s not like Russel Brand is a catch or anything, he looks like a walking STD.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Is that the hopeful message you’re going to give your child? Men don’t know what love is? Like there is only one kind of man in the world? That’s sad. The child will eventually realise you’re an idiot, and might respect your opinion less.

  20. lily

    what an underwhelming performance, but then again thats the “talented” katy perry…cant hit any notes and has mediocre stage presence. just another TRY HARD pop singer. yes, she has a descent body (when she doesnt chunk out) and nice boobs, but big wooop. so do millions of other women. and too bad about that blue hair and radioactive orange skin….looks like she belongs on fraggle rock.

    • cc

      +1 Lily. Her singing is atrocious…she makes that yodeling sound because she can’t hold a fucking note in a bucket, and the ‘baby’ in Fireworks is so badly off key that if she was auditioning for Simon Cowell he’s probably stop her right there and send her home. And as for her stage presence…it’s basically a weird get up and marching on stage in a carefully choreographed way so that she doesn’t fuck up.

      She’s the prototypical example of a manufactured popstar.

    • herroy

      i agree… nicki minaj was the best performer u right kety parry is dunm

    • Katy Perry is only a studio artist. She needs auto-tune.

      The only reason she has continued success is because of the fun bags.

  21. Dammit to hell! When I prayed that Katy would become more like Taylor, I meant Taylor Rain, not Taylor Swift.

  22. Chuck Mother Fucking Chill Out

    Didn’t catch all of the show, saw the Boss he is still going strong Chris Brown isn’t my type of music and really had no interest in Nicky Minaj. Katy was exciting to watch and unlike most pop stars today she wasn’t using a back track while she was dancing. If you’re going to see then yeah, sing what you know and definately sing about love. Some of you people here are confused with who Katy Perry is, not sure if you the Grammy 2012.

  23. mel

    this song was actually written with the rest of teenage dream (2009-2010)

  24. Katy Perry Grammys
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    nice cameltow

  25. The Royal Penis

    Brand could have hit the lottery if he simply would have swapped her birth control for vitamins or Rufee’s.

    Serves him right.

  26. Katy Perry Grammys
    Jon Hex
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    T beats A, GaGa.

  27. mandope

    Katy seems very immature, and easily influenced. I hate that bitch because of her parents. That apple is still attacted to the tree.

  28. the 1%

    so what you’re saying is… I’m not crazy?

  29. OnTheRealThough

    i’m upset katy was hiding the titties. you’re better than that, katy.

  30. jules

    Jesus, don’t placate us, that’s beneath us all. And batshit crazy? You better believe it buddy. 24-7-365. 366 in a Leap Year. That’s just my chromosomal prerogative yo. Here, you can have this bone back. You know, this one here, that you just threw?

  31. Ryan

    The best performance of the evening, loved the foo fighters too. Seems most here enjoyed Chris Brown, to each his own.

  32. Katy Perry Grammys
    Gern Blanston
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    Is she, like, doing the Addams Family on Broadway, or something? Not a good look. Boobs aren’t everything. Gigantic jugs don’t age well either.

  33. Katy Perry Grammys
    I'll dragon her dungeon.
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    In that outfit? Yeah, I’d let her join my party

  34. Katy Perry Grammys
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    She needs a head job–befor thate egg cracks wide open

  35. Katy Perry Grammys
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    Unflattering dress, bad fake tan, stupid looking hair: yup, the whole package.

  36. Katy Perry Grammys
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    I’d hit this girl hard. And eat her alive. What can I say, I find her gorgeous.

    Don’t fret, I like Kelly Brook as well!

  37. Katy Perry Grammys
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    yeahh they didnt take it to heart they didnt mind, its all good now you know and at least youre not one of those plpeoe that go crazy about it.

  38. Katy Perry Grammys
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    she looks like the fairy godmother from Shrek2

  39. Katy Perry Grammys
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    I see her nipple!

  40. Katy Perry Grammys
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    why does she have sonic on her head?lol.

  41. Katy Perry Grammys
    Cock Dr
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    She always does so well looking silly.
    Like a clown with breasts and autotone.

  42. Katy Perry Grammys
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    You don’t like her? Good! I’ll take her in a heartbeat!

  43. Katy Perry Grammys
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    I think she looks fuckin’ amazing. Sorry…!

  44. I wouldn’t know her music if she hummed it to me while sucking me off. Talent? I have no idea.

    Looks: fucking incredible. I’d love to meet her. I’d also love to meat her.

  45. Katy Perry Grammys
    edvard Munch
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    The best all-natural body in show business.

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