Stuff Happened Around Katy Perry’s Boobs At The BRIT Awards

Because she has a single about Black Mirror riding roller coasters or some shit to promote, Katy Perry performed at the BRIT Awards last night where she reportedly “threw shade” at Donald Trump – Kill me. Kill me in the face until I die. – with these dancing skeletons:

I mean, I guess that qualifies as a burn. But the Theresa May skeleton didn’t tell the Donald Trump skeleton to walk down the stairs like a big boy, so why even bother? More importantly, one of Katy Perry’s dancers fell off stage, which is where the real internet’s at. Sure, everything is an orange shit show splattering its way to World War III, but hahaha, they couldn’t see where they’re going because they’re a dancing ARM mortgage.

I’m actually wasn’t joking earlier. I will never not laugh at somebody falling. It’s impossible.

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Photos: Getty