Katy Perry’s Bikini Fell Off

Lots of big news happening in the past 24 hours, so let’s jump right to the most momentous before moving on to boring people whose names I won’t mention. (Jennifer Aniston.) Here’s a most likely drunk Katy Perry going down a water slide at Raging Waters Sunday where she cracked – *adjusts bow-tie* – her way into our bikini butt series by flashing everyone at the park her pale, white butt making it just a little less special when John Mayer inevitably releases a song about it. Unless, of course, that song is titled, “Pale, White B-Hole, Thou Hath Strengthened Our Race And Delivereth Me From The Tarnish Of Dark-Skinned Vagina Which Vexes My Penis So in A Minor (Taylor Swift Will Only Do Missionary Blues).”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, COBO/AKM-GSI