Katy Perry’s In A Bikini

November 18th, 2013 // 10 Comments

Katy Perry hasn’t been in a bikini since April because she doesn’t think she has to use her breasts to be famous anymore. *makes Sign of the Cross* So here she is in Miami this morning where her album sales just tripled in under a minute. I saw the whole thing happen. And, wait, this just in. AIDS! AIDS has been cured! Or, no, no, fuck that. John Mayer just bought a diamond. A diamond engagement ring! He’s also making divorce illegal, and signing it into law with Russell Brand‘s blood. My God, it’s a miracle.

Photos: Fame/Flynet


  1. cc

    Even with her body I’d be a lot more excited if the title was ‘Katy Perry to retire from singing’.

  2. tom

    Ugly ho.

  3. The embodiment of homely.

    Why yes i would do her … if it’s 05:00 am and all the reasonable attractive girls have left the building. 05:00 am is not the time to hang on to high standards.

  4. Take away the makeup and the auto tune and you’re left with a big-titted midwestern farm girl. That’s not a bad thing, but it ain’t rare.

  5. You’re gonna hear me WHOAR

  6. She thinks she doesn’t need to use her body to sell her music? LOL, that’s cute. I’ glad to see people waking up to the mediocrity that is Katy Perry.

  7. I love her body but damn, how did this chick ever make it past being a one hit wonder?

  8. anonym

    she looks so lonely.

    lonely and rich as fuck

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