Katy Perry: American Music Awards

November 22nd, 2010 // 54 Comments

Per tradition, Katy Perry‘s breasts are rewarded with their own post whenever they’re.. well, anywhere, so here they are at the American Music Awards Sunday night where Katy also performed in an outfit presumably designed by terrorists to prevent the appearance of camel-toe. Which means either Miley Cyrus‘ people purposely ignored this technology, or we have to admit to ourselves as a society that Katy has the vulva of a Barbie doll. Frankly, I’ve always assumed the former, so why dilute the dream that one day Russell Brand wakes up and realizes years of heroin abuse convinced him monogamy is a rational idea? “Wait a tic. One vagina ain’t right, now is it?” *opens umbrella, flies off*

Haha. The British.

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  1. Sugar

    She’s pretty and I love her body but she CANNOT sing. Worst performer ever!

    • s'up bitches

      Tits don’t have to sing. They are tits, and any woman that loves the good ole USA would have large, plump ones, full of nourishment. Katy Perry, real American. P.S. Katy Perry sings?

    • cc

      She really is dreadful. She has no range to speak of, and that’s just the beginning of her shortcomings. Her performance at these awards wouldn’t get her past the first round of American Idol. Just another example of a talentless, manufactured performer.

      • felch-worthy

        @cc, Sugar Right on…and I loved watching her clomp around the stage as if it was her first time wearing heels. She was turned down in the mix within seconds of warbling the first few lines of the song, but it was too late: that voice wilted every potted plant in my house.

    • Blech

      I LOVE her dress. Love, love. Such a pretty color and it looks great on her!

  2. Boo

    There’s as much make up on her chest as there is on her face..

  3. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    She confuses me. In some pictures she looks really hot and pretty, and in some she just looks scary.

  4. TWPB

    You are a goddamn genius.

  5. DKNY

    She actually looks good here.

  6. Jennny

    she looks really shiny

  7. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
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    I dunno… last picture looks a little camely…

  8. josh

    What a dumb bitch. Her face screams “I’m stupid”.

  9. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
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  10. That Guy

    Freaking tease.

  11. James

    She looks beautiful here, I have to admit. You can’t even see the wonky eye.

    Yes, she’s wearing like 12 lbs of makeup and everything money can buy, the best push-up bra and so on – but she looks great.

    Shame about the singing though. And the music. And that she has a career. In it.

  12. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
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    definitely a cameltoe!!!

  13. Mike Walker

    Terrorists, “camel” toe…crafty.

  14. zeb

    Can’t sing, always wears a TON of make up is very annoying and lame, has a Jay Leno sized chin and bug eyes.

  15. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
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    I don’t know what you’re talking about, I definitely spot a camel toe there.

  16. one legged

    i think you look poorly on heroin
    maybe the needle thing is sad, but everyone takes oxy opium and so on…
    i mean why wouldn’t you

  17. Robert

    She’s finally nailed the poor man’s Zooey Deschanel.

    • MrsEllis

      I was literally just about to use that phrase. Although I’m not exactly sure what your comment means…

      All I’m saying is, sure, she looks cute here, but Zooey Deschanel blows her out of the water beauty-wise on her worse day.

  18. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
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    Pic 2 – Her tongue is lumpy. Explain?

  19. anonymous

    it’s amazing how her tits pop in certain outfits but then disappear in others (like this one). I bet when she’s completely braless they deflat and sag like hell without any support.

  20. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
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    Very pretty girl. Enough said.

  21. wim

    please try to to be useful.
    ……………..ROB russell brand.

    (and kill him afterwards)

  22. jojo


  23. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
    Cock Dr
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    I think those are just wrinkles in the heavily lined & reinforced costume.
    But there is pussy under there somewhere. It might have Beiber & Brand spooge all over it though.

  24. ThatBitchFromTheGym

    First of all, jealous bitches on this site need to stop hating on poor Katy…she’s certainly not ugly (at least she’s prettier than YOU), and even if she’s stupid, she’s managed to make more money than you ever will in your lifetime…

    That being said, though, isn’t it time for her to retire into housewifery? Her new songs suck and she’s already doing Proactiv commercials…which speaks volumes to her impending obscurity…

    • felch-worthy

      What ppl on this site have done or not done financially has NOTHING TO DO with this horribly untalented FAME-WHORE making SHITLOADS OF CASH for PURE CRAP!!!
      When one puts themselves out there, it’s fair game, my darling.

  25. JesseJimmy

    Her chiropractor will retire from the back problems she’s going to have.

  26. She can’t sing. We know this. She’s fucking HOT though. This is what she CAN look like if she stopped with the annoying baby clothes outfits and caked on make up she usually sports. At least the make up on her here tries to make her look natural. She’s also not trailer park trash like many of the other entertainers out there. As for intelligence? She has a multi million dollar singing career so even if she is talentless she isn’t stupid. She at least hired the right people around her to make her career flourish.

  27. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
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    I think I’ve seen maybe, just maybe 3 pictures in magazines where she didn’t look great. There was one when she was dressed up for an awards show wearing a blue, almost turquoise dress, red lipstick, her dark hair and alabaster skin looking gorgeous. No, I don’t think she’s Einstein, but she doesn’t have to be, she’s just a celebrity. But breasts, hair, make-up, WHATEVER – she is a BEAUTIFUL YOUNG, (26?), woman. If anyone states she is not gorgeous, they are lying, jealous and know it.

  28. I love how the internet brings out all the jealous losers. None of you have ever spoken a word to her, but apparently she’s an idiot. As for her being ugly… seriously? Whoever says that needs to be honest with themself. She’s probably either prettier than you if you’re a girl, or prettier than anyone you’ve ever been with if you’re a guy. It’s so ridiculous how people browse these celebrity sites all day just to talk shit on em. Get a life.

  29. Hugh Gentry

    I would like her to rub my boner until I’m sore.

  30. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
    Cock Dr
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    No comments on this one? It’s an amazing PhotoShop opportunity.

  31. Kelley

    You still can’t convince that her rackis real; there is too much of an ovbvious implant line, sorry, and they’re too full. Liar, as in Kim Kardashian :|

  32. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
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    Guy on bottom right knows whats up
    Ah- ye

  33. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
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    My, what a ribbed tongue you have, Katy

  34. a poor man’s Zoey Deschanel

  35. colleen

    She is gorgeous.

  36. Hugh Gentry

    fuck you. nobody wants your fake shit.

  37. Katy Perry at the American Music Awards
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    she’s beautiful

  38. Durian

    her singing is really bad :( disappointed !

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