Katt Williams: ‘Kirk Cameron is Brilliant, Stephen Hawking is Just a Cripple’

For those of you hoping for a Heavenly warrior to ride forth and end the battle between Kirk Cameron and Stephen Hawking by proving there’s unquestionably one true Lord above, your prayers have been answered. — Ha! Just kidding. Katt Williams just said a bunch of crazy shit to TMZ. Oh my god, you should’ve seen your faces:

“Kirk Cameron is brilliant. Stephen Hawking is a role model to everybody who has flesh. And if he believes in God, then he’s right. And if he doesn’t believe in God, then he’s just another crippled guy with a bad idea. … God still runs this earth, Satan’s breath still stinks, Charlie Sheen still doin’ crack and Katt Williams is still the funniest black man you’ve ever seen.”

Dammit! It’s almost impossible to argue with anything he just said. I mean, a Charlie Sheen doing crack joke and calling Stephen Hawking a cripple? He truly is the funniest black man I’ve ever seen. *lays down comedy sword, kneels* Your word is my command, Lord Williams. I ride only for thee.

Photos: Splash News